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Massiel Marin: Someone help! I just bought the wii u and the wii u control pro.. How can I use only the wii u pro remote without having the gamepad on???
JacoMaco: Fattening but delicious.
Finq08: A good review of a bow AND the guy knows how to shoot a bow? That's rare.
Shaun DYST: This may have been asked but it looks like your filler spell is a 1.5 sec cast so what do you do when you have a stalker on you? If you can't cast your filler without worrying about taking loads of damage is Esper just screwed when it comes to people in their face once you blow the knock down? Will you not be able to put out any pressure on them?
ROLFS: We found it at a little prom store in an Arizona mall.
adamgh0: I miss the original track. Your head did bang around a lot on the restraint harness and your ears would take a beating.
Mike Loeven: The evil ending is kinda unique in that it doesn't arbitrarily punish the character with death betrayal or some other kind of karmic slap on the wrist.

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