Throttle Body Cleaning - Dirty Throttle Body Symptoms And Problems

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Rough Idling? Time to clean that throttle body. CRC Throttle body cleaner review
Rough Idling? Time to clean that throttle body. CRC Throttle body cleaner review
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Toyota Tundra Throttle body cleaning
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2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Throttle Body Cleaning
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Throttle Body Cleaning - 4 Cylinder Toyota
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throttle body cleaning 2006 mustang gt

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Joe Hill: Will a dirty throttle body cause detonation?

Vickie Barber: My car runs 3000 rpms all the time,but some one told me this is what is wrong with it

Galaga: Ok I might have just ducked up. my truck will not start now! if anyone got any advice that be great

Terra Vista: Never use a steal brush like this guy did. Soft plastic bristle brush is what they sell specifically for this.

Brandyn Wood: 1989 2.2 ford ranger throttle body, runs like crap back fires dies, runs amazing for the first 15-20 minuites then just sputters and barley stays going? any ideas

KeyWestBluesX: i have a 99 mercury villager and am stranded towed over on a side street. Good spark and new plugs and the rest--nothing is left except the throttle body is suspect. My van ran great like a new car then started having problems which got progressively worse QUICKLY within a bout 200 miles. I tried to limp home from the shop after the fuel system was cleaned but am stranded. The van started running bad but now it will not even start no matter what. Not even one cylinder tries to kick--not one hit in thousands of cranks. Inside the throttle body with all its passages--is it possible for something to gunk up and make the engine seem totally dead and not run at all?? Cleaning throttle plates and carbs I am used to but throttle bodies with dozens of electronic hookups and computers I am not familiar with. Could the throttle body make the injectors not work and the van totally dead?

Jeremy Alcoser: I Have an 05 gmc envoy that I occasionally have to give gas for it to start then when it starts it sometimes makes a noise like if its getting ready to speed away

Royal Kingdom: wow it can snap a hole finger off if your dont disconnect the car batterie before you clean it!

BroWash24: Thanks Francisco Jimenez

BroWash24: I have a 88 Buick LaSabre 3800 V6 and it starts off running ok and then after a while it stalls, cranks up sometimes or after I wait a minute or two. The crankshaft sensor has been replaced, the fuel pump, and the mass air flow sensor seems to be doing ok. What do you think could be the problem?

Car1Sagan: Looks like an electronic throttle body, not a cable type. I don't think you are supposed to manually open the valve on an electronic throttle body, that you can mess things up. Is this one featured in this video an electronic throttle body?


Hector B De Los Santos: hola, mi carro es un vw passat 1.8T AWD 4 motion 2005. tengo problema con el E P C. limpie bien la mariposa todo buen limpio. a parte de eso cuando mantengo acelerado el carro baja solo la aceleración. y hace explosión. necesito ayuda.

Unknown: my car is a honda civic lx 2010 i took my car too a shop and they got a new throttle body and they say after 60 miles if my car keeps doing da that same thing too take it back is it truth or false ???? can u help me please

Tom P: great video thanks :)

David Kinsey: Great video and thanks for posting.  This seems to be the most often noted problem when the "Engine Failsafe Mode" light comes on in a Ford truck.  It happened to me on my 2006 Expedition this morning so I will give this a shot and also used a bottle of Techron cleaner.  This seems to be the air source, however, not the mixed fuel source as it would be with a carburetor.  Any other tips or things to do at the same time?  Air filter was changed a few months ago but I will check it, of course.

Tony Runyon: Will a dirty throttle body make a car or boat pop through the intake under load? I've done all the obvious drained the gas replaced all filters cap rotor plugs checked the timing cleaned the air filter. Any suggestions ? Indmar monsoon marine 350 injected 

Osigwe Stella: it also shows ENGINE FAIL SAFE MODE before it stops.
Stella Nigeria

Osigwe Stella: I bought a 2005 freestyle ford model and have not been able to enjoy this unique car due to these following problem. (1). when I go above 50 to 60MPH, it will lose power completely, the wrench and traction light goes of and I have to restart the car before it could get going (2). but does not cover up to 20KM before it stop again but when am on below 40MPH it would not stop (3) and sometimes it feels like the car is heavy. please tell me what problem is this and what can be done. Accept my warm regards. Stella from Nigeria

RAFTERMANCOLO: Sadly my truck is at Christian Brothers right now for just this issue. Thanks for posting the video as it did provide a clear understanding of the total issue.
I'll also say this is the 2nd time I've used Christian Brothers, and so far, I'm VERY pleased with their work and especially their pricing..!
Throttle Body Cleaning - Dirty Throttle Body Symptoms and Problems 5 out of 5

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Throttle Body Cleaning - Dirty Throttle Body Symptoms and Problems