Savage Mark II GXP .22LR Review

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Savage Mark II GXP .22LR review
Savage Mark II GXP .22LR review
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Savage Mark II .22lr Review
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Savage Mark II .22LR review
Savage Mark II .22LR review
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Savage Mark II 22LR AMMO TEST using CCI Federal and Winchester Ammo.m2ts

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TheNisgaa: CZ has always made rifles that have stayed with me while the 2 savages I let go easily. Best $-value ratio goes to CZ by far in my books. Good review though!

Jake Cowlishaw: @SamsonAKAK80 Okay thanks

SamsonAKAK80: Wow awesome! Thanks for letting me know IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD to me , when someone thanks me and tells me I make a difference, ESPECIALLY as you say you bought it thanks to my review, Unbelievable ! Just like the accuracy of the rifle AND ITS BASE MODEL price!!!! *FYI* Savage had been shipping with really decent 3-9x40mm scopes but realized how nice they were and went with the 4x scope.. Keep the rings and base, upgrade when you can- Look for a Nikon ProStaff sale, Trust me!

Patrick Krehemker: What was the price on that nikon? Im actually looking to pick the up from the local pickle's here in the next week or two they have a price of 170$ right now for it.

CharlieDoan: @SamsonAKAK80 in the battle (Vietnam as I knew) when you aim the guy at his helmet and the bullet hit him down anywhere at his stomach and killed him. That is a Good shot. - So Not Olympic to care! M-16 you guy said with in +/- .5 or whateever! In Vietnam, shooting without aim..spray the bullet to enemies when they attacked us with HUMAN WAVE..why care so much about .5 or couple cm or inches from target and if you not shoot at the olympic to get Gold medal ..why care! hit target few inches k

roundabout136: Yours came with the picatinny rail attachments to the receiver? Mine came with the rings attached to the receiver itself. Strange. I've got the same model, got it from pickles for 159 I believe around the holidays. Loving it, finding myself wanting a new scope though. Something with BDC and quick adjustments like the Nikon Prostaff rimfire, any other suggestions?

SamsonAKAK80: @budgray18 If you mean how would the scope run on an AR, Nikon *JUST RELEASED* an AR series of scopes based on the ProStaff scopes. Called the P-223 they have a fixed 3x 32mm scope with a carbine, bullet drop compensating reticle designed for carbine AR-15's at the REDONKULOUS introductory price of lik $149.99 - PLUS THEY ARE INCLUDING A MOUNT for a short period of time. It's just such a great deal I am buying one as an add-on to my AR, which already has an Aimpoint Micro...Look @ Nikon P223

exionem: Nice review, I just can't decide between this model and the Marlin 60. Any adivice? If I do choose the Savage Mk2 do you recommend the wood or the synthetic stock?

hargieboo: It's on sale this week, so I bought one yesterday for $159.98.

bobwyreforyou: @irishmark2006

budgray18: @SamsonAKAK80 i would love to buy 223 but im broke after that scope

SamsonAKAK80: Basically you could not ask for a better rifle for taking down squirrels and rabbits. .. Like custom tailor made for that.

SamsonAKAK80: @Charsept you know i had never even thought about that nor considered it / paid it attention etc... after you typed it I went and checked and yeah, indeed it does appear to be a plastic trigger guard. I will say, I dont know how much it matters because this rifle is the most accurate rifle I have and I never even noticed... BUT- I do have the least expensive Mark II .22LR I believe, there are many many models and LOTS more expensive, like $600 some. So maybe the more expensive have dif ones?

SamsonAKAK80: You do realize in your homer comparison between your guns and this one of my portfolio is that... Among other things, you are comparing two of the most common and prevalant production civilian Hunting rifles and military 'sniper' rifles.... And juxtaposing them against my $200 .22LR fun gun? I mean, no offense but whatever ... Your breed of gun and craftsmanship is not a .22LR SHTF gun for fun at the range... So its not even a fair comparison. And just for the record I have a Remington 700 too

imagine340: the g and the gl are the same except that the gl is a lefty rifle

samxsam41: how much does it weight origanaly

SamsonAKAK80: @hunting2748 Hey bro I could not agree more - I M ALL ABOUT what I like to call " Value for Dollar" - how good is something compared to how mich it costs / how much you actually paid ... And then compare to other similar things. Savage rifles have always been EXCELLENT examples of this - they are some of the most accurate rifles in the world and AWESOME values. You get SO MUCH RIFLE for so little money. And mine is the cheapest Mk II BUT I didn't grt any less rifle! It shoots AMAZING mmmm mmmm

