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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Rev3Games: Here's our review of +Saints Row IV, which tries to out-crazy one of the craziest games of 2011. Does it succeed? http://rev3gam.es/17pub5D
fantagemickeymouse: Santa Claus seriously??? :P
SilverMedusa: For some reason the whole video wouldnt play? Can you say where in Holland you will be because I looked for Superstar Inc. of Holland but couldnt find a homepage for them...I might fly over there to do the workshop! Thanks
Lipziger: Also ich bin auf jeden Fall für mehr Tropico :)! Ich selbst weiß allerdings noch nicht so wirklich, ob ich mir nun den neuen Teil holen sollte (Habe 3 + 4). Lohnt sich der neue Kauf direkt?
BJM Graphics: Nice! MS PAint is very unforgiving and you drew the car without saving. Do you use a reference? I would have to had a presketch in front of me like a piece of paper. The video is sped up but I can tell you drew that car in a fairly quick pace. The curve tools are crude and if you acidently lay the curve on the wrong spot then you have to ctrl-z because you can't move it like other programs. Shading is nonexistant and laying out one incremental color at a time really takes some judgement. No algrorithim auto shading here. I use Sketch Book Pro with a mouse but it seem like I am cheating compared to what you are using.
ScottJ Miller: I have a large knocking noise on this unit on the right side in the rear fly wheel. This is a super whisper quiet unit but this banging noise makes it a pain to use. I have taken the rear apart and looked for any loose parts or plastic but I can not isolate the source. Any help would be appreciated.
ElyGTV: Personnellement j'aime bien que tu te mettes a faire des vidéos sur certains accessoires. Ca se justifie parfaitement, je trouve même qu'il y en a assez peu de qualité en français. Je te conseillerais peut être de prendre plutôt des accessoires qui sortent vraiment de l'ordinaire soit par un design vraiment recherché ou par un aspect qualitatif/robustesse/finition particulier (me risquerais-je a citer Spigen ?). Mwalou, merci encore pour ton travail, continue ainsi !

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