HP Pavilion Dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD)

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HP Pavilion dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD)
HP Pavilion dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD)
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Oguzhan Uysal: Thank you so much, I disassembled and assembled my dv7 by your instructions.

Saulo Garcia (Loja Rib. Preto): Brilant! thank you very much!

John Collins: can a Bluetooth module be installed?

Dave Newman: The black clip that holds the keyboard zif cable should NOT come off. You can release it from the opposite side, the black clip simply flips up and remains connected to the system board. Never use a metal screwdriver or metal anything to pry these plastic parts open. Where are your Anti-static devices??? Good luck following this guy

Chadman: Thank you for the great video. My DV7 has been running hotter and hotter as time went on. The fan would come on and start ramping up right after start up. I tried vacuuming the vents from the outside with no improvement. I started to disassemble the computer at one point but was worried I would never get it back together. After a while I started worrying that my CPU was going to fry so I checked out some videos and yours is awesome. After a complete cleaning and new thermal paste my computer runs cool again just like it used to!

Ronie Vieira: I could fix my laptop computer through your instructions. Thank you!


bennyblancobx45: elegant mess. insanely good vid!!! thanks a mill....I'm currently getting no booting/anything on screen on my hppv7...I'm pretty sure it's the processor... if I replace it...what needs 2 be done software wise... or does it matter!!?? if u could make a vid for processor replacement would be super kool!! thanks a mill...ED!

Enrico Galli: Thank you so much for this video, it guided me right through the whole process, and after cleaning the heatsink and replacing the thermal paste my temperatures under heavy load have dropped dramatically, and now the fan does not become as loud as before. Excellent for HTPC purpose :-) Only thing, after reassembling I'm left with at least a dozen screws lol! The whole thing stays together anyway ;-) Cheers mate!

Kary Mantilla: replaced the fan, still doing the same thing... flashing Cap/num lock every 5secs.....

John Darkwater: What is that large empty space bottom right of where the hard drive was? You pulled off the cover and it looked like nothing was under that whole area.

Joemark canedo: what is price hp pavilion dv7-2273cl plzz give me the link online store ?

Dave Higgins: What purpose does the thermal paste serve? I don't have any. If I have to clean it off and apply new, where would I be able to obtain it? Anything around the house I could substitute?

nico_32: i have a 8gigs core i3 hp pivilion g7 and when am playing games such as assassins creed 3 it starts out super smooth then when i here the fan gets loud it gets super slow and i cant move anything in the game for a minute or two until the loudness stops or lower then game runs smooth again 20-30 sec later it starts again even when am web browsing reply if you know what happening to my loptop i think its a bit dirty or the processor is damage am confused

Marshall Flint: my hp work just fine it's been shut down for 2 or three weeks n now when i turn it on all i get is a black screen lights on laptop are all on but the fan stops i also heated the gpu and aplyed new paste

wahib barakat: how do you replace speakers on HP pavilion g7 notebook pc

Luis perez: did a cleaning on my hp dv2 laptop I took it all apart and put it back together and now it looks like the hard drive not working and the seen is not turning on

LeperMessiah1977: Great video. Perfect for my problem. But here's the rub: I have an HP Pavilion DV7 2198EO. Specs, Windows Explorer and Device Manager say it has two 320 GB hd's. I opened mine just like you did, and it is a perfect replica. I removed the hd just like you show it, but I only find ONE 320 hd. I looked through your entire video and voila: only one hd. That does not make any sense to me. Can you explain it? Does the single hd contain two physical partitions in one container? Not something I have seen before. I need to extract my hd in order to do a low level format. It is very likely it has some bad sectors. I just need to low level format the system partition. Is it better to low level format both partitions?

HampshireCarCams: Have you not heard about taking Anti-Static precautions... a simple ground strap around your wrist is the minimum you need, also a soft cloth between the laptop and table to stop the case getting scratched, and in this scenario, screws are normally referred to as fixings, anyone with a dead laptop after doing this has probably zapped a board with static.... very amateurish.

Shaga Lu: Thanks!!! brilliant!!
HP Pavilion dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD) 5 out of 5

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HP Pavilion dv7 Heatsink Cleaning/Replacement (HD)