SamsonAKAK80: @irishmark2006 So believe it or not, I am using the included el-cheapo- rings that came with it as a combo pack gun. I bought the Savage Mark II "GXP" combo from pickle's, which was the entry-level cheapest Mark II and an included scope. It came with a little length of picatinny rail installed on the receiver , and it had two little rings mounted on the rail that held the scope. When I replaced the scope with a really awesome Nikon ProStaff 4-12 I tried using the same rings and they workekd!

SamsonAKAK80: Yup...if it isn't all then both bolt-action rifles I have (this .22LR MKII and .308 R700 AAC-SD) are that way. I don't want to say it's a design flaw, but it's a characteristic... I cannot think of it now but some modern popular rifle specifically advertises its safety being always avail. I guess its because a safety is NOT an On/Off switch and if you are able to work the safety you generally will always know it's "loaded". Best guess there lol.

Dick Shear: Is it common for bolt action rifle's that you can only move the safety after the hammer is roostered ? I cannot move the safety to the on position after I shoot until I move the bolt to rooster the hammer.

hargieboo: Great review! I love your enthusiasm. I've been thinking about getting a Ruger 77/22 because I want a bolt action 22lr, but my next rifle will be this model, especially considering the price. pickle's had it on sale last week for $159, but not this week. I'll just take my time and wait for their next sale.

paperthinedge1218: Savage, great gun, got one for my .22lr gun =3

Zach Jay: great review man, it sealed the deal for me. sounds like i don't need to step up to the model 93

Jim- Hamradio: I just got this gun cant wait for the wx to break so i can try it out. cost $190.00 at pickles now. The classic will be all gone soon. To bad there isnt any 22 ammo to be found.

TheGtomonster: Savage is a ok gun but REMINGTON 700 dude pushing a bit far dude my little brother bought a long range savage like a year ago and had it back at the cabelas in within a month traded it in for a Winchester model 70, the model 70 really the only gun that truly can be compared with the remington 700 it's just a different breed of gun and craftsmanship

ThePfc315: Great Review man and that Nikon Spot on program is pretty great.

budgray18: hmmm. how do you think this would run on a ar?

TheSziraki: @SamsonAKAK80 so i will break itself in the more i use it

SamsonAKAK80: Hey thanks for watching- let me say a few things... 1st off you always want AS BEST glass as you can.. it's very common to spend at least as much and sometimes much much more on your scope as the rifle. You will NEVER be upset you have "too good" of a scope. BUY ONCE CRY ONCE in optics especially. I would run from that BSA ... for $150-200 you are right in the Nikon ProStaff range like I have on this rifle. VERY NICE. Or check sales..MidwayUSA is doing Weaver sales right now, SWFA also.

Zach Jay: hey man, it's been quite a while, but I purchased the savage mark 2 FV, came with bull barrel and a synth stock, which I like only because it's a little less maintenence. the thing is an animal well out past 100 yrds, near single hole accuracy. thanks again for your video

SamsonAKAK80: Sure, not a problem , hope it helps. If my words are any use or any "status" to you, THIS IS HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.... There are many Savage Mark II models, some even $600 (which have beautiful fancy expensive stocks and heavy, threaded barrels) but this right here, FOR TWO MEASLY HUNDRED, On Sale for $149.99, WITH the Scope (that you can use as long as you need to , THEN upgrade when you find a sale on something you like, having saved up the money) AND Use the rings/mount it came with.

SamsonAKAK80: @paperthinedge1218 Yeah man, I am into .22LR and I have three, all separate but equal if you know what I mean. My Remington 597 is an autoloader, with some internal mods, external upgrades, even did me a custom spray painted camo on the stock with texture-ized premium Rustoleum spray paints. my S&W M&P 15-22 is my tactical 22 with full Magpul treatment, Aimpoint Micro R-1 red dot, it's more of a Recce rifle than most ppl's actual AR's... my Savage is such a classic tho, accuracy and reliable!

