Underjams Vs Goodnites

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Cabrin Lowe: Film you putt ing on diapers step by step with every diaper you have

Skye Micheal Paul Curry: I got boys Pampers Underjams L/XL I love them thay are so comfy They are wow I mean I'm 26 years old roughly 6'2" tall and 142 pounds Yeppies N I think I found mez Permanent Diaper definitely They have Guitar and another design but Guitars haha Now I feel like a Rockstar 

oliver cisneros: Who wins

pwcorgi2000: Has UJ's fixed their side panels yet? As in making they more durable.

john caldwell: Kimberly Clark who makes good nites won't kids to feel like they are wearing a diaper pull up".p&g won't kids to feel they are wearing a pamper!!just bigger"both of comanys can't fool nobody!!

marry smith: that's right!riley has a pickle like a man.i seen her video wearing pampered baby dry size six!

marry smith: but pampers underjams has that nice soft pamper and luvs smooth feel!

marry smith: the reason they rip on u because they are not made for ur size!stay with huggies goodnites!

Dakota Dean: Yes you can

Legend 69: can you get goodnights in australia

tikidweller: @powderhair what sort of disability do you have? jw...I have one too and recieve funding.

AlexBABYDL: @ajc196 L-XL

ajc196: I'm about 5 2" and 110 pounds. I'm 14 what size goodnights and what size underjams should I buy? PLZ RESPOND

patroks2436: I'm a 15 year old boy and I'm proud to admit I wet the bed and wear goodnites(: I tell all of my friends

Kyo Himora: i hate underjams they have no odor control and they dont hold much pee goodnites are better

Rory Martin: PLEASE RESPOND !!!!!! are you incontenant ?? or are you a diaper lover ?? and if you are disabled do you only go #1 or # 2 or both ????? :/!!

DELC1: I'd recommend trying the new goodnites, they've changed the fabric and the feel is much different now. Might be an idea to do another comparison check

Brandon Pellat: Hey which one do you think would best support flooding?. I think i would fit into both of them because i am only 100 pounds or so but i want to no which has the best absorbency.

steven2664: steven2664 underjams

Matthew Hauber: @powderhair How?
underjams vs goodnites 5 out of 5

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underjams vs goodnites