99' Yamaha Waverunner GP1200 (Rebuild 1st Start)

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gkecorp: Yes still for sale. i am in Jacksonville FL !! Email me

Lisa R: Love the facial expression

skateemerica134: beautiful machine i have the same one but not like those handle bars, u should also run a hose threw it if ur going to gun it like that.

gkecorp: Specs on this machine, it is for sale!! 99 GP1200 - R&D Intake Grate, R&D Ride Plate, Riva Sponsons, K&N Flame Arrestors, R&D Billet Head, Solas Impeller, Wiseco Shaved Flat-Tops(these replaced the dominators), Pro-Tec Intake,UMI Steering, R&D Dominator Sleeves w/ Team Scream Race Porting, Larger Intake/Exhaust Ports

PBSFACTORY Personal Business Solutions: Hey am in Miami got any more

gkecorp: Thanks. I have 3 of them now, rebuilt all fo them. Know em inside and out. The bars are UMI steering. Only need a hose for a longer idle session, a few seconds wont hurt. Its for sale if you want it: $2000 with trailer.

hamann dinan: still for sale ? where are u from ?

gkecorp: That is alright compression. Unless it isn't running good, I wouldn't do a top end. As for your question, No, you don't have to take the motor out. Just have someone help you when you lower the cylinders back on, it takes small hands to compress the rings on the pistons.(jax here)

omar arriaga: i dot see your videos that you rebuilt this engine maybe dint came the way you wanted im goint toway to see rebuilt videos see you soon

gkecorp: Got it to 65mph! Not bad for a first time rebuild (rookie) See you on greenhulk!

Chris Bahr: I just bought a 99' gp1200 npv and the cylinder are 92psi,110psi,120psi... how hard is it to do top end and do you have to pull motor ? I rebuild kawasaki stand ups and they are straight foward and one carb to adjust.. any info would help ... I live in Tampa Bay Area

hamann dinan: ahhh , i m in Canada Ottawa :(
99' Yamaha Waverunner GP1200 (Rebuild 1st Start) 3.7 out of 5

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Taylor Zhang: Microsoft ROCKS!!!
gkecorp: Yes still for sale. i am in Jacksonville FL !! Email me
John Cunningham: Once I get my 2002 Silverado 1500 LS extended cab I would like to purchase some leather covers to go over the cloth seats. I think its a 40-20-40 with a console and the back is a folding bench. I wanted a black leather with maybe a Chevy symbol put on the headrest how much would it cost for that?
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Dapeng zhou: i got f22c, you missing the torque
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sonyxploder: Wow almost 5k views and no comment. Nice video. I've wondered how to get that stuff out of tires should i actually have to use it.

99' Yamaha Waverunner GP1200 (Rebuild 1st Start)