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dvader500: @joefluffy28 not true, these tanks only have 1, which means they are a little bit unsafe, because if the pressure rises too much and the burst disk fails, it might blow up, but as long as the tank doesnt get over 6000 psi, it should be fine. and all paintball fields only have up to 4500 so you shouldnt worry. of course this tank should only be filled up to 3000 psi, so dont overfill it
เทอดพงษ์ พิมพ์เกตุ: ผมเริ่มชอบงานไม้แล้ว
Tadas Armonavičius: the game was absolute crap as I expected from the beginning, the commentary was quite good though
hxhsoldick: that amazing video quality...
Dekdue Mini: ชอบๆ
Wilson Tan: we hope translator english.
KeckremLP: Rogueware!

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