Special Edition Glitterature: 7 Book Reviews!

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Special Edition Glitterature: 7 book reviews!
Special Edition Glitterature: 7 book reviews!
Vlogmas 2013 ❄ Day 4 Glitterature Edition!
Vlogmas 2013 ❄ Day 4 Glitterature Edition!
❄Vlogmas Day 3❄ Glitterature Version!
❄Vlogmas Day 3❄ Glitterature Version!
Glitterature: Matched! Book Review
Glitterature: Matched! Book Review
Glitterature: Delirium Book Review
Glitterature: Delirium Book Review

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Wayne Hudson: Review my book God, Guns and wisdom/ Women. Straight Out the Hood. Get it for free! Download it here! https://www.scribd.com/jah2lightah

Daphnut: Hi I really enjoyed your video, I've just made a new youtube channel, my first video is a few book reviews. If you have time please can you watch my video and give me some feedback.

LesleyyX1: now i wanna read The Selection so bad!

RainbowRamble21: Have you jet have the pleasure of reading "the shatter me" series? It is so good!

Essence Chitwood: I love your book reviews can you please do some updated books reviews? I'm a bookworm as well :-)

MIS Crafting: crossed is amazing

Katerina Galaxy: When i was watching this, i thought, "wait! Ive read basically all of these books!" and it was kinda shocking but i listened anyway. Your channel is amazing!

Marieke Mills: Looks like we're doing the same thing here on YouTube. Lovely to hear what you thought of Insurgent, I'm planning to read the trilogy soon as well, definitely inspired to read it now!

Writethatscene.com: I've been meaning to purchased Crossed. After seeing this video I think I'm going to a.s.a.p. Thanks Elle!

Will Barrett: Can you review my book it's bad romance by Robert Loria It's on Amazon 

Zackery Hines: Hi, I am a young Fantasy/Sci-Fi author and my first book Hooded Destiny: Fate from Amongst the Stars comes out tomorrow Feb 20,2015(which is also my birthday). It is available on amazon so please go check it out. The book trailer can be found by typing Hooded Destiny. Hope you'll like it:)


Krstel Alice: Reached is my favorite from the series

Krstel Alice: I think The Selection is more a mix of Matched and Hunger Games

smileyquanta: Hi I published a book as well. Called Journeys of the Heart. I subbed and followed you on Goodreads. 
Amazon Book Link - http://amzn.to/1AR2D8g
Createspace - https://www.createspace.com/4556032

Dani Kumrou: Hey, I love your reviews. You are beautiful and fashionable and I think you would enjoy my book. I am a debut author and i would love for you to review my book which is out now. It's called Footballers and Louboutins and is out now. It's very glamorous and any girls that love glam, shoes, handbags and the finer things in life will enjoy my book. 




sungkuk kim: It's so difficult to understand it's so native
The thing is I am asian T.T
I want to be good at english

sungkuk kim: What's up? Cutie
Special Edition Glitterature: 7 book reviews! 5 out of 5

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Special Edition Glitterature: 7 book reviews!