NAILS To Die For....eventually!!!

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NAILS to die for....eventually!!!
NAILS to die for....eventually!!!
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Maria Martinez: I got my fortifying cream a couple of days ago and started using it right away. Today I received the vitamin nail strengthtener

Irma Brooks: Amera nail products are amazing!!

orchidenere: thanks love, i need this asap, my nails are, well they are almost not there.

uppiesbeads59: @ddrrssdd Yes it is...I google it too...LOL I am doing all that you do too...nothing is helping me right now....gonna add a little more protein to my diet....winter is always hard...but menopause is just robbing me of all my moisture...LOL

sayhi2kimberly: You know many complain about the zoya remover. I don't know if you have been using that but it you have that might be some of the problem

CaliforniaTami: Love the video Tammy--going to try these products as well. :) ..oh and love the earrings--simply gorgeous! :)

MommyReporter: I need to get me a "Joelle." LOL

ambularofamber: Please update on how you like it! What would you do without Joelle in your life?? =)

uppiesbeads59: @MsGinny70 Thanks so much...Love guerlain too.....Can you get this brand of nail products in Australia?? Have a happy day! Thanks for being here!!

go24jeffgordon: I have soft, peeling nails and am very interested in finding something to help them. I have not heard of the Ecrinal line but have heard lots of good things about Rejuvacote. Thanks for sharing the products, Tammy. Looking forward to hearing your results after using for a while. Hugs. . . Vickie

Brouilly1: Was reading the ingredients in Rejuvacote and saw this: toluenesulfonamide/formaldehyde resin. Is this compound as dangerous as toulene and formaldehyde in nail polish? I don't have a chemistry background and have no clue but don't want "to die" for my nails!

ingewulleman1: Only difference between you and me.I hardly ever use nail polish...I am lefthanded.. my right hand looks oke but my left hand always looks terrible and just a waiste of product because at the end i take it all off.

MsGinny70: Hello CMT I have been addicted and I am slowly catching up on all your videos. You are so addictive and I really appreciate your 'humanity". It really feels like you are sitting across the table just sharing girly stuff. Luv, luv luv your lipstick. (I know this one is about our nails) Is it the same as the previous video? I adore Guerlaine. Ok I am going to feed my nails now. Not many brands available in Australia but I'll see what I can find. See you soon.

teddybearheart2: You can buy this in drugstores and from this website in Canada.

Natural Color: Joelle is a very good friend. I love friends that can see what you need before you even have a chance to voice the issues. I'm very interested in how your nails grow. I'm having a very bad problem with my nails as well. I have been using Nailtiques...I will let you know how this works for me. good luck!

MrShahmasood: Your earrings are so pretty!Surprisingly, I was gonna ask your about the Dior cream in my comment and you mentioned that in your video. I hope these new goodies work wonders for you so you can share your results with us. Annie :)

mysonruns: Tammy- These products seem really good for your nails. every time you would say ANP I thought you said, A&P my grocery store. Too Funny!

Kathy Kennedy: Hi I too have been trying to get my nails to grow I had gel nails on for a year and just decided I want long natuarl nails Im trying nail magic fr Sallys Beauty Supplies some girls on youtube rave about it si Im trying that for now.Im interested to see how you do with this product.I wish I had a Joelle in my life:) shes such a sweetie,ttyl and good luck.

71carol: Tammy you look beautiful as always!! My nails are in so much need of a help!! I am currently giving them a looong brake, taking again omega3, etc... so just checked for Ecrinal over here, (The Netherlands) and found it!! So I'm definitely going to give it a try. Thank you!!

MsCocopies: I'm looking forward to hearing your reviews on these products. I've used Rejuvacote in the past, but I didn't see any results. I have recently been using the Dior Abricot and it has made a tremendous difference in my cuticles. I can't believe how great this stuff is!

Evelyn Demoss: Ive never had the pleasure to meet Joelle but wow. Shes such a wonderful person.

cherries1952: I have the same problems with my nails. I hope these products work for you. Since I trust your judgement I would then buy them. I keep my nails polished all the time. I adore nail polish and have a huge collection. I have plenty of cuticle cremes around my house. The problem is that I forget to use them! Can't wait to hear from you about these products. Hope