Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 Versus 26 Versus 27.5

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Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 versus 26 versus 27.5
Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 versus 26 versus 27.5
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COMB0RICO: I use to be a staunch 26er.  Then, I bought my first 29er.  The bigger wheel size is not just an improvement, but completely energizes my riding to a new level.  A smoother power transfer is the most critical advantage of the bigger wheel.

I'm coming back on all the videos on Google's Youtube to retract my previous comments against the 29er.

Jas Grassi-Hoying: 26 inchers are as gay as christmas

Abraham Luevano: Santa Cruz Tallboy LT owns

akronymus: Music overrides info. Done bad, sorry.

Radnie Danid: waw amazing.very nice.bikers.

eduardo garcia: ..i ride my ROCK RIDER SIX.3 26ER 3×9 everyday to work..i live in a city with climbs and descends and it performs well the way i wanted..

Chris Gibbs: Not a bad comparison, it should be mentioned that a proper Trail/AM 26" will soak up descents with the best geometry for the situation, if descending is on your list of importance. On the same note, the longer wheelbase of the 27.5 is because it's a 27.5. If the 26 wasn't a XC geo, it wouldn't have a shorter wheelbase. This makes it the snappiest at turning, which the 27.5 and 29 can't accomplish. If we are talking XC style, 26 is best at flowy, 29 at flat and distance, 27.5 at I can't pick or ride too much of each.

Tony Rekert: fairly useless comparison - hard to tell which wheels were which.

geaR: i shred on my 29er and 26er. 

marsevin: I ve been riding 26er for almost 2 decades. Doing climbings and about 150km mountain a week with my last bike that cost about 5k euros. Jumping to 27,5er, by changing the wheels to my Santa Cruz blur xc carbon XTR, i found an important deference. The bike on steep climbs has better and easier traction. That means that you can climb with more stability and easier for about 20% i believe. Has less rolling resistance and this is very important when you are riding off road. Cornering is a little compromised so i would never go to 29er. So i believe 27.5 is the best choice. 

Xpl1k3R890: i dont give a crap they all feel the same

niFe: Why do they all have their saddles so high up?

Michael Hardy: i'm still on my "26" actually measures at 26.5" no desire for 29 (usually 28.5") and why go up only 1" to 27.5

Oinky Aldritz: It seems like i chose a bad year to get back into mountain biking, with the crappy wheel wars thing going on. I miss the days back in high school when picking a bike didn't involve choosing a freakin wheel size!

freeskier250: I don't give a crap and ride my 26er

E dollo: I agree, but why are some companies like trek not even making 26" bikes anymore other then the session (DH)?? I have a 26" bike and a 29" bike, I like both for different kinds of riding. I just don't want them to totally get rid of 26" bikes all together just because 29ers are popular

Feliz Atene: Ride both. Different ride requires a different "ride" lol

G1000RR: There should be no versus in this discussion. Both size of wheels work better in different areas. Depends on what you want out of your bike and the riding you do. There is no winner or loser. I've been watching a few of these videos and idiots start arguing, oh that's right it's the internet. Babies.

Remix Boysteav: i love 2.6 and 2.7 because i love to ride it and it smooth but 2.9 it a little bit boring and when people look at it , it kinda awesome because it big !
Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 versus 26 versus 27.5 5 out of 5

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Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 versus 26 versus 27.5