Problem With Yongnuo YN565EX - Not Working

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Problem with Yongnuo YN565EX - not working
Problem with Yongnuo YN565EX - not working
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Yongnuo YN-565EX Review
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TheKkd123: freaking bullet piece of crap! Can't freaking believe it. I had it for less then 1 week with around 160flash fire . And now it's dead !!! UNBAfreakINGBELIEVEABLE

Steven jean pierre: Yongnuo YN565EX for canon 40d auto function? is good

Giorgio Cesarini: 2 options; 1) your 565EX its for nikon E-TTL and not for canon , probably a mistake in shipping 2) the hotshoe resistor is not triggered right

Daniel M: Hey, i am a german, my Englisch is not so good, sorry. The "Yongnuo YN565EX" - is for Nikon Cameras (i-ttl). Not for Canons :)

Harry Sanderson: It's sounds like the flash tube has been broken or is non functional. You can buy a new one on eBay. :)

Thomas Cole: Mine does the same thing brand new right out of the box.

rodrigo morales: I cant disagree with u more, ive got one for almost a year and i havent had any problems with it, it works better than the canon 580ex ii, its a really awsome flash. You just gotta try not to use it @ max output continuosly because when u do so u overheat it, even with the canon original one

Chris Ng: Maybe that you have set your first flash to be a master to trigger the second flash, thats y when you put the second flash on thecamera it wont work. maybe

Eddie Meco: how did you do it?

Matt Butt: Hi, I've just bought one of these from Amazon but I can't find the build date on it, where does it say it on yours?

1264PRODUCTIONS: actually youngnuo isn't japanese, it's a company straight out of hong kong CHINA.

Antoni Janas: same here. did you get it to work? its been 2 months since the video has been uploaded.

Gerard Gaudet: I buy my YN flashes directly from the seller with a 1 year warranty, If you did, just send it back. If not, I would suggest you buy from the seller in the future... Here's the link to the E-Bay seller,,, You pay a little bit more but with a 1 year warranty..

customlumina: was the flash bulb just blown?

Eddie Meco: what was it

takeonparis: Forgot to add: Thanks for putting this video together.

takeonparis: In that case you just said the exact same thing I was saying... but in a different way. The components of any two Yongnuo flashes could be completely different (although you're arguing that the components could simply not be tested, I would say there's that... or they could not even be the same components at all.) Both solid theories. Unless they let us in the lab, we'll never know.

deadoverlord: It must be some capacitor or transistor that burned down, if you know how to test these eletronic components you can do the repair yourself!

takeonparis: Meh... Also seems like you're kindof a pickle... But I'm not holding it against you. It's Youtube comments... so what anybody expect? Anyway, as I said IN THE POST YOU COMMENTED ON... I know it's Chinese. I own the damned thing and I bought it from China. That was the hint. Just accidentally wrote Japanese. But the fact that it IS Chinese means that... just because the thing has the same name and the same box... does NOT mean they are identical. Take any two Chinese knockoffs of anything apart...

Bernard Fernandez: Just only yesterday after i purchased it last july 2 it doesn't work now all the same situation my camera can communicate with the speedlite but it doesn't flash i even bought a rechargeable battery. I bought this in philippines by any chance is there any service center in dubai who can repair this

zack c: ""Just confirm with our technical department, this is an individual issue," ...well, I had two of them, and they were both lemons! Most people that own a camera are hobbiests.. If you put these flashes to work (at least a couple hundred pops every week for a few months), I highly doubt they will last 6 months. Now if you rarely shoot, they may last a lifetime! My vivitar 285hv's are almost 30 years old, extremely reliable, and they still work like brand new!

canturgan: Try it in slave mode and see if it works and clean the hot shoe contacts.

1841skipper: IKEA batteries????

sferoproductions: I bought two yongnuo. They both stopped working at the very same time with the same problem of yours. WTF!

angelisone: Yongnuo's PC Sync Socket will not fire my second flash that's connected to pc sync. Are you guys & gals having the same thing? Equipment is Canon EOS-1D X, Yongnuo YN-565EX, ATG Quantum QFlash (pc cable to Yongnuo's pc sync) with ATG Elite Gold Battery Pack Got the same problem with 4 Canon 580EX II- won't fire. Canon replaced the trigger circuits & flashtubes.

SincerelyAND: I have the same issue except mine got like this after the first day. I just got it today and the flash won't work anymore. Stays on and even the focus assist beam works. I'm going to get an exchange and if I have a problem on the second one, I will be returning this as a whole. Unfortunately, I ordered a second one that should be coming on Friday.

Martin Pištěk: I have same problem! What i should to do?

nishchay kumar: its the shoe mount....there are replacements for it on ebay.

Goertosing: There is no matter if it is producted in January 2012 or in some another time. That are only phrases, non sense! We have 5pcs YN565EX for repair. Two were producted in 10.2011., one in 09.2011., one in 01.2012. and one in 03.2012. You have YN565EX about 2 months of using and you tells that your example is good one? I will ask you after few months, or one or more years.

c2thew: @markmaker3 whoever told you you need to turn the camera and flash off when removing it is lieing. The camera and flash are independently controlled. The point where they communicate is a simple electrial contact on the camera's hotshoe. Voltage only comes into play when using older flashes that have higher voltage outputs then the camera can handle. 99% of the flashes you pick up will not harm the camera.

Canosa Fotooprema: It can be repaired and enhanced with new quality components in our service in Croatia. Also it is possible to send the defective flash from other countries to our service, and delivery back repaired flash

Goertosing: That is reason why Eneloop XX provide you to make more than 300 shoots without re-chargning, about 150 shoots with Duracel and about 50-60 shoots with no-name batteries. Eneloop have 1.3 V when they are full charged, and 1.2 till end of capacity, falls to 1.1 only when you discharge battery till end. Other batteries have 1.3V in begining, and falls to 1.1V at the half of capacity

MateTraceur: @ultralisk2005 thank you very much, problem solved ! :))

Zion Brown: its porous to be an Ettl flash so if the camera needs full charge or half charge flash firing ,it should give it . its for what the made or not?!. so that the flash survive you need to rouven you pictures?

rodrigo morales: If u wanna use the flash like a professional dont use it in ETTL, use it in manual mode and learn to use it. I only use the ETTL when i get the flash of the camera and use it wireless but using always the flash in ETTL is like using ur camera always in auto mode just noobie

lexiskramer229a: This is a very "crabby" video. =p

snapfhish: I would like to say this is not an individual problem. I had bought two of the yn565ex flash units back in january 2012 upon receiving the flash units one had stopped working after the third use . I had bought this on ebay and to make it worse the seller was non responsive long story short it took over 65 days to get a refund. they never replaced the unit . now three days after them refunding the $ my second flash has failed . I DON"T RECOMMEND THIS FLASH !!!

takeonparis: Believe it or not I think it's the batteries. The problem is that you used the same set of batteries each time you tested. That's not a real test. This isn't a Canon product. It's a Japanese knock-off. That means that the internal parts probably aren't always the same. In fact, it could be the only similarities between those two flashes are their external appearance. I tested it with my own YN-565 and with my first set of batteries... it wouldn't even turn on. Tried with a set of Vartas.. worked

markmaker3: Always turn the camera and flash off when removing or adding a flash unit to the camera.

lameron smith: i got a god damn same problem. even the beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sound.. its not the batteries problem i can tell u that,, cuz i test 10 of difference brands of batteries, it still doesnt work. when i press the pilot bottom to test the flash, nothing happen just like the vid above. i got it couple weeks ago and now it blew it.. WTF did anybody know how to fix it. ton of thanx...

rodrigo morales: First of all ill recomend u to turn of the flash sound on the custom functions of it. Have you been fireing the flash at max output like 1/1 or 1/2 o even 1/4 too often, when this happens the flash overheats and eventually if u keep overheating it it dies.

rodrigo morales: Even the canon would die if u fire it continious @ 1/1 or 1/2, i always use it @ a maximum of 1/4 but i really try not to, preffer to go on a 2000 iso using a 2.8 lens and going around 1/16, no flash will last if u use it @ maximum power in burst or continius shooting

rodrigo morales: lol the canon flashes are made in china too lol

malvinmalvin: This may be a little late, but I think it's the capacitor in the flash head. I had some problems with a 565EX aswell, but it turned out to be the ignition coil. When I first sent an email to yongnuo, they said it's mostly the capacitor when the unit doesn't fire at all. The capacitor is a 630V 473K, i.e. 47nF. If that doesn't fix it, consider replacing the ignition coil, they have a tendancy to short out because of bad insulation. ign.coil: 6kV TC-36 (ebay) google the rest

hilakku: I have same problem. It was working OK for about 10 flashes and now just stopped... :/

ZeroG84: No harm no faul. Fact of the matter is that even Yongnuo makes flashes that look like other stuff, they are actually very respectable when it comes to the new wave of electronics coming from China, and they were in PhotoKina 2012. check it out: ww.hkyongnuo. com Tamron gets their stuff assembled in China too.. etc. So it doesn't automaticly meen that the parts are out of some bin in some backalley. Don't live in the past my friend.

Goertosing: You should buy it localy, from autorized seller with waranty. Price is more expensive than prices on ebay, but you will be sure that it will works good and have a waranty and service provided. Ebay Yongnuo flashes are coming directly from factory and they are not tested before. They have a QC (Quallity Control) mark, but there is no quallity control with that models.

Marcel Klein: I think it is a Flash for the Nikon camaras!

vytisbibis: From the sales company: "Just confirm with our technical department, this is an individual issue, we do not received similar or same feedback from our client before. Currently, YN 565EX is one of our hottest flash in the market. At the same time, I will provide you one year warranty. Please rest assured use. Best regards Danny Wong Shenzhen Yongnuo Photographic Equipment Co.," plus this: "For our flash, we made a big progress and the quality was also better now." Now quality good!!!!

Problem with Yongnuo YN565EX - not working 3.6 out of 5

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Problem with Yongnuo YN565EX - not working