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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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วัลยา ปัตยุรักษ์: อยากหม่ำๆ ปลาหมึกบ้างจัง คิคิ ^_^
oxygenlifeless: @pokongkira dude thank you!! LEGEND!
Mohye: Personnellement il fait partie des rares jeux que j'ai terminé ^^
MP VS: First of all: you should drill holes, before you started hardening, Second of all: Why use Nut-Oil? Motor-Oil is made for this.... Third: If you want to Wax your handle, why not using a presure cooker, and heat that up to about 75 degrees Celcius? Than you won't need to wait so long. Presurizing is the solution for that. Fourth: Also.., wrong iron table! There is to much of a heat sink on steel plate table going away to do nothing at all.
theRadBrad: Wanted to say thank you in advance for any and all likes you drop on this. I don't expect what happened with Transformers because it's near 70k which is crazy. You guys are the best audience on YouTube! 
film_me_im_famous: how much power are you putting down can the tranny take it? is there a way to beef up the auto 5 speed to handle the extra tq of f/i
Wayne Howarth: Very nice job Peter. I wish I had you knowledge of 3D design. What is the maximum print size you can fit on your printer platform? Thanks for sharing you quad with all of us.

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