How To Make Beading Needles Tutorial

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Madj Reyes: Girl.,,you're awesome!!! I thank God for Blessing you with intelligence and ability to create all this super tools. You're so gracious for sharing them with us! You're so talented and patient with your tutorials. May God bless you with lots of success and happiness. 

Queen DaDiva: Awesome! Thank you. I did one with a 28 gauge. Nice.

bySusuko: This is great! I found your channel a few days ago and keep watching videos all the time. Thank you!

Harley Darleen: OMG Thank u. Wish I'd seen this b4 I bought some. I already hv that exact wire. :) Love your tutorials. xox

Liz Becerra: Great idea thanx for sharing!!

missYummyGumGum: Wow! Simply amazing! Ur brilliant! So Clever! I never would have thought about this.. Thank you so much!

Jo Cole: You can get even more yardage by getting equal gauge floral wire. I have 30 g floral wire that I bought a few years ago that still has 3/4 or more left, and I use wire for almost all of my projects!

Diana Campbell Dickerson: Thank You! I have never thought about trying to make one like this before. I just whipped up a couple of them in no time at all and they work great! This saves so much time and $money$... You are one smart cookie! Thanks for sharing.

Jean Murray: not know what I'd do without you. This is a great idea! Thanks

Annie McPhee: AWESOME! This has to be one of the best ideas ever! Thank you :)

Nora Manygoats: Awesome, creative.

Michele Kainz: Wow what a great idea! You've saved me a fortune in the cost of needles. Thanks

Annie McPhee: AWESOME! This has to be one of the best ideas ever! Thank you :)

Nancy Fares: Very samrt and very clever. Thanks Aleshia

DesirousCreations: You can find the video channel by FireMountainGems and the name of video is Using Twisted Beading needles!

beadifulnights: Why! Thank you very much! LOL!

msailaja10: Really Cool..! Thanks for sharing.

thelexlady62: You are so smart and resourceful. Thanks for the info!

giuliamatilde55: :-)

angelazulification: thank you!, thank you, thank you so much!!! :D

beadifulnights: Thank you so much Giulia, I understood you perfectly.

Karen Cole: Thank you so much. I get mine so bent out of shape.I'm definately going to give this a try. Thanks again and happy holidays.

AmazinCreation1: I love all your tutorials but the beading needle ones were especially useful. Many thanks xxx

alindastar: Thanks Aleshia for this video it really helps a lot. One thing I would like to request is how do you deal with spring rings. I cannot find lobster clasp's with them already on and either I am buying them way to small or ? Also I don't see to well but really love your tutorials because you make it easy to learn. Is there a tool I can buy or make a tool, please help I want to finish my daisy bracelet... Thanks again

DesirousCreations: Nevermind I saw a video of how to use those needles. Thanks for the info. Going to make some now. No more buying big eye needles for every project.

Joanne Coady: Thank you a hundred times.....Me

cindy mentzell: Where were two weeks ago...I just purchased 200 needles....NOT ANY MORE!!!!! LOL

Beautyforhire: can you plz tell me where to find this video thank you sorry to bother happy holidays

mgrcreations1: Great idea, thanks!!

fekiwi: having trouble watching this video.. I wanted to know how to make it it says 3.46 then when i click on it to watch it.. it goes straight to finish at 0.01... hmm please either make another one or fix it.. :( thanks

Maria Randazzo: Maria non ho, parole con i, lavori cosi belli

Douglas Pocknett Jr.: Hi what material was the wire made of?

Tammi Iamarino: This totally just saved me! I have an order due today and just moved, I couldnt find my beading needles in the mountains of boxes that is my life right now. Then I remembered this tutorial, YAY! Thanks!

Vicki Nichols: Very Cool!

Kim Stanley: Great idea and a money saver too. Thanks!

tarny G: That is great! I'm going to give it a try. Thx for sharing and Happy Holidays

eileenfb1948: This looks good, thank you for the video

Shobana Madhavan: Wonderful idea. Thanks a lot

Roxana Melendez: awsome and usefull!!!

GrammaDestiny: Thank you Aleshia - I just love all your tutorials! You have such patient, calming manner of teaching and your videos are always clear and easy to follow visually. Great job!

laughsdaily: Wow ! you are amazing ! So simple :) def going to try this...

beadifulnights: It is just regular craft wire 32 gauge.

sis eunny: hi alishia would you put the items you use in your tutorials in writing i'm having a had time sometimes to get the names of what you use.especially the kind of threads you use to make your rings.thanks you do a good job keep up. eunny

julliana2ify: Thank for the idea of using the crochet hook at the end Aleshia ...I usually make the like that but just hold the end between another set of pliers ....thank you again ....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you :-)

Emma Ashby: To stop it from unwinding try putting a tiny bit of glue or Clear nail polish on the end

Delia Valdez: Your awesome

mammabear: Thanks for sharing having hard time to thread needle works great. Happy holidays.

SuZW51: This is a "I wish I'd thought of that" moment. Thanks!
How to make beading Needles Tutorial 5 out of 5

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How to make beading Needles Tutorial