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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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steadiworkz: good stuff, see you in london !
Chekaz1: hey bart your new camera rocks =) awesome quality =)
chewybunz: I'm not sure that Saturday morning cartoons were ever paragons of "political correctness", but it was the 1970s when those shows became flooded with pro-social messages, as a response to parental uproars over violence in kids TV. Some of the exciting action-adventure programs of the 60s were axed because of this.
Paul Jackson: Captain Price! Good to have you back, old man.
stephcn: Thanks.
Randy Dumesle: u deserve way more subs than you have
J0E339: Ermm, no not really, 1.6ghz single core is bad. The minimum is 3ghz single core and your well below that so you need a better processor

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