Mathews 2014 Bows Creed XS & Chill R

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Mathews 2014 Bows Creed XS & Chill R
Mathews 2014 Bows Creed XS & Chill R
2014 Bow Review: Mathews Chill R
2014 Bow Review: Mathews Chill R
2014 Mathews Creed XS Bow Review
2014 Mathews Creed XS Bow Review
2014 Bow Review: 2014 Chill R Redo
2014 Bow Review: 2014 Chill R Redo
Mathews Chill R Review
Mathews Chill R Review

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Collin Williams: Do you think that they will have a new line up for the single and double cams? Since their doing away with the creed and chill line up.

Joe Tufts: Or At least implement that in Matthews future line-up of bows. Cam torque as G5 says creates extra torque when shooting. Why are they not eliminating that in Matthews bows?

Joe Tufts: Which is a better bow the G5 Prime the Matthews Chill R, or Chill X? Also the parrell cam design that elminates cam torque on the G5 is a selling point for me. Is it possible to put that on a Matthews Chill bow?

Ray Sanchez: Speed isn't always everything I rather shoot something that is more consistent and accurate then just something that's just fast and all over the place. I'm just saying lol

Ray Sanchez: Speed isn't always everything I rather shoot something that is more consistent and accurate then just something that's just fast and all over the place. I'm just saying lol Everybody has their own preference when it comes to bows. I think that a lot of people were disappointed that Mathews didn't come out with something "new" this year, but like stated in an earlier comment, when you've hit the peak for now, not a whole lot you can do.  I'm thinkin' that this next year, we will see some new 2015 bows, hard to believe they're thinkin' about that already with 2014 just beginning. I think maybe a new women's bow in the future for Mathews and something new for the guys?

Combat Archery: What will they think of next...Nice bow,

Justin Langford: I don't get what goes through people's head! If you want a speed bow go with PSE? REALLY! sure if you don't care how it shoots! And as for pricing, do some research before leaving dumb comments. Price Bear's flagship bows, then Hoyt, then Bowtech. What! Mathew's is 150's 550 less than Hoyt carbon series. Mathews is on fire! Keep it up

Bill Diehl: Just bought the 2013 creed. mathews needs to chill out for a few years

Pedro Henrique: Hello, I wonder if the Mathews bows sells to Brazil, I am Brazilian and I appreciate the bows like an answer, thank you!

RON L: I still shot my 2010 mathews reezen 6.5 and is still the best bow iv ever shot and its 4 years old. the creedxs and creed look good but just not worth buying in my mind.And im getting 330-332 ibo out of mine.If people want speed get a pse thats what they do hot nasty speed

SouR Krispy: I cant even afford a Mathews so this does me no good.

SharpEye Sam: Awesome video! Sweet bows! I bought the Totally Lost Creed earlier this year and I LOVE IT!! That new Chill R looks Wicked! I just checked the specs and it is Smoking at up to 342 fps.

Josh Borlo: I knew there wouldnt be anything new from matthews this year... Bows are at their technological peak and there is seldom a true innovation from one year to the next. They re-badged a couple of bows call it a 2014 line up. I will stick with my z7 extreme until something really NEW comes out. Great presentation though guys. Good Luck BHOD

P Jones: Mathews has fallen off. I love my Drenalin. But when I purchase a new one. It will be one of the company's that have bows shooting over 340fps and under 4lbs. Mathews should step there game up

J&S Outdoors: There really is no point to but the xs I went today to shoot one against my creed and my creed actually felt better in the hand during the shot and my creed was shooting the same arrows faster there's really is no difference when shooting you can't even tell or notice it's 2 inches shorter it feels like the same bow with a new look that's it I'll keep my creed and wait till next year very big disappointment for 2014 I was hoping for a awesome looking split limb single cam with new technology

Todd1431: Might as well buy the Jewel its 28" and is faster than the XS

TheKnifeReaper: very dissapointed with mathews this year

deerslayer2446: Not a fan of either one. I still feel the Z7 was the best single cam Mathews ever made and better then the Creed and my 09 Monster is better all around then the Chill or Chill R. Only thing that the Chill R has over my Monster is smoother draw.
Mathews 2014 Bows Creed XS & Chill R 5 out of 5

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arusciano1: good review, man. I just found out they're making PA 5. ohhh lord help us. I hope the atmosphere and editing is better.

Mathews 2014 Bows Creed XS & Chill R