SamsonAKAK80: Would that be a compliment or a smack talk? LOL. I'm wicked smaht and wicked haaard with the steel, baby.

s2000ron: Hi, i'm planning buying a Scope BDC Nikon 3-9x40 Coyote Special for 200$ on a Browning A-bolt .270 @ 500$ what you thik

SamsonAKAK80: I checked on Savage Arms's website, they say 21" ... I did not take a tapemeasure so I will go with their numbers, I didn't think it was more than 20" but whatever. Now just note this is a regular barrel, "sporter" barrel, NOT heavy barrel, NOT bull barrel, NOT anything other than normal . It's basically a regular old entry level rifle, with an entry level beautiful stock, entry level barrel, came with a cheap scope (which I replaced) etc. but it is AMAZING in accuracy and quality!

BurlyBilly: Thanks to your review I'm now a proud owner of this fantastic rifle. I am amazed by the accuracy of this supposed base model. The 4x32 scope that mine came with left something to be desired though.

Charsept: plastic trigger guard?

CrazyPolishGuy1102: would you mind telling me how long this rifle is? It is going to be my 1st rifle and I am planning on purchasing a rifle bag but have no idea how long this gun is in inches?

Northernredneck125: hey man first thing great review 2nd im sort of new to guns im getting my gun license next week so i just have a question how often to you clean your barrel on this rifle

SamsonAKAK80: @irishmark2006 IrishMark- let me just say thank you for not only watching but also for the compliments. You know, I just make these videos for fun- and so far you have made all my time and effort worth while. I can sympathize with the trouble getting it, in NJ we have the toughest time of any State in he USA- NY ans CA aren't even as troublesome as we are... but hey its worth it in the end! Check out my other two .22s, Rem 597 and S&W M&P 15-22 (and their vids)- search 4 "CZ" rifles also

SamsonAKAK80: @TheSziraki I have to say Mine is pretty good but two things- I don't have the AccuTrigger so I haven't been able to adjust it ( which is all the AccuTrigger is, a user adjustable trigger ) . But it shoots pretty well. The thing is there isn't any upgrade parts or aftermarket stuff... Really nothing I can find. No triggers trigger groups hammers bolts etc. nothing. Stocks, thats about it. But anyway mine shoots good and it DOES keep getting nicer the more I shoot it.

SamsonAKAK80: dude tell me about it, i have not seen a single box of .22LR in two months. NO WHERE, going to pickles and Walmart 2-3 times a week. Good thing I have prob 10K+ easy but thats not the point lol, you can never EVER have enough .22LR!!!! Anywayt congrats I'm sure youll love yours like I love mine.

s2000ron: hi can you tell me what is the model number from that Bushnell that came with the rifle thanks

hunting2748: i have one that lookes exactlly like this just its older it the lakefield and the reason its cheaper is cause your paying for the name for example u go buy a par of shoes at walmart and they cast 30 dollars but then you buy the same shoe just by nike and you pay 150 dollars just because it was maid by nike a well known company

budgray18: @SamsonAKAK80 lol i just picked up the 3-9x40 p223 scope yesterday for 200 with free rings.

TheSziraki: How is the trigger on the gun it seems a lil stiff to me is that a problem or wat

SamsonAKAK80: @2468texaspete I don't think you could do better for small game hunting than this, at the very least it's the best Value For Dollar you can get, EXCELLENT squirrel/rabbit/etc. rifle- All Savages and this particularly too, have really high Quality-to-Price Ratio (QPR) ... Now I admit, I have the 'low-end' of the Savage rimfire rifles and even the entry-level of the Mark II lines. STILL AMAZING. It was $199.99 at pickle's Sporting Goods, i asked for and got the sale price of $149

SamsonAKAK80: @roundabout136 Yeah I mean if you watch the video I'm pretty sure you can see the ring, rail, etc. now I understand what you are talking about, my pickle's Combo Package Rem 597 came that way, we call it a "Grooved Receiver" cause the receiver has small grooves cut into which accept small rail-mount-style rings/ring bases. My 597 came that way, most have real rails, and my Sav Mark II GXP came railed but most are Grooved.I've da Nikon Prostaff, the 4-12x40mm BDC- AWESOME. So great I got TWO.

Northernredneck125: just a general qustion if you zero your .22 at 100 yards will shoot accurate at 25 yards like will the zero be the same

XifyouhavetoaskX: After he said Mark Walberg in shooter he kinda sounded like mark walberg to me.
Savage Mark II GXP .22LR review 4.5 out of 5

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Savage Mark II GXP .22LR review