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harles5000: How about the knife thats a sweet tool for stirring the pot so to speak, how much did you pay for your dry herb Ago? Thanks

Silencewithinme: ' Now it doesn't seem like it should be right, but I just dab that crap right that in there and it just seems to burn that crap right off ' is when I pressed subscribe straight away XD

Manuel Hpg: I buy this vape Pen last Year and its fckingbllsht!!!
I hate it !! Money gone for nothing..!

Stormy McNeal: Too hilarious! Best vape and dry herb review and how to vid I've ever watched! LOL

Pajeet Gurav: looks like combustion to me, might as well roll a joint instead

pablo vega: Indoor vapers !!

Panda Music: Lmao 3 channels: this one, EpicEcigReviews, InDoorSmokers.

Tyler Lin: prooooo

Big Smoke: I completely lost it at 3:10

Yuki Yuki: Does anyone know the black mamba vaporizer? Heard it's very popular right now. I really really want to try one of those, so let me know if you guys know it.

Dustin Mikkelsen: Forgive my ignorance but since it's a vaporizer there's no smell right? That's my biggest concern ...

tammy r stevens: does the vape hide the smell of the herb???

Amanda Armstrong: lol I love ya man

Isaak Fischer: Hahahah I'm the 420th comment

Isaak Fischer: Sooo good

Isaak Fischer: I love this

Isaak Fischer: Nana

hoody hoo: This dude funny asf

Billy Carmona: Good Stuff Man!

pesmaniac99: Aren't you a bit too old to be smoking that cr@p?
Vapormax Ago G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen Review | EpicHerbReviews 5 out of 5

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Elsebita port: este mods bendria bien con el de ore dimencion no???
huntersaw1: This is very nice, i want to grow my plant for not dealing with suckers
Jelijah RBLX: What's this songs name
Feel4Game: That laptop should run total war 2 just fine.
María C.: No puedo meter el cartucho hasta el final, se queda atascado. ¿Qué estoy haciendo mal?
Karl Johnson: keep on sharing!!!
Steve B: nice videos another way you could have done the mold would have been to make a cardboard window mold for the angles as a template.. also a thinner bottom plate for the speaker using fiberglass instead of wood you could have had a stronger fit and more room just using the speaker ring like you did for the doors just my opinion. i build alot of custom audio systems with fiberglass. hope to see the finished product of this sometime on here

Vapormax Ago G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen Review | EpicHerbReviews