HP Pavilion Dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD)

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HP Pavilion dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD)
HP Pavilion dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD)
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Hakim Durand (OooTanjaooO): Can I add thermal pads into this laptop anywhere?

ASAF: Does cleaning and re-applying new thermal paste fix the over-heating issue?

Copenhagen Quest: I see you were removing some kind of Hard Disc when you were removing screws from the back side. Can you please tell me is that a main Hard Disc of your laptop ? And will removing that Disc (for cleaning purposes like you did) cause the data loss, and all other documents of laptop ? Thank you so much in advance.

Dubs: Holy crap.. that's a lot of work and screws. Why are laptops so difficult to disassemble ;_;

Mar Kra: Great help for my girlfriends HP. So I could be her hero today ;-)

ElenciaPT™: my battery is loading but the laptop not started

Thato Thabeng: ive watched the video and its great. my hp pavilion d7 3020sa wont switch on. it just switches for 2sec and shuts down would it help repair my laptop. or i need to replace something else

Miguel Angel Romero Alcaide: great job!!!

Brendan Landegent: Nice video!! I needed to re-apply the termal paste on the same laptop ,and found out that this video was Very Very useful^^.Thank you very much

Wilson Flint: I broke the black tab holding the keyboard connector. I am now getting a BIOS Corruption error on start up. Would this be the cause? I've triple checked all other connections

fister91cam: Do you think this whole process would help fix a black screen? My screen doesn't come on and I'm getting no blinking codes. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is maybe my GPU.

funa mota: I'll sell it to you if your interested 🤔

jimtheseraf2: hi, thank you very much for you detailed video.
I recently cleaned the fan cause it was making too much noise. The problem it still there, after the clean up so the HP service told me that i need to change probably the fan. Can i change the fan itself only??? of do i need the entire cooling system with the cooper wires on it. when i open it i can remember if the fan can be further disassembled... ??? ???

funa mota: That's a lot it's kinda old and out dated how much do you think I can sell it for 17'inch i7 6mb and 500 gb gaming laptop with Intel core nvidia gt230 & graphics with up to 1024mb. I need a need gaming laptop with a large hard drive I'm looking at the asus 501 or the 303 ub

funa mota: Looks hard how much would it cost to have it done

Luana Guerra: missing some details, what made hard to follow, being the first time I opened a laptop ever, but helped me a lot and I could fix the heating problem of my laptop. Thanks!

Don Mega: a little advice. clean the fan in another room or better yet outside, or you'll have dust flying all over the newly cleaned cpu and other parts!

aceroyplatadeluna: Thanks for the detailed explanation. Quick question: is this geared
mainly at pros, or is this the For Dummies version? I guess what I'm
asking is -- if I, being a complete NON-techy guy, attempt this with the
thermal paste and all, what's the worst that could happen?

Oguzhan Uysal: Thank you so much, I disassembled and assembled my dv7 by your instructions.

Saulo Garcia (Loja Rib. Preto): Brilant! thank you very much!
HP Pavilion dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD) 5 out of 5

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HP Pavilion dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD)