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PDXComputerdude: There must be something wrong with your parents RM2 / RainbowMate small power nozzle. I use mine to clean cat hair off of the bed spreads. It is perfect for that task. And my RM2 has NEVER reset after 23 years of ownership. I also use the RM2 to clean the VW camper bus. We also have an E2. It works well too, but I wish it were the 2 speed model instead.
Soulof aMonster: nice ride dude. Getting this and an 05 yellow gto. My life will be complete
Shawn Metcalf: @Eschatus2 you are a dirty racist.
Sarah Howard: I need to replace the spring under the strimmer spool please as it is broken, regards, Graham
franklin alexander Colmenarez: hi, I want to practice speaking english daily, I'll also happily help you practice spanish. 
RollingWrench: naaaaahhhhh!
kaay Sii: @PedroArmindo Hey TY for replying....but seriously does the battery last longer....coz i heard due to overclocking its drains considerably faster...well..i guess u r experienced with this ROM so u may be right. Do You use this ROM ATM?plz...i m so excited about the gingerbread...plz reply fast...I m w8ing ur reply....thnx dude....

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