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DoomiteAsh Reviews: Stoker's Long Cut Wintergreen
DoomiteAsh Reviews: Stoker's Long Cut Wintergreen
Dip Review: Stoker's Wintergreen Long Cut
Dip Review: Stoker's Wintergreen Long Cut
Skoal Ready Cut Mint! Poop Pellets!
Skoal Ready Cut Mint! Poop Pellets!

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Aaron Rankins: Best mint dip ever 

CORB3IL45: stokers mint is all i dip now a days

cshort1993: Song is beer or gasoline by chris young. I wish dip was cheaper up in canada!

Shank The Tank: PEACH?!?! Are you kidding me? Real men chew Stoker's black cherry. Mmmmm. Reminds me of trout season.

Christopher G. Smiley: Provide a link to the mug jugs and great review! 

Lukas Strickland: Good review

carsonm300: stokers is the best buzz thats for sure

MooseKnuckleize: stokers wintergreen still by far fav dip of all time

jeff97ish: I used to dip nothing but Copenhagen and now am a fuul time Stoker's Natural Long Cut guy. I also have been buying the peach chew. It is damn good bro! Thanks for your advice Darcy. Much appreciated!

Jonathan Blancas: Vancouver island BC one tin cost 20 bucks 

TheSturgisStudioz: If you still have that Camel long cut wintergreen sign, I will pay whatever you want for it..

Trenton Stone: freaking hammer

R Pablo: Where the hell can I buy stokers in Arizona?

Anthony Bowman: Well no crap you got a buzz, you packed a hog leg big enough for 2 country boys to dip on!! Hahahaha.

SplFEEDit: Down here in Texas it's 30 bucks for a tub of stokers but I still have no complaints. That's stuff is great and like he said it says it holds 10 cans of dip but honestly I feel like I got 13-14 out of it

Kieran Harrington: how much does this cost in iowa??

Angelo Felice: Once you dip a tub your pretty much sick of it, but it's amazing dip, I don't dip as much chaw in the jaw is me nowadays good video man keep them coming!!!

DopeAsCope: 15 dollars for a tub here worth it!!!!! 

Tyler Ponzio: 10$ in ky 13 in Ohio

Ben Perrin: I just bought one for $14.01

Sasha Link: I see that you have a Canadian Cope Long tin in the background! Canada represent? Was it sent to you from a fan?

Zach Peterson: What website was that

dippen nut: you freak rock me

ACE49WDTM: hmm...Hank Williams?

tyler .smith: Just got me a tub of wintergreen 

Michael Huffman: I wanna see him review Copenhagen Black. its some good crap

Tyler Hobbs: What is that first song that was playing

Westwood Zone: intro was freakin badass hahahahaha

Zachary Riley: nice video ive been dipping for couple years and here where I live it really doesn't matter what you dip so who gives a freaking crap

50CalTV: want a buzz? go 8 hours on nothing but water then pack a horseshoe of cope snuff.

PuuureFranchise: in canada we get freaked over hard for dip.. 17-19 bucks for a single tin.. bullcrap

DippinMO: Nothin Better on a hot day than a COLD Ass bottle of Water and a Mint Dip. BHUR

skoalcopeneck13: Watchin the video now here. and im wonderin if i should dip Stokers Fine Cut Wintergreen or Stokers Mint? hmm I think Ill go with mint

AffinityWrestling: Stokers buzz sneaks up on you and just hits haha. I started off stokers win, and switch back and forth from that to grizz win.

neworleansbaby25: kitty

mathew granado: im 16 and dip.. lol

BrinqOG: Aye try the wintergreen stokers chew. In my honest opinion it's the best chew stokers has got

REBEL Dipper: skoal mint n stokers natty are the best dip ive never tried stokers mint ill have ta get me a tub

raptor660rider2: i believe it too but i dont like to stick to one dip ive tried all the grizzly skoal and copenhagen

Bryan Best: see im kinda on the same page with you but i like the skoal peach sometimes just to take a break from the copenhagen wintergreen

ThatGui007: i dont have a smokeshop where i live :(

Buccobaseball24: probably the greatest intro i've ever seen

nicklkjhgf: Hey mudjug I just watched the video of you dipping the log of cope, you should dip a tub of that stokers next!

copenhagen caleb: I know this video is old but you said you want to chew the apple stokers, that crap is SICK AS TITS

nathan lunsford: hay man I got me a can of stoker mine and I love it

gotmoney2218: i really dont think skoal is for kittys. its good dip.

gammer22228: Have ever heard of w b cut moist snuff in a bag

brunzy1994: 38 in iowa

Corey Mayo: Hey man you should do a review on craphorn Mint

Luke: what do you recommend for beginners

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