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Lulu R: Is this really right to be doing this? 

fitzgebd: Did you know it's not only piracy but fraud and theft 

TheBuffanator00: Dose it dork with ringtones

Dan Morrison: worked on my lg800g. Thanks!

Roy Phillips: It works with my LG 840G. Thanks! Can anybody recommend a good game?

justinjoelify: it worked wit my lg 840g

frybry01: it's mahjong as in gong, bong, wrong, not mahjang

Scotty Snetsinger: I just tried mine, it doesn't work for me. It actually did take my min. away.

vangaurdan: As I said, I had just dropped my camera right before this

Koletta Spencer: U've got terrible feedback noise.Can't hear u sometimes.

chaos1625: does it work with the lg 840g?

Aleysia Stadler: yes

Devin Hodges: does it work on a lg840g

snoapdoog: hey nevermind it actually did work! thanks brodeo!

snoapdoog: didn't work for me :/ samsung 390g

mikey martinez: Worked perfect, thank you so much, your the man!

fuck you google: internet piracy is nothing like stealing. With digital media, there are infinite copies of the software, and the seller loses nothing when their product is not paid for. Also, most people that pirate wouldn't have bought the product in the first place.

fuck you google: Yes! tried it, works just like in the video.

vangaurdan: Ya I dropped this one and got a new one soon after

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Free Tracfone Games