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andrez03: I hate long-distance driving and been using Greyhound for years, and experienced it getting progressively worse throughout the years. In 2010, the straw broke the camel's back and I took my travel $$ to AMTRAK. I constantly kick myself for not dumping the Hound for Amtrak a long, LONG time ago! AMTRAK IS AWESOME. This is a "quasi-government service"; If I were charged a small income tax to help support Amtrak, I'd be ALL FOR IT, QUITE FRANKLY! :) LOL!
Lády Lumiere: This ALSO, changes the type, and stats of the Machete at the Altar.
If you leave the Machete before pressing the LAST "Rock Switch", you can continue to go back and forth, and change the Type, and Stats of the Machete laying on the Altar. :DD Very useful video though!

MountaineerBlacksmith: freak the police
Jason Cox: They should do a documentary about this amp story. It's a great story.
Lancer Master: Nice RE-MAKE of the trailer...anyone wondered how would realMyst would look like re-made in HD :D
duhfiweuhfwi: Schreib es mir in den Sand - Frank Schöbel On The Go - The Picturebooks Forever Young - Troy Von Balthazar Lawsuit - Chokebore Enemies - Troy Von Balthazar What's So Strange About Me - Eight Dayz Our Darkness - Anne Clark Sounds Like A Melody - Alphaville Swimmingpool Rap (Marten Persiel Remix) - Bürger Lars Dietrich Trouble - The Electric Beat Crew Electric Boogie Boots - Cheeky Grab The Sunset - Hundreds Miss You (Trentemøller Remix) -Trentemøller Wenn ein Mensch -Anne Khan;Troy Von Balthazar
Darko Ristanovic: So it's a big difference from 4.0.4. ?  I'm thinking about installing this one.

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