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hoody hoo: This dude funny asf

Billy Carmona: Good Stuff Man!

pesmaniac99: Aren't you a bit too old to be smoking that cr@p?

Hug attack: "I used the crap out of it" lol. The dome is only for concentrates.

Donald Gerard: How do you clean the air passages inside the heating chamber? I have several that no longer draw. Can you help me?

Isaac Khampha: why you cough ?

Evan8D: first hit at 4:20

jigglymig TheMighty: you can also use the back end of floss picks to clean it. especially the kind with grip on the end

Miidell: Will hash work with this vape?

Bonobo Handshake: dry mouth!

poopasaurus rex: nice to see steven seagal enjoying his weed

Braydon Davis: you can tell he was trashed off one hit from that

Eddie Adams: It's crapty for herb, but I'm using this battery on my kanger tech evod tank and it's actually decent, maybe even better than the evod batter , anyone know what voltage and watts it is? Sucks my evod battery won't work

tylerturoldo13: The best part is when he eye freaks the camera every time he hits the vape

Brandon Jacques: What up, What UP, WHAT UUUUUP! Dopest Vape-Pen Vid so far. Keep it up. I only like Goya Coco Water :3. Mango Coco water so strong though. Good Vid!

bloodlucky: So using it without a screen gets you higher?

bloodlucky: I just got one today

Austin Hasbrouck: holding ur smoke does nothing for u just to let u know bro

Tony Gugliuzza (iFXman): I'm not sure butt I think this is one of your best reviews!? lmao
Vapormax Ago G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen Review | EpicHerbReviews 5 out of 5

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溝口クリスチャン: Can i substitute normal tapwater for smoke water ? 
ApriL YicK: Why you have to put on BB cream after facial?
codcou16: No problem...but when are u gonna upload the saree video?
Mitja Likar: how much is the fuel consumption per 100 km ?
howdydoody202020: I have a milltek non-res catback on my s4 with stock downpipes and everyone that I know w/audi's and who heard it before and after say its ridiculously loud compared to before.I have some friends in the same neighborhood, and when I pass my one buddys house every day a few times while I'm on my way to another friends house, I see his head pop up every time. He tells me if he's sleeping in the morning he knows im coming. It's great :)
abhilash kar: +Jimmy McIntyre  Hey Jimmy, Hope you are doing well. I tried running the luminosity action but some how it's not working on my system and showing up a dialogue box that says 'The object document"DSC_XXXX.jpg" is not currently available' This file number is different from the opened file on PS CS6. Please help. Thanks & regards,

scnwpa: We kicked your arses back across the pond long before they did.

Vapormax Ago G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen Review | EpicHerbReviews