Wiseway Pellet Stoves Demonstration Full Version

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Wiseway Wood Pellet Stove Review from The Homestead Survival
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My Wiseway pellet stove setup. install and review
Wiseway Pellet Stove after 2 days of running on high
Wiseway Pellet Stove after 2 days of running on high
WiseWay Pellet Stove Operation
WiseWay Pellet Stove Operation
Wiseway Pellet Stoves Demonstration Full Version
Wiseway Pellet Stoves Demonstration Full Version

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seoulkidd1: its quiet when it heats up

Nomean: 火ぃ入れる前にフタあけて説明してからにすりゃいいのに。

Tashyanna Ho: i see this pellet stove is efficient,impressive ,so green,my opinion is if you add a electrical igniter it will be perfect for home use,a child can start this without risk

anthony preston: Too much faffing sorry

Jeffrey Hill: Fantastic design....stand alone, with wood pellets, no elect.....fun to look at too. I like it...thanks

Luke Freeman: I'll chose my st croix pellet stove any day of the year

Bern W: impressive. . . would this work with grass pellets?

skiskien: fantastisch Love it

Brian Stefanick: Seems expensive for the cost of the stove cheapest I've found $1600 tractor supply I'm not convinced it says online it 75 percent efficient I'm pretty sure my 1983 jotul that I paid used $150 for has a better efficiency rating than than this new. I will b switching from wood to somthing else due to the labor intensive work with wood but I'm still leaning towards coal at this point and from what your stating I can get the same amount of burn time wise for the same amount of coal 40 lbs of coal will burn the same amount of time as 40lbs of pellets and I can buy a pot belly for $425 it's a no brainier for me and I don't live in a state that restricts my stove type so there's that so unless u can improve efficiency and stove cost as the say on shark tank "it looks cool but I'm out"

Петр Зеленченков: Wow! Class! Miracle .... . - great! Brother you are to me ....

John B: It's nice, but not nearly as efficient as a rocket stove.

Ask4Green: Rachel Carson approved!


oldsteamguy: based on some the online reviews, it seems the next generation could use some clean out hatches on the upper tube parts. other than that, people seem very happy with these stoves

oldsteamguy: good invention. the electric requirement of other pellet stoves has been holding pellets back.

Painter D: You have 600 degrees at the stack? All that heat going up the chimney. What a waste. You need some het to keep a proper draft, but not that much.

Ken Coker: This is actually a stupid inefficient waste of time. He would burn over 3 to 4 hundred bucks worth of gas torches a month just to start this thing up and then add the cost of pellets on top of that.

Christopher Lee: looks good, but i am in Australia .

Uroy Baako: Propane torch is the primary method to light this stove, what is the secondary method you would recommend if a propane torch is not available?

Kater Caters to Cats: How would this work with (cat litter) wood pellets...perhaps for an outdoor shed?
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Wiseway Pellet Stoves Demonstration Full Version