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TheKoonPond ISO: แม่ง เซ้ง ล่ะ
Patrice Flint: i wanna know WHO is spying on my cellphone texts..how do i do that? this person has done it before,twice, swore he wouldn't again,but I'm pretty sure he is, i need proof!
Fahrizal Gunawan: It's Kara not K-ara pls-___-
Gabriel Falardi: Mettete like se siete qua per il doppiaggio di ODS
ISAIAH and LIYA CARRASQUILLO: you need more light
Michael Siegel: Dude I'm really not trying to dog on you but if you don't know what you're talking about don't make an instructional video. the first 6 minutes were just you rambling about generic CB knowledge that your dad told you about after that there was about two minutes of you giving incorrect information. At which point I gave up on the rest of the video. You seem like a really cool dude and all and I promise I'm not trying to put you down for this but you really have no clue what you're talking about and this video could easily confuse the living hell out of people who don't really know what they're doing when they try to tune in their radio. You're talking about setting your SWR on cal and then going back and changing your SWR when you switch the switch to SWR. This is incorrect you try setting your calibration to where the arrow is in the red and you see where your SWR is on channel 1. Then you do the same for channel 40. This will tell you if you need to lengthen or shorten your antenna. I am far from being a CB expert and I just started researching this stuff today. But I really feel like your video contradicted almost everything that I've read and had I given it any validity it would have royally confused me. As I learn more about CB radios I would be happy to share my knowledge with you and I hope you do the same and share what you learn with me
Adam Scott: I've got galellios and the stud pattern is the same as the trinitys I don't like the stud pattern I've found it s problem 

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