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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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IWatchVideos: Hammer man. I wonder if he knows any other words.
Sheridan Sanchez: Wow he's tall
WaroftheHel: Poker, quiero ver el ultimo episodio de esta serie, ya se el final, y quiero ver tu reacción xDD
softlygaloshes: Please remember that using AdBlock on YouTube videos means that the hardworking ASMRtists you love are not getting their full earnings. And for many, this is a big part of their total income. So please don't use AdBlock on YouTube.
Michael Zorba: LMAO when I see Americans who have fallen for the Voss scam. You are all drinking plane Norwegian tap water. The only thing you are paying for is the glass bottle. Everyone in Norway know it's a scam.
Konuvis: and he invented... PONG!! LOL Great show Matt, as usual.
Jack Duce: 3:42 Struggling a bit there, Billy?

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