Savage Mark II GXP .22LR Review

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tangobayus: Do you ever dry fire this after removing the firing pin?

richard pena: thanks for the great review, looking for my first rifle and it seems like this is the one

Pugsgunsandstuff: I paid 150 for mine, great grain on the stock, very pretty little gun. I definately reccomend doing a little trigger work since it doesn't have the accutrigger. I spent a few hours shimming the trigger, and it just shoots like a dream now. No creep, and it breaks at around 2.5-3 lbs. It's a solid little rifle, there's really no reason to pay more unless you want to.

Grape Gaming: do you think its quiet enough to backyard shoot in a liberal neighborhood.

SAVAGE308SNIPER: No accutrigger?

SAVAGE308SNIPER: No accutrigger?


Kienan: Nice video, thanks for the info. I haven't made my mind up between this and the Marlin XT-22, both seem like good, affordable bolt-action .22s. I was leaning more toward the XT-22. I'd heard the Mark II can have a rough/sticky bolt from some, but I've also heard the new Marlins in general have quality issues.

I also didn't realize that the Mark II came with such a nice scope! When I think affordable combo package, I don't necessarily think quality. Your praise plus realizing what the scope was is leaning me more toward this. Going to do a bit more research, but might start the purchase process on one of these Monday.

Cole Miktuk: hey man thanks for the review. I'm really looking at this as a cheaper alternative to constantly shooting bigger more expensive calibers every trip to the range. One question: I'm 6'1" so I struggle with finding rifles that have a long enough length of pull to be comfortable. Especially with smaller guns like a .22, I tend to look like I'm hunching over a kid's toy. Is this rifle big enough to be comfortable for a taller adult to shoot often?

Zach Hernon: looking to buy my first rifle and this video was a huge help!!

phil brown: I love this gun. I have 7 22's now and this and my Marlin xt-22 are my favorites. I never thought I would care for bolt gun, but now I really like them.

Rich Weatherly: Thanks for a great review! I found a pickles promo today and I'm seriously looking at getting a Savage MkII after acquiring a Model 64 semi-auto last week. I have .22 WMR & .17 HMR bolt guns from Marlin but am determined to get a .22LR bolt action. My Model 64 is quite accurate but I feel the sealed breech of a bolt action adds a bit of an edge in accuracy.

Jason Navarro: Been having problems with groundhogs. Would this model be better then the 64gxp?

Pete Sessa: After watching your video, and a couple others, I "pulled the trigger" and purchased the Savage MK ll GXP from pickle's yesterday. Complete with scope and 100 rounds of ammo, I was out the door for 208.00 total.
My girlfriend and myself liked the reviews and look of this rifle. We are looking forward to participating in another activity together. It seems to fit us nicely. We have set up a tutor/lesson to become better familiarized with it's operation, safety, limitations, ammo and care. (We are fortunate to have someone who will go the farm, where we shoot, to help us.)
I think you guys got a better deal than myself, but after 5 years the difference will only be about 1.00 a month, if you spread the cost out. (I probably will never be a good competitive shopper)
I was wondering though......The other target rifles seem to have a "lighter trigger." I don't think that will affect us rookies very much, but is it possible to adjust this mechanism?

Doc Holliday: Got the same rifle combo around Thanksgiving for $140 at pickle's. My second Mark II. Savage rifles are awesome

Josh Carter: does it have accutrigger?

Andrea Robison: just got mine today at pickles and it was $164.00

Ethan Orr: hey i have the same gun i bought at pickles this past weekend but i haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. mine has darker wood than yours does. i was wondering if it shoots cheap ammo pretty well. like enough to hit a bird at say 40 yards. i had a youth savage single shot that would shoot anything you put in it very well. i was wondering if this would do the same. great video man. thumbs up!

Ethan Orr: And does it shoot the federal bulk ammo well? Like the 525 box? I had a Henry 22lr but it wouldn't shoot anything good but cci. It would cut holes with that at 40 yards but couldn't hit a 2inch Orange dot at 40 yards with any other ammo

Ethan Orr: Great looking gun! I just bought one at pickles too. Mine has darker wood tho. I haven't had a chance to shoot it at anything yet. I got mine for 199 plus tax with a $25 rebate. Great review too. Best one I've seen on this gun!
Savage Mark II GXP .22LR review 5 out of 5

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tangobayus: Do you ever dry fire this after removing the firing pin?
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Savage Mark II GXP .22LR review