Collapsible Shotgun 410 / 45 Colt / 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer

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ShutUPandBLAZEit: you know that's a pistol grip stock dumb ass. I looks like you have the worst grip on it too

Whistling In The Wind: I don't think I'd want to take it out and shoot 10 rounds of 12 gauge 00..OUCH !

V Avotins: The 12 Gauge Barrel, How long is it (20 inches?) and does it have a choke or is it smooth bore.

jonh smither: hey man could you please tell me how you got a 12 gauge barrel cause I have never seen one

Bunnyshooter 223: I have a Topper Jr. 20g
Very useful

A box of rifled 20g slugs i bought show 1600fps :O

logan spencer: can i mount a scope to one of these

John Smither: on their website it doesn't say the real tamer will accept 45[ but if it said on the barrel that's different] is it rifled? if it is then it is a survivor, but a regular survivor stock doesn't have the side compartments for 4 410 shells like the tamer[ which is not to shoot 45lc as I understand from nef] a survivor has a back compartment that's screws off

John Smither: you do realize a nef[ or h&r as we say down here] tamer is a smooth bore 410 that is not made to fire 45lc's, and a survivor is a rifled 410/45lc, i noticed you gave it both names, but the tamer cant get a 12gauge barrel, and the survivor will, its kinda confusing if someone watches this and doesn't realize its 2 different firearms

tom W: savage 2400 in 12/308

r91976: Is this stainless steel?

xXMethereaperXx: Reminds me of an old Survival .22lr i had. Everything disassembled into the stock.

Steven S.: In all seriousness, have you considered having the chamber reamed out to fit the .460 Magnum? I'm thinking about picking one up and having it done. That way, you can shoot the .460, .454 Casull, 45 Colt or, in a total pinch the 45 Schofield. 

stripervince1: Lame. Single shot, gotta carry 2 different barrels. Get a tactical circuit judge. 5 shots plus carries 5 in butt stock. I have one, the best survival gun ever made. 45 long colt, 410 shoots 2and 3 in magnum shells, 31 inches long and only weighs 5 lbs.

d.o. niskane: This firearm (with 12-ga barrel and hollow survival stock) firing 3" 00-buck is the most intense felt recoil I have ever experienced.  And I don't give a crap about recoil.  I took lead weights and filled every bit of the fore-end and stock with them.  It brought the weight up over 9 lbs but at least I could spend a day at the range with the little monster.

MXZ Boes: the gun is called the snake charmer from the 1980s and brand new it cost 100 dollars and the case was an extra 6 dollars

arcticcatprrace577: How much is the gun

Garrus Vakarian: The pressure ratings are extremely pessimistic though. Ive seen on quiet for a few occasions people firing things they should not.

Six Wings: How much does that entire outfit weigh, if I might ask?
Collapsible Shotgun 410 / 45 colt / 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer 5 out of 5

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Collapsible Shotgun 410 / 45 colt / 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer