Dragon Nest: Bringer & Light Fury Skill Introduction By Half Sugar - Part 1 (Eng Sub)

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Aldi Ibrahim: what song?

SassYJ: Which is better tho at lvl 80 cap Lencea or LF?

Jephte Llamzon: light fury is very good support and dps in PVE in you watch some nest raid light fury's work is pretty light rather than raven...its very useful in nest and dragon raid ^_^ proud LF here 3

Akuma Pofig: Пиздец они все в соло проходят какой  нахрен бред на нашем сервере не одного еще не видел кто бы соло прошел эти инсты с 6:40 мин.

Trick Daddy: what is the best assasin class

Leon louie: what is the 3rd theme called?

Ryoma901: What is the song at the start :D pls tell me hehe thanks :D

Macky Reyes: My only regret about being a light fury is that skills like Ring Strike and Sunshine Spark invoke trypophobia in me when the skills hit the ground.

It looks like there are little eyes coming out of the ground.

Winged Revelations: Lol, good by Gladiator, hello Light Fury :3

Abirama Adibrata: in level 70, who is more important and powerful? Raven or Light Fury? (PVE)


christoper o.s: what jewel did light fury need? light enhance jewel (atk power or magic power) ??

Rupert Valda Siagian: U

rizalabas21: last bgm plsss

Lee Wen Hao: hi~ can i have ur skill build for light fury?

Cat P: Chaose, would you recommend a bunny summon for a LF support PVE build?

Dylon Tan: I wanna know the last bgm pls.. ):

Dylon Tan: I wanna know the last bgm plss ):

Dylon Tan: I wanna know the last bgm plss ):

Kimberly Peñero: i really can't choose -_- i want my PvE and PvP are both good , but if i  pick the light fury job its will never suitable for PvP because light fury is only for PvE they said ... and low damage to enemy also less skills for PvP and if i pick the abyss walker it will not good at PvE ... because less skills too for killing monsters ..they said it it like screamer ... soul eater and dark summoner ... please help me pick the job T^T 
Dragon Nest: Bringer & Light Fury Skill Introduction by Half Sugar - Part 1 (Eng Sub) 5 out of 5

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Aldi Ibrahim: what song?
Iunn Brynveig: I saw the film last night, and I thought they were being way too paranoid.
Then I thought that a citizen can never bee  paranoid enough about one's government.
Then it occurred to me that anti-establishment Americans just needed a smart and handsome young hero to start a fight for them(did they even continue the fight?), so it's like they have their much needed a hero to partly inspire, partly entertain them.
But at the same time I was proud that people still seem to tell the difference between right and wrong.
I just hope this man didn't just cast pearls before the swine, because some people commenting the film said "we're small fish, what do we care if someone's spying on us if we're not doing anything wrong?".Which kind of misses the whole privacy point.

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petronila petroleo: ya esta hecho ;)
Elias Lionheart: one of the best pieces of cinematography ever put on screen, and it''s animated. Live action directors take note.
Becca S.: great video, background music threw me off tho
Estefani: Gracias

Dragon Nest: Bringer & Light Fury Skill Introduction by Half Sugar - Part 1 (Eng Sub)