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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Carlos Triveno: LOL nice job
RETIREINARIZONA: That Tilt looks like you could shave with it. Really different--Nice.
Fly: Did this successfully. Had a tad bit of trouble installing the final RAM module.
lynch5552933: Hey man I love your vids.....Im looking to buy a 9mm for concealed carry, I like the sr9 because it can hold 17 rds and I like the sr9c because its smaller but I can only afford one of them.... I know you own them both. if you could pick just one what would it be and why?
mario d.c: wow really thorough i wish you were in montreal i would come n see you cause i feel that my chevy silverado 1990 5.7takes a lot of gas which i don't find normal &to find a good garage here is like trying to find a diamond mine 
tinkermycolossus: you get either a gate or a shockland in every Dragon's Gate pack
Arabella4510: Concise and clear, without unnecessary belletristic words.. The best short explanation. Thank you very much.

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