Collapsible Shotgun 410 / 45 Colt / 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer

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Collapsible Shotgun 410 / 45 colt / 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer
Collapsible Shotgun 410 / 45 colt / 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer
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r91976: Is this stainless steel?

stripervince1: Lame. Single shot, gotta carry 2 different barrels. Get a tactical circuit judge. 5 shots plus carries 5 in butt stock. I have one, the best survival gun ever made. 45 long colt, 410 shoots 2and 3 in magnum shells, 31 inches long and only weighs 5 lbs.

Matthew Sutherland: the gun is called the snake charmer from the 1980s and brand new it cost 100 dollars and the case was an extra 6 dollars

bigdogbuc: In all seriousness, have you considered having the chamber reamed out to fit the .460 Magnum? I'm thinking about picking one up and having it done. That way, you can shoot the .460, .454 Casull, 45 Colt or, in a total pinch the 45 Schofield. 

d.o. niskane: This firearm (with 12-ga barrel and hollow survival stock) firing 3" 00-buck is the most intense felt recoil I have ever experienced. And I don't give a crap about recoil. I took lead weights and filled every bit of the fore-end and stock with them. It brought the weight up over 9 lbs but at least I could spend a day at the range with the little monster.

xXMethereaperXx: Reminds me of an old Survival .22lr i had. Everything disassembled into the stock.

WaagooshTheRedFox: could always get a thread saver... its like a choke but it just fills the threaded choke spot on the muzzle to prevent damage to them (the threads).

Loloman2625: Can I buy the 12 gauge barrel form u

zimmy4661: I have one like it without the 12 ga. barrel. I added a trueglo front sight (got one for a 20 ga. since the barrel larger than a regular .410 at the front) and made a mark on the receiver to line up with and it is a lot easier to aim when used as a rifle. As stated earlier, 45 Colt sucks in this gun since so much power is lost as the gasses pass the bullet in the long chamber, it makes a "foup sound" rather than a boom. I took some 444 Marlin cases and blew them out to become 45 extra long Colt.

TheYamahaist: That 12 ga. round was a slug

Mario .Alberto: can you shot 410 slugs though that? i cuz i rather just shoot a slug, if i had to keep taking the choke out n putting it back in to shoot a 45lc.

BulletArc47: How does the .410 pattern? I imagine the choke is used to stabilize the pellets?

cheeselyman: do you have to use the choke for the 410

WaagooshTheRedFox: average 410 barrels are WAY too light for a 45LC, as in catastrophic failure. of course this is all dependent on the shotgun, and the thickness/strength of the barrel and bore.

The Ammo Channel: @ktktwix Parts diagram only lists the choke. I'll probably only use it as a 410 anyhow, the 12 gauge is brutal with this little guy. As for the 45 colt, it's a novelty... I have better options handy.

Robert Pittman: Where can you buy the survivor combo?

arcticcatprrace577: How much is the gun

TheMrbumpas: 45 colt is the correct name for the cartrige,"long colt" is a misnomer that got started a while back. Saw a link to how the name got confused but don't have it to share. part of the reason was .45 acp and .45 rim cartriges are shorter,the 45 rim was made for revolvers that could shoot 45acp with a "moon" clip and the rimmed version didn't need the clip

joshua klingensmith: where can i get a case like that? i sent away my 12 gauge and got the 410 colt 45 accessory barrel for it

James Huls: I have one and on the barrel it says 45 colt/410. I use 45 colt Cowboy Loads(John Wayne) specials in your video you refer to a 45 colt long????? im wandering if they are the same, what does yours say on the Barrel

GunFun ZS: They are usually marked tor 45 colt if safe for both .410 with thin barrels or chokes are dangerous.

matt sheppard: Seems complicated

groov14: I want one NOW,lol,good vid

Dakota Kaczynski: Thats not NEF, its h&r now

James Huls: To anyone with a 410, if it doesnt say on the Barrel 45 colt DO NOT try it IT MAY BLOW YOUR FACE OFF..

The Ammo Channel: I would be concerned about potential damage to the threads inside the barrel without it.

chris lowe: i like it. was the ball park price on it?

nick dirom: how much kik

Garrus Vakarian: The pressure ratings are extremely pessimistic though. Ive seen on quiet for a few occasions people firing things they should not.

Nate M. Friedman: Question? Did you get that 12 guage barrel in nickel finish directly from H&R? I saw their site and it says "Blue only unless otherwise specified". Thanks man.

7alphaman: I have the old solid black survivor 12ga and with a 3" Nitro Mag the recoil is insane. Worse than a 10ga 3 1/2" single shot, .375 H&H single shot, .500 single shot along with being worse than anything else lol.

steven10236: where did you get the case?

WildAndLiving: yes if it's threaded but they do make a cylinder choke which is just a thread protector so you can swap it out.

lfouse232: I had one of those but it wasnt a take down 45 iut of it wasnt good all it has is a bead front site the rifling in barrel u cannot shoot slugs out of it so i was done then i love 410 slugs but it couldnt shoot them didnt find out till after i bought it it couldnt use them sold it good for rabbits and other small game not much good for anything else

vpsaline: The 410 barrel is rifled? How does it pattern?

B Tuc: NO!

hugo barron: i have a regular 410 can i shoot a 45 cal ?

garbhead: does the 12 ga barrel have "survivor" on it? what choke is it

James Hennly: @mainejunker So you simply remove the choke to shoot the 45? I picked one of these up used, and I know nothing about it.

swankHD: I've got a Rossi that's similar, but i have the .410, .22, and .243 barrels.

The Ammo Channel: I wouldn't suggest it. A regular 410 won't have a rifled barrel and the bore could potentially be under or oversize as per 45LC spec. Also, a standard 410 may not be rated for the pressures of 45LC. :(

Chase VandeLInde: i seen a gun that looks just like hat that shoot tranqs and does it shot tranqs

jsm666: I want one. It would be nice if they came with a .22LR or .22WMR option, although I can imagine the designers figured anything you'd hunt with a .22 would be amply taken care of with the .410. The .45 colt may be a novelty, as you said to someone else, but it would be neat to have it available if something bigger came your way potentially bent on eating you. (Then again, a 12 bore slug or heavy 000 load might be better still, IF you had enough time to change barrels!!) Can it fire .410 solids?

CGAlpha158: 7 lbs in bag 6 lbs assembled.

6BlackWings: How much does that entire outfit weigh, if I might ask?

Tossdart: Im interested in this gun, could you pattern it in 410 at 30 yards with #7 shot, and make a vid? How many pellets would be in the killzone in a standing grouse or a rabbit.

olskiz12: Nice compact gun

garbhead: would you consider selling this setup or trading it for something?

WildAndLiving: if you have a choke no. Not a good idea no choke don't worry about it.

MrFlyTWA: Glorified snake gun, does not shot well because chamber too long for 45 long colt and barrel diameter to large for 410 slug because the 45LC is .454 caliber. I have one my collection I know why the guy got rid of it. Nice video.
Collapsible Shotgun 410 / 45 colt / 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer 4.8 out of 5

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Collapsible Shotgun 410 / 45 colt / 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer