How To Derestrict A 50cc Scooter / Moped Make It Go Faster

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Jonaz: You're a bit wrong in the beginning of the video, because in sweden it's illegal to modify any performance increasing parts and need to be standard of the manufacturer.

Grow Big Or Go Home: Wow freakin waste of 8 minutes 

James79561: All you did by moving the clip on the needle up one is lean the engine out which makes the engine run hotter and wear quicker. DONT DO THIS !! Placing the clip in a lower position raises the needle enriching the emulsion tube with more fuel and makes the engine run richer. This setting allows the engine to run cooler .The video is sorry and it's incorrect info. Do the research and get the facts. NEVER use a electric driver on carb screws !!!

Вадим Иванин: Хуйни ты намутил. Быстрее он не станет 100% Так как проделывал всё то же самое! И не только это! Так ты только собьёшь настройки и он станет ехать только хуже. Реально сделает его быстрее это ЗАМЕНА ЦПГ на больший объём, ЗАМЕНА карбюратора, ЗАМЕНА вариатора. ВООБЩЕМ хочешь что бы ехал быстрее МЕНЯЕШ ЦЕЛИКОМ ЗАПЧАСТЬ! А лучше просто не покупать это дерьмо а взять сразу 150сс.

yellstrom: Do you have to mod the engine if u cut the cable? 

John Speed: Thank you for the great info. Keep up the great teaching.

Beau 88: Stupid, leaning your mixture alone will blow an engine , Definately don't know what you are doing. 

ElectricRides: Do you know much about the FZ6R ? 

aaron jones: where i live you don't need license and insurance. you just have to be 15 with a helmet or 18 without a helmet

AZREDFERN: The rev limiter is there so your motor lasts more than 30,000 miles. Granted your scooter may continue to produce more power with more RPMs until a certain point, and no limiter gets you there. But most scooters have long stroke engines for low end power and efficiency. Down side to long stroke motors, they don't like high RPMs; and because most scooters have CVTs, they spend most of their time in the peak RPM. If you rely on your scooter as an essential mode of transportation, leave it totally stock and it'll last a lifetime. But at least find out where your power band ends, and install a tach. Also, running it lean WILL damage components over time. You'll burn a valve or melt a hole through the piston.

Darrens Wildcamping: i was waiting for you take the ???????? needle not the thing lol he knows how to take his scooter apart but does not no the names of anything

lorddragon3: Is the pink whire the same whire on other CDI's ??

Paul Major: Might be a good idea to disconnect the battery first?

jeffery Endicott: It shouldn't kill the scooter if I mess with the ignition screw thing should it, OPEN THROTTLE lol

maline: thanks for the laugh ! .. did you ever find and place the spring back in ?

Peter Kapica: All you did was remove the rev limiter and thats leaning, not richening. If its a 2 stroke, the engine will seize very fast. If i were you, just buy a racing cdi and performance coils and plugs for it and that will make a small difference. Or if you got big bucks, upgrade the carb.

karma lasseur: just seen you was making your needle leaner... it actually is restricting it and making it slower. not to mention it will make your engine run hotter as its starving for fresh gas. :/ on the contrary move the clip down (raise the needle) it will make it run richer (as long as you open the airbox too) and that will give you power. :D 

jimnrel: before giving advice on doing this sort of stuff. Know what your doing. you dont know what the job of the slide needle. yes It might make it a bit faster because its now in a lean mix. lot of engines like running lean just before heat siezure takes over... Faster? compression, fuel, exhaust flow then vairator..... Why Im have a shot at this vid... One of my students followed you advice.... only to now replace cyl, piston and a heated conrod.... Lean mix in the tropics is a killer.

TheKnorkey: next time get a friend to help u with the filming 

harryapollo1223: That wire isn't always the same for every ped ..... could be used for something else just saying .....

Spyro: haven't you got restrictors in your exhaust? the cylinder

mapbike: moving the clip up on the metering rod allows less fuel from main jet into the engine at low to moderate rpms and at wide open throttle the metering rod is alway far enough from main jet that it has no effect on the amount of fuel that the engine gets, sorry BillyUK but you are completely wrong about this and you can potentially lean an engine out more at aprt throttle and cause it to run hotter and be harder to start when its cold. lower the c clip on that needle and you richen the part throttle mixture and decrease the temp of the engine if its a bit on the lean side. for very cheapbyou can get a replacement CDI that has no rev limitation and actually advances the ignition timing about 4 degrees which help the engine make more power in it low to medium rpm range. increase main jet size in carb and install free flowing exhaust with a higj flow air filter on carby and you'll see a definite performance increase and you wont hurt the engine if carb is jetted correctly. You should either revise or remove the part in this vid where you're doing that useless carb mod. it could cause someone to hurt their engine, that isnt an improvement at all unless the engine is already running to rich because its being used in a very high elevation area where the air is thin.

trickey57: So you don't need that spring you lost?

