Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 Versus 26 Versus 27.5

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Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 versus 26 versus 27.5
Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 versus 26 versus 27.5
27.5 inch / 650b vs. 26 inch Mountainbike Test english version
27.5 inch / 650b vs. 26 inch Mountainbike Test english version
Animation 29
Animation 29" vs. 26" Mountainbike
27.5 (650b) vs 29 - An in depth review
27.5 (650b) vs 29 - An in depth review
27.5 (650b) vs 29 - A Discussion on Wheel Sizes
27.5 (650b) vs 29 - A Discussion on Wheel Sizes

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burmesebeef: Companies want to sell more product and sheeple eat it up.

burmesebeef: 26 is really the most fun. Anything larger reminds me of my roadbike

Pete Champion: oh o.. been riding a 29 for quite a while ...just built up an old 2004 Gt Dhi race for fun and the new adventure park here in Christchurch (.once they fix it up after the bloody porthills went up in flames ) ....weird but its smoother on everything it also squirts up pinch climbs and more extended climbs, handles switchbacks even with super lazy head angle with a heavy  marzzochi 888 forks ...blown me somewhat away... and crap its fun ...the 29 seems like an old persons bike ...and I am not young either...seriously it made me smile

Major Payne: I say 27.5 overall for best of both worlds. 29 definitely for cross country and transportation. And 26 for you maniacs who do flips.

Raul Bermudez: All has been said, terrible choice of music

Сергей Каскевич: Гавно , что за тест такой?В одной местности

Timbo Biker: I have not tried 29 or 27.5 but I can say something.. whit my old 26 I have kicked the ass too many 29 users by far...

Clady Smith: awful delivery of information. wtf is this?

joel vaughan: No point timing the descent as they all seemed to just be rolling down it

COMB0RICO: I use to be a staunch 26er.  Then, I bought my first 29er.  The bigger wheel size is not just an improvement, but completely energizes my riding to a new level.  A smoother power transfer is the most critical advantage of the bigger wheel.

I'm coming back on all the videos on Google's Youtube to retract my previous comments against the 29er.

Jas Grassi-Hoying: 26 inchers are as gay as christmas

Abraham Luevano: Santa Cruz Tallboy LT owns

akronymus: Music overrides info. Done bad, sorry.

Radnie Danid: waw amazing.very nice.bikers.

eduardo garcia: ..i ride my ROCK RIDER SIX.3 26ER 3×9 everyday to work..i live in a city with climbs and descends and it performs well the way i wanted..

Robert Urban: nonsense comparison - as I see it 26" with wide tyres is best off-road, 29" is better on-road but in straight line only  :) so I stick to my 26" for all around performance.  Regarding 27.5"...yeah right how about 28.3"....idiotic ideas. 

Chris Gibbs: Not a bad comparison, it should be mentioned that a proper Trail/AM 26" will soak up descents with the best geometry for the situation, if descending is on your list of importance. On the same note, the longer wheelbase of the 27.5 is because it's a 27.5. If the 26 wasn't a XC geo, it wouldn't have a shorter wheelbase. This makes it the snappiest at turning, which the 27.5 and 29 can't accomplish. If we are talking XC style, 26 is best at flowy, 29 at flat and distance, 27.5 at I can't pick or ride too much of each.

Evan Gorczynski: I ride trails that have lots of slippery roots and wet hard pack year round and my 29er way out grips my 26".  I came from a BMX so i will admit the 29er is not as agile in the air and in really tight stuff but over all it makes the ride much more enjoyable.

Aydin Karli: 29er hard to claim hills forewer 26

V.I.K: Yesterday got my 29er full-suspension and it feels very different from my last 26er hardtail.I feel like it is a bit slower on ascents or at least harder to pedal,probably due to the extra weight.When it comes to downhill,however,the 29er is just a pleasure to be ridden,especially with rear shock and bigger fork.More speed and confidence.The jumps are a little harder to jump off but I'm not used to this bike yet so hope I improve my technic and become a stronger rider overall!
Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 versus 26 versus 27.5 5 out of 5

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burmesebeef: Companies want to sell more product and sheeple eat it up.
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Mountain Bike Wheel Wars 29 versus 26 versus 27.5