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dizzyforever: is de ascend p7 al uit?
prosocceralex: how did you get that clock widget?
judgement131313: Pls i need a reply fast this game is on sale on steam for $9 this week.. I Have 8 gb ram ddr3 i7 2600k 3.4 ghz hd 6570 and 120gb ssd will it play good without lagging on 1920x1080 medium/high
david collier: some great games in there!
redhotsweetpotatoe: I think you skipped a step as it's obviously been baked.
GalacticCommanderKat: Hey, Brian, I was just wondering if you had ever planned to make a Pokevault app for iOS and Android. It would make things a lot easier with purchases than always using a computer and maybe you could even add an extension that allows people to pay through iTunes and Google Play gift cards! ;)
Ja a: On part 2 of this I posted how to fix the screen that becomes locked if you extend it out too much. There is a lip that it locks onto on the bottom. You have to push on the 3 or 4 little grooves in the middle of the backside of the screen and you will push in and you might have to wiggle it a little and the screen will swing back into the retracted way. This could have been designed WAY easier.

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