ZTE Avid Review Hands On Metro Pcs

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ZTE Avid Plus hands-on
ZTE Avid Plus hands-on
ZTE AVID PLUS Full Review For Metro Pcs\T-mobile
ZTE AVID PLUS Full Review For Metro Pcs\T-mobile
ZTE Avid Plus Unboxing / First look Review MetroPCS/T-Mobile
ZTE Avid Plus Unboxing / First look Review MetroPCS/T-Mobile
ZTE Avid Plus Hands On review 2015
ZTE Avid Plus Hands On review 2015
ZTE Avid Plus hands-on
ZTE Avid Plus hands-on

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Vonchatman Henmy: The phone can get up to a 64GB card cause that's what I have in my phone

Corey Williams: Why does after a period of time the right speaker or heaphone or what ever cause a aux plug the right side only plays I had this phone twice and the same problem occured

Twixx Nation: I hate this phone

ItzaGthang: Mine sucks, goes to metro screen, stays there and just vibrates :'(

brian Baeza: You hold the on button

evelyn diaz: metro pcs zte screen wont turn on only a red light is there a reset button or somethin? pls help

Matt Zimmerman: ok, go to your system settings menu, under the Personal Menu...click Language & Input, click the settings icon next to Android Keyboard (English US)...then just uncheck "Sound on keypress"...this should do the trick for that style keyboard.

Matt Zimmerman: By the way, it took me 3 months to figure that out! I was getting annoyed as well! lol

Matt Zimmerman: Danny, I have the fix for you...go into text messaging, pick any contact you wish ( you won't need to send the text ), then just start typing a few random letters in the "Type message" box. Now, hold your finger on the Swype button (one with the yellow s, on lower left hand corner of keyboard; until the Swype settings page appears. Tap "Preferences" & just unclick the Audio Feedback box. You're done, go back to your message & start typing in beautiful silence!

Manuel.P: Can you take a screenshot of a youtube video?

Elvin Amaro: You mean the ZTE Avid your holding has a 1.2 GHZ proccesor because my avid clearly say it runs on a 1.5 GHZ proccesor

ernest0360: How's The Battery?

Lost In Thoughts: That's the phone I'm gunna get soon

Metro Phone Repair: unfortunately there's no way to change or adjust the sensitivity. but I would say if it's selecting the wrong contact's when you click on one that I would try bringing it to Metro pcs show them the issue and they might replace it or show you what's causing the issue at least

Donald Diekman: hello , hopeing i can get your help with the ZTE , u sound up to date with the operating system on phones and this zte, it seems the screen sencitivity has been changed ? when i try to scrol as in seeing callers, it is opening the wrong ones, Too sensitive plz , if u can help, i couldnt find how from the phone, im 60 and these smart phones R smarter then me. Thanks

Vanessa Anne: @ElissaBradley All Android phones can do Instagram.

Jessie Smith: What colors do the LED notification light blink or is it just red and green

Elissia Bradley: Can it get on instagram?

Frosty Nipples: bro go lg spirit

Javon Marshall: Which one is better Zte avid 4g or samsung galaxy admire 4g
ZTE Avid Review Hands On Metro pcs 5 out of 5

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ZTE Avid Review Hands On Metro pcs