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cindybin2001: I mean it, I am writing a blog rant and I'm going to start making videos about all the comments on these Elliot videos, to show what type of fan base he attracts! You people are just HORRIBLE! Just because a woman speaks up about how offensive it is to use profanity, you cuss her out and call her names, and you can't even understand why we shouldn't swear! HOW SAD IS THAT?? Weren't you people taught any morals, manners or common sense?? Is this how you are going to raise your kids someday, to grow up and SWEAR?? And what type of woman would want to date or marry a guy who swears? don't you people want to marry a NICE woman? Someone who will be a good mother to your children someday? Aren't you worth that? THINK OF YOUR FUTURE!
Aleksandra Maciaszczyk: ile kosztuje taki układ wydechowy do macana s diesel?
egalxxx: Wow,das ist eine Sehr schöne Steinhart Triton.Ist der Tachymeterring aus Metall? vg Peter
JonesSmyth: What a freaking homosexual word. Whisker biscuit
teeyai2029: เท่าไรอ่ะ
123thelegofan: awesome brigde! Are there any instructions? And if so, where can I find it? Thanks.
Esteban Rojas Tamayo: Amigo le cambio la llanta trasera original?, esa parece mas gruesa..

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