How To Derestrict A 50cc Scooter / Moped Make It Go Faster

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How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster
How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster
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How to derestrict a 50cc scooter
How to derestrict a 50cc scooter
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Jordan Parker: Do you have to do the thing with the carb

michael koldig: stupid idiot, all people know that the needle has to go up for more fuel, and when you can turn the trottle all way and the scooter can take all petrol without being a bitch,then you go up to a larger dyse, and start over, with the needle down the longest, and try going up, untill the engine dont being a bitch.. dont know in english what they are called, those to put in carburator, and have numbers in size... thats the way it always have to be done, ven with 12mm up to 36mm carburetors..stupid mofo in that video, just buy the unrestricted cdi for that scooter and dont cut electrics

Baked Bean Sigel: But is the wire I'm looking for ALWAYS going to be pink on a moped?

Shannon Tuohey: Don't do this! If you must then you have to make adjustments to the air and gas intake.

mopedz z: I looked at my cdi box ,mine doesn't have a pink wire connecting to it

carl stannard: here in UK we have to buy these scooters RESTRICTED!!! this is exactly what my local dealer told me to do if I wanted to DE-RESTRICT my scooter, seen as I hold a full licence . maybe in US or other countries you don't have the restrictions but here in UK we do, good video ma man ignore the idiots trolling you... keep it up fella

Johannes Andersson: Do the pink wire effect the speedometer?

Blackhatter: I followed your advice and screwed up my scooter. I'm going to have to sue you.

cloud chaser: I bent the freaking needle trying to get it back in the carb freak my life

SGHD: if you out a switch on the Pink cable you can turn on the restriction when the cops are coming!

michael Direeno direeno: does anyone know the color of the wire u cut on the cdi unit to make it go faster? other videos say pink. I dont have a pink wire. Its a 2015 50cc Taotao scooter.

Stephen Bowman: It's sad and funny just how many of you idiots repeat the same thing over and over but thinking that it is an original idea.  You people realize that we are dealing with a 49cc 4 stroke engine and not some high end BMW, right.  If you forget the spring or move the clip the unintended direction you can take out an extra minute out of your day and readjust.  Instead your on here wasting that minute thinking your funny somehow.  What a bunch of little bitches.  I came on here for some quick tips to supe up my little girls(11 years old) beginers scooter.  The fact that there are this many grown men trying to find away to get your fat asses a few mph faster is sad but funny at the same time.  you guys should start a scooter club so all you homos  could get together so you would have a chance of survival incase a little girl  comes around and takes your lunch money.  Lol

BradyIsAfagInHeat: ha ha bro, you forgot to put the spring back in the carb.

other than that, thanks for the video mate.

deadworld46: can someone tell me if a pgo pms 110 is considered a scooter?

Matthew Walton: Hi. Mate dus this work with an qingqi 125cc scooter

Shakey Davis: to, tim how do I get ahold of you if I don't have your number

Tim Yeakel: I'm listening to this dude talk and all I can think about is Pinky and The Brain Cartoons...

NatezMoto: Even if your adjustment allows for more fuel, you have failed to address the complimentary air flow which needs to change in order to keep the engine running at all. Fuel + Air = Power... right? Might I suggest a cone air filter if you think you have the fuel thing figured out LOL

Herminigildo Dela Cruz Jr: to all who watched thi video tutorial on how to freak up your moped pls. never do this to your scooter , 😠

DAN SPOUSE: I lost the spring do I need it?? :(
How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster 5 out of 5

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How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster