Chevy Venture Thermostat Replacement

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Chevy venture thermostat replacement
Chevy venture thermostat replacement
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Andrew Whatley: Great Video! What is the name of the part removed at 24:33?

Sandra Sedgwick Williams: I wish I knew more about cars so that I could understand this video.

badbob85037: The future where everything is good. Wiring as thin as a hair. Switches made out of plastic, and thermostats needing half the engine removed to reach. This is coming from a guy that never has owned a Ford. freak GM! Now to put the heat on that 13 wrench and bend it for the job at hand. Why can't the wife drive a 74 K-10 like the rest of us? Unlike the Venture this video was great

julilo romero: mucho problema, los mexicanos compramos otra camioneta 

eriks alexandrini: boljshoe spasibo za pouchenie !!! klass !

tanya bolton: super video, i understood three russian words: chevrolet, termostata and criminal for the engineer who designed the location of that thermostat housing.

Geo Doughty: Good video. Very thorough and pretty professional. The language isn't really a stumbling block if you can recognize what is being done and the different parts of the vehicle. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing!

Matt B: Nice vid, you can really see what is needed to get the job done.Compared to Dodge vans this thermo looks to be a pain in the ass to access.

James Northcutt: Holly crap!! someone should get who ever designed this setup and make them replace the thermostat with no help!!!!!!! idiots!!!! Thanks for the video. it help way more then i can type. I have the ( Haynes repair manual ) It says to remove the exhaust cross over. You might as well pull the hole motor out. Thanks again.

sergey.atlanta: You're welcome. Glad to be of help. Funny, I just landed in Philly

sergey.atlanta: what engine and what country?

XJRMANIAC: Good video. freak GM for putting the thermostat there.

Braingateway: Great video. Very professional and thorough. Really thanks for taking the time to share it.

sergey.atlanta: For the bottom bolt I used the open end wrench and arm dexterity. That's one of the reasons why I removed so much stuff - to have more room. 13mm see @17:23 As for the coolant hose\piping above the crosspipe - you have to remove it to take the throttle body off to get a better view and access to this bottom bolt (see @25:21). I cleaned the throttle as well. If you are able to remove and put the bottom bolt back from underneath - no need too take the coolant pipe off. But it's tight there.

Theonlykingkong: Your great!

Gregg Masterson: The problem with the venture that makes it so expensive at the dealer is the exhaust crossover has a heat shield on it that must be removed to make it even remotely possible to get the thermostat housing off. I found that just removing the heat shield from the crossover made JUST enough room to get the thermostat housing off to do the replacement. I am a decent backyard mechanic, it still took me a couple hours just to get the heat shield off, the bolts are hard to reach and harder to get off.

Tonka Greg: Thanks for the video. I just had to replay a few parts but I got the job done. Thanks from Philadelphia, PA

sergey.atlanta: Not enough information. What do you mean by "turn on"?

sergey.atlanta: Ha-ha-ha. Good luck there. I thought that myself but you can't remove the thermostat cover like that while having the thermostat in there. You really have to completely undo the rear bolt. For that you should have eyes at your fingers and some dexterity in your arm and hand. The more you remove the less dexterity you will need for that bolt.

sergey.atlanta: Hose clamp pliers/tool comes by many brands, mine was "Astro Pneumatic 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers" bought from Amazon. One of the best 30$ I've ever spent on tools.

sergey.atlanta: You're welcome. If your car is not crusty, it's not as much of the pain but just takes a lot of time with nonstop frustration "WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!!!"

Matt Riales: Like the others said, i wish it was in English, but your hands speak the universal language. It avoids removing that exhaust cross bar. Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to film and edit this!

00belief00: so all you guys understand Russian now ?!


sergey.atlanta: at what time mark?

Sasukeshikamaru138: I did all this!! Why MY car doesnt turn on now???

sergey.atlanta: Astro Pneumatic (AST9409A) Hose Clamp Pliers

Buffalo NY: I don't even know why have I watched this video !!!! I just changed my thermostat for only 40$ firm with 9.99 for thermostat it self ... I don't understand why r u paying 300$ for what ?! To charge for the labor ? BS FIND UR LOCAL CHEAP MECHANIC

Kable Record: This was the first time I have ever watched a video in russian. thanks

Tonka Greg: Ohh yeah, the lower bolt on the thermostat housing is a pain. 13mm box wrench (preferably ratcheting) is the only way to remove it. The exhaust manifold shroud prevents using a socket and ratchet.

Mannu Bedi: the tool that you are using to unhook the clamp?

Matt Riales: i just noticed i watched this exactly one year after you posted it. What did you use to get the bottom bolt out? and did you say it was a waste of time removing the black hose that is on top of the exhaust?

lmixer1: english please..

Theodrick Davis: Useless.

Mannu Bedi: can you tell me what this tool is called that your using?

Chad Lander: How about english

bigideamastermind4u: I don't speak Russian but I understood every step, I guess a mechanical mind is universal. Thank You Sir. Now , I've got a pain in the ass job ahead of me. Why the hell did GM put the thermostat there?

zoemayne: 15 minutes to do this on the 3.8L

tina auflick: I know that's right brother,no matter if it's in Russian or not all you gotta do is pay attention and that's free. I'm very happy to have watched this video,would've cost me 300.00 to have it done,did it solo in 2 and a half hours thanks a lot Sergey.It's not that bad just take your time its possible to complete the job thanks to youtube.

Grant Johnson: Even though I only know about three words in Russian, I understood almost all of this. Thanks for the video. It makes me want to burn or sell the **** van now.

sergey.atlanta: Read the description

DeathbringerDrago: That is a load of crap where they put the thermostat. Sorry Russians I see your disappointment and I don't blame you.

RoyBoyElUrbanCowboy: Thanks for the tips Sir it was very helpful :) Greeting from Minnesota U.S.A

MrVinrock209: I actually got this job done without removing cross over it was a fn pain don't recommend it.

Marcin Olczak: Alright now lets redo the video in english haha JK

mark tatum: i noticed that the thermostat housing's rear bolt hole is notched. so i guess i only have to loosen the rear bolt. awesome!!

AL- RUIZ: wtf,,,dont understand,,im out...

Jason Cappuccino: ENGLISH!

Azat ALBAY: Uvajayemiy Sergey, A vy ne podskajite kak nozivayetsya instrumet s kotorom vy snimali homut i gde mojno kupit? Potom yestli u vas video kak menyat Cylynder Head Gaskets for Chevy Venture? Spasibo, AA

Julian MJGlobal: Kinds sucks i dont even understand one word. This guy is probably a master tech wherever he is from but does me little good.
Chevy venture thermostat replacement 3.6 out of 5

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Andrew Whatley: Great Video! What is the name of the part removed at 24:33?
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Chevy venture thermostat replacement