Lets Play Monday - Let's Play - GTA IV: Cops 'n Crooks Part 1

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Lets Play Monday - Let's Play - GTA IV: Cops 'n Crooks Part 1
Lets Play Monday - Let's Play - GTA IV: Cops 'n Crooks Part 1
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Lets Play Monday - Let's Play - GTA IV: Cops 'n Crooks Part 4
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yomamaisonfier: "Hey guys, you know all those fun game modes we had in GTA IV? Let's not put them in when we make the next game!" - Some Asshole at R*

Gamer Lord Maxxumus: Sergeant Scooter Captain Moto Commissioner Faggio

Danny G: Now, I know that Ryan and Jack are two different people, and that they sound the same sometimes, but at 2:55, am I wrong in saying that it sounds like Ryan is having a conversation by himself? I know its Jack, but amiright? Fellas? Ladies? No?

Kyle Etter: ok so just because im not going to go to the actual commercials video to post this.... "freak YOU DALE EARNHART JR!!!!!!! i tried this bacon stuffed crust pizza and it was freaking disgusting. Using generic bacon bits instead of real bacon, youve deceived me you bastard!!!!!!"

LuigiPlushies: GTA IV lets plays > GTA V lets plays

SEVER: They really need to start doing these again

Scorpionspear77: "What kind of luck do I have?" "WHATS UP ASSHOLES?!" My favorite part.

Txu Zai: If only the GTAV lets plays were this fun.

ThePolish: The good ol' days.

Brandon C. Maximum: These Let's Plays are much better than the GTA V Let's Plays now, great times

justin mccaffery: I want them to switch off from GTA 5 and 4 every week I miss these

Cibergatox Gaming: Gavin is bad an all, but freak. you guys bitch about him so much it gets annoying. Really fun video though 

Christian Merkovsky: I think gta-V ruined gta. Rockstar got rid of everything fun (like the ability to spray the fire truck hose in multiplayer) and its no where near as fun to freak around with friends. The game modes to play are pretty much just deathmatches and races, two things that are more fun in games made specifically for them.

mustaineforpresident 2016: *shots driver* Ryan: get out *drives away* Ryan: freak he just drove off My favorite part lmaooo

Jack Mehoff: Remember when GTA humor wasn't forced and it just happened because the poor driving controls still allowed dump trucks to fly like dancing hippos? Pepperidge farm wishes it remembered.

Reid Matthew: OHHH.... It's unfinished it's like speed....AHHHH- The Man The Myth The Legend... Everyone Mr. Gavin Free

sofrech1991: I don't want to say it... but I will anyway. For some reason, GTA IV is so much more enjoyable to watch than GTA V.

Conzer Ban: geoff's laugh cures cancer

Alertcriminal: I wish people still played cops and crooks it was so much fun =)

Christopher Carroll: freak everyone who disliked

Gezajozsi: Whenever I have a piece of crap day, I watch this video.. love it although i saw is like 10 times over

Ethan Will: wait, wait, wait. idea... what if they did something like their heists in GTA V, but also combined it with Cops 'N' Crooks? like 3 of them would try to heist, and the other 3 would try to stop them!

TheMonsterzen: WHATS LEFT - Geoff Ramsy 

rodziu23: This vid is a freakin' classic... I love to watch it once a week, still funny as hell :)

Lobito623: I love watching lets play at night

Yellow Head: I miss theese lets plays 

Lucy Singleton: 16:00 gavin, same

Nicole Smith: Even after watching almost 7(?) times, it's still hilarious. 

Corey Sell: at 17:09 theor looking for a car and theirs a sports car right their

Thebagelwithcheese11: 20:07 is the best scene out of AH ever

Colten McGee: They seemed to have much more fun a year ago then they do now

stalhein61: Ah, the nostalgic sound of 6 people blowing their microphones out at the same time.

Stellaray: If anyone still watches this, is this the start of Gavin's love of firetrucks in gta?

JimmyDaButt: 7:00 Godfather IV

Dick Maners: Hey Yo I am Razor Ramon *Throws toothpick at your face*

Joel Gartland: Hey guys, Recently some crazy people in Australia have managed to get GTA V banned at certain stores. Could you please share this petition. If they ban gta they will try to ban more! https://www.change.org/p/kmart-continue-to-sell-grand-theft-auto-5-in-australia?recruiter=10125690&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=mob-xs-no_src-no_msg 

Adam Nokovic: isnt the guaim over now? the funniest freaking thing ive heard

Subvert2c: Did you just say GAIMEZ?

Chris Benoit: Ryan's BOOOOOOOM!

MBr: 21:19 "Nialled it"

Gameking49: These lets plays were the best not gta v let's plays thumbs up if you agree

Niepi: Funny and all but you guys seriously suck

YangBalanceYin: GTA V is fun and all. This game is hilarious.

banj0: Euphoria seems to be fine-tuned for hilarity.

Gamer Lord Maxxumus: Ray doesn't Lets play with as much enthusiasm as he used to. in fact, he never does it anymore.

Clay D: This 35 minute video has been viewed cumulatively of 118 years as of my comment. That is unbelievable.

iamihop: A true classic

weespacekiller nickmillers: Goddamn it RAY!

Nepeta Poofs: Michael’s laugh is so damn precious 

Ashton Czerno: Why the freak couldn't GTA V at some point in the campaign Trevor could have yelled at Ron to get in his tank (Military Tank that is.)
Lets Play Monday - Let's Play - GTA IV: Cops 'n Crooks Part 1 4.9 out of 5

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Lets Play Monday - Let's Play - GTA IV: Cops 'n Crooks Part 1