Sayem Alam: Plan b - how to derestrict your moped 

swektmaico: Raising the clip which is lowering the needle will reduce gas content in the mixture and lean it out.

TheWoodart: Why Can't We REMOVE Bad Wrong Incorrect Vids Like This One!!!! OMGG WTF

ryon hazen: you didnt even say the different in speed

Leandro Papas: You suck man... delete the video LOL

Denver Morgan: Ok where are my wire cutters lol

James79561: leave it alone and enjoy riding it. Your not going to get much out of a 50 anyway.

diane colenso: U dont know freak all theres a bjtmin he engin aswell

spiderroot: You need to change the intake manifold mate. It as a crack on it. Nice video!

Steven Lamphear: Thanks for sharing your 'hack'. Word of warning want to raise the needle to richen the mixture. There fore move the spring clip to the next lower notch, which will raise the needle in the bore.

pitbikeboy98: Anyone know how to derestrict a pulse phantom 50?

Stitch Echo: Work with cpi hussar 50cc

Finstaa: Ok let me get few things straight for you who have never worked on your bikes 1.look for info about your bike on internet, you will pretty much always find out what is restricted what is worth doing and how to do it 2.if not necessary do NOT modify stock parts, you might need them someday and the resell value is a lot higher. Usually aftermarket parts also give more boost to your bikes performance 3.Carburetor settings. Extremely important especially on 2 strokes. always adjust your carburetor settings after modifying your bikes performance. If you don't do this you will have really high chance of blowing up your engine + you won't gain the max performance you could be getting.

Jason Carmichael: What was the speed before and after? Did you look at taking out the washer holding the variator apart? (That is if your scooter has it)

john bard: Turn zoom off the camera dumbass, and like the other guy said DONT DO THIS I've built a similar engine and played with the settings of a needle just like that. He is a retard

ric Maunder: dumb arse..................

Tom Gallier: Mine doesn't have an adjustment. On the dykon49cc its just a 2inch or so pin that holds a while clip for the spring to seat on... Any ideas? I have a everyday driver I don't wanna put money into. This idea would a been perfect. Not sure if the taotao I'm building has this. But I will check

Teddy Huttner: I would like to know if I need to change the carburetor when I put the big bore kit on my 49cc motor

Deagle9k: Will this work on a 2stroke?

vipersrule: I have exsperence with engines and i would put a perfomance cdi box on and be done with it

Potato Squad: I don't think i did it right, i got my pickle stuck in a tree.

Sean8033: I hear Sea gooooes aka sea gulls

bliephoofd: Just spend some money in a new big bore cylinder head and a new carb and a new exhaust, way better then freak with your electronics

biggunzcdb: The advice on the needle height setting by the E-clip is suspect, unless he is meaning to "Lean" the mixture. To get MORE fuel or to make the fuel curve "Richer" you should move the E-clip down thus lifting the graduated needle higher in the main jet venturi and dumping more fuel at lower engine speeds, these are "Mikuni" style carb.s the amount of air entering the carb inflates and raises the "slide" (the "Black thing" is a DIAPHRAGM" that lifts the slide) so a higher pin(IE moving the clip lower) setting will cause more of the graduated needle to be pulled sooner IE more fuel...This isn't rocket science people, anyone that can't see how these things work just by looking at them ,shouldn't touch them... I often leave the needle alone and just swap in a higher number main jet, they only cost .99c you get 5 jets for 5 bucks from Ebay ,and a "Race" CDI that require no cutting on your wiring harness and comes with a hotter ignition coil only costs about $19.99. My scooters do 65+ because i install the 2.80:1 rear gear ( versus the stock 3.30:1) $30 and the 81.3cc Big Bore Kit, but this guy probably doesn't have the skill to crack open cases and build engines like I do....

Gary Johnson: if you drive your scooter at full blast when it is new, you will ruin the engine. If you don't go above 20mph the first 100 miles, the engine will last many years, probably. If you go full blast the first 100 miles, the piston ring is very tight in the bore hole. It will create a lot of friction and heat the borehole til it melts and rubs off, widens the borehole and then your engine is crap. You will lose compression because you freaked your engine, your engine will not have much power, it will die because it cannot maintain compression. Never remove the governor, doing so will ruin your engine. Loss of compression will mean bad gas mileage, also.

Carsten B: ppl still dont get that this doesnt work do they
How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster 4.1 out of 5

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Jonaz: You're a bit wrong in the beginning of the video, because in sweden it's illegal to modify any performance increasing parts and need to be standard of the manufacturer.
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How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster