ZTE Avid Review Hands On Metro Pcs

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Vonchatman Henmy: The phone can get up to a 64GB card cause that's what I have in my phone

Corey Williams: Why does after a period of time the right speaker or heaphone or what ever cause a aux plug the right side only plays I had this phone twice and the same problem occured 

Twixx Nation: I hate this phone

ItzaGthang: Mine sucks, goes to metro screen, stays there and just vibrates :'(

brian Baeza: You hold the on button

evelyn diaz: metro pcs zte screen wont turn on only a red light is there a reset button or somethin? pls help

Matt Zimmerman: ok, go to your system settings menu, under the Personal Menu...click Language & Input, click the settings icon next to Android Keyboard (English US)...then just uncheck "Sound on keypress"...this should do the trick for that style keyboard.

Matt Zimmerman: By the way, it took me 3 months to figure that out! I was getting annoyed as well! lol

Matt Zimmerman: Danny, I have the fix for you...go into text messaging, pick any contact you wish ( you won't need to send the text ), then just start typing a few random letters in the "Type message" box. Now, hold your finger on the Swype button (one with the yellow s, on lower left hand corner of keyboard; until the Swype settings page appears. Tap "Preferences" & just unclick the Audio Feedback box. You're done, go back to your message & start typing in beautiful silence!

Manuel.P: Can you take a screenshot of a youtube video?

Elvin Amaro: You mean the ZTE Avid your holding has a 1.2 GHZ proccesor because my avid clearly say it runs on a 1.5 GHZ proccesor

MKF30: The admire 4g I was going to get but Metro said they discontinued it due to spec issues? So they told me to go with this phone or the LG motion(now are the same price currently) so I'm trying to decide, this has normal glass but how much different from gorilla glass is that? Neither are shatter proof so I'm thinking the whole "this phone has gorilla glass" trend is overrated.

ernest0360: How's The Battery?

Cuh xD: That's the phone I'm gunna get soon

Metro Phone Repair: unfortunately there's no way to change or adjust the sensitivity. but I would say if it's selecting the wrong contact's when you click on one that I would try bringing it to Metro pcs show them the issue and they might replace it or show you what's causing the issue at least

Donald Diekman: hello , hopeing i can get your help with the ZTE , u sound up to date with the operating system on phones and this zte, it seems the screen sencitivity has been changed ? when i try to scrol as in seeing callers, it is opening the wrong ones, Too sensitive plz , if u can help, i couldnt find how from the phone, im 60 and these smart phones R smarter then me. Thanks

Nessa Anne: @ElissaBradley All Android phones can do Instagram.

Jessie Smith: What colors do the LED notification light blink or is it just red and green

Elissia Bradley: Can it get on instagram?

ipodhelper1373: bro go lg spirit
ZTE Avid Review Hands On Metro pcs 5 out of 5

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morinodor: Very impressive!
I would like to know how you command motors.
Use you a card shield for control your motors?

Pickeledcoconut: The description though
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ZTE Avid Review Hands On Metro pcs