Chevy Venture Thermostat Replacement

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Chevy venture thermostat replacement
Chevy venture thermostat replacement
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ed nja: I just did the same job.  I didn't remove the cruise control.   I didn't remove the air filter box (the big one), I didn't remove the steel water pipe, I didn't remove the connector from the EGR valve, but I did remove everything else that he removed.   I didn't use silicone.   I used a curved wrench to remove the bottom bolt from the thermostat housing.   The bottom bolt doesn't have to be removed completely, but it has to be loosened all the ways almost to the point of coming out so there's room to move the housing between the thermostat and the head of the bolt.   Most of the loosening and tightening can be done by hand, with left fingers from the top and left fingers from underneath the cross pipe - that is if the threads are clean enough to allow being turned by hand.  The Hayne's manual is wrong about removing the cross pipe.   The hardest part of the job is the stress felt when trying to get at the bottom bolt and wondering the best way of doing it.   To remove the cross pipe you have to remove bolts at the back of the engine that aren't accessible without tilting the engine and even then it would be difficult to get at.   it's best to remove the throttle body and buy a new throttle body gasket for $3.   One thing not shown on the video is re-installing a tube that he pulled out at 7:34 from the top of the air intake duct.  The other end of this tube goes into a hole at the back of the engine.   What I did was put the end back into the top of the intake duct then I used a mirror and flash light to look for a hole near the other end.  Then I was able to reach behind and force the hose back to where it goes.   It helps to install the back end of the hose first and then install the intake duct end.   It's a good idea to make note of the location of this hose before removing it along with the intake duct.   I used a camera to take pictures during disassembly just in case I forget where something goes.

ed nja: Was it really necessary to put silicone sealant on the thermostat/thermostat housing  gasket?

J.J “Grizz” Pinckney: at 16:20...that vice grip pliers is the my set

TheActivetutu: Now I don't feel so bad paying almost $500 in labor for a $30 part....

kim crow: If you are about to do all of this...DON'T! remove the over flow reservoir, air filter COVER and hose going to throttle body, remove throttle body and BAM access to both bolts on the thermostat housing using an S shaped 13mm wrench worked best for me on the back one.

Rob Henderson: Just shoot me in the head!  I would end up setting the van on fire before going through all this crap.  Goes to show you: this is a pain in the rear end no matter what language you hear it in. Well done repair video.

Orange76: Thank you for the video. It helped me with a couple of problems, one of them; removing the throttle body and the other gaining more access to the EGR valve.

Carlos Mansilla: We did this replacement yesterday, no need to take half the car apart take off the air filter housing and use an open wrench/rachet combo to take off the bottom bolt, a bit tricky but can be done , then the upper bolt and the thermostat comes out, put the new one in and you are done.

Brieanna Mann: I want the designers name so I casn track him down and kick him in the nuts!!!

Joe D: Too much work for a thermostat replacement. GM should cover this part lifetime with a free one time replacement just for the fact that they had some dumb ass design the location of the thermostat, with GM approving it!

My 2003 Venture only has heat when driving. When i am at a stop i have no heat and the thermostat gauge starts moving hotter. I replaced the radiator and still have the same problem. Next i was thinking of changing the cabin filter located behind the glove compartment. Not sure what is causing the problem.. Head gasket, water pump, thermostat? Any suggestions out there?

motorhead: Dzastre...

Emin HVAC: Seroga I enjoyed you're video. I speak Russian really well and I understood everything you were saying lol. My mom is Russian. 

moygtorres: Good video, don't speak Russian but I almost could understand by your actions. Thanks!

Willie Morales: Sergey,  Thank you so much for making this video.  I do not understand Russian, but I understood all of your actions.  I was able to change the thermostat on my 2003 chevy venture.  Great Job!!!!

Andrew Whatley: Great Video!  What is the name of the part removed at 24:33?

Sandra Sedgwick Williams: I wish I knew more about cars so that I could understand this video.

julilo romero: mucho problema, los mexicanos compramos otra camioneta 

tanya bolton (tannie): super video, i understood three russian words: chevrolet, termostata and criminal for the engineer who designed the location of that thermostat housing.

eriks alexandrini: boljshoe spasibo za pouchenie !!!  klass !

badbob85037: The future where everything is good. Wiring as thin as a hair. Switches made out of plastic, and thermostats needing half the engine removed to reach. This is coming from a guy that never has owned a Ford. freak GM! Now to put the heat on that 13 wrench and bend it for the job at hand. Why can't the wife drive a 74 K-10 like the rest of us? Unlike the Venture this video was great
Chevy venture thermostat replacement 5 out of 5

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Chevy venture thermostat replacement