ORIGINS | 'G-Strike' Beacon Guide! (Robot Attack Control)

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Gabrielle Flynn: I love your formal take on the game haha

Vince Friel: what's an in-vent-or-ee

Door_Productions: Do all four players need to do it? Also do you need all four to be clean? I'm just wondering because i play with just three people not for, so what i'm asking is could i at least clean multiple tablets in one game? Thanks :D

huffpuff1337: you forgot that you have to melee to make the souls go to the chest

Danjon310: U can do it with zombie shield

MrAlbinoTadpole: Okay... I just got to say... You have an awesome voice. :D Good video by the way. You got yourself a subscriber!

Coyote Gaming: This is for people asking this question.You get only one staff.If you got a staff and you go to trade a gun for another staff,it says "can only carry one staff"

Coyote Gaming: This IS in the ps3 too -_- the game dont get update or dlc to get easter eggs.Its in the game already.

Antonio Halkiadalkis: if he rides the tank and arrives at the other tank station, he will still have to still have to step on the mud as the tank doesnt stop directly in front of the door.

TheLegacy012: He sounds kinda like Jude law.

Edgy meme master: to save 500 points :P

Edgy meme master: You can also use the Zombie Shield :)

Kuranszo: You only need to kill them with any melee attack. It doesn't have to be Thunderfists. I did it with my staff.

The Metronome: There's mud on the way to the damn area, plus when you get to the area there's no way of getting out without stepping on mud,

Ian Irwin: One of the few presenters who know when to NOT talk. You have a sub. Very nice video and nice message at the end. Appreciate it mate.

killa Killzone: lmao why didnt he just ride the tank? xD bwouldve been WAYYY MORE effeicent

Rick Barnes: At both?

InfamousBrute: Hey YouTube! Lag much?

starcraft071: careful not to forget to kill with the thunder fists in the church

starcraft071: you can spin them out of the box in the game you got them
ORIGINS | 'G-Strike' Beacon Guide! (Robot Attack Control) 5 out of 5

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Demitris Haldeos: what is the asking price?
Mrgameinspector: guess im rewatching this series.
Dylan Murphy: My step dad has told me REALLY creepy stories about that place!!!
Sercio Sevik: Honda x11 fahrer gibt doch nicht richtig ganz,oder ist anfanger.Ich habe eine x11,und das ding geht ab wie ne Sau.
Nissmah Roshdy: Great answer from Josh to the masculinity question!
Ron Cemine: Thanks Clear tutorial..nice work!
BreedBearWolf: For you focus issue you are having, just have your players wave there hands over the area you want it to auto focus.... The motion will attract the cameras attention and focus on it.

ORIGINS | 'G-Strike' Beacon Guide! (Robot Attack Control)