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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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kahlill lewis: can i buy those
Shah rear Noyan: Really it was heart touching song, 
linkin8unicorn: いいのはわかってても、欲しくはならない車だなw
Jaeger Newman: Yeah. I'm sure when this game came out it was pretty cool but lets face it, there are now much better FPS games on the system now that do what Red Steel promised to do. Metroid Prime 3, The Conduit, Quantum of Solence, Goldeneye Wii and even the games sequel are better than this game. In fact, I honestly think Red Steel 2 is a bit of an underrated title. Does anyone know if that game sold well cause a sequel to that would be pretty cool.
Jack Mays: @Gangstaclock2 No just all the bullcrap top comments coz Hutch was on the video annoys me.
farhang1223456: Dude the skiddles one is sad :L
amber lawson: omg i was so proud i road this song and as i was getting on the song started over i was like "ima do this i only have this one chance" omg i loved it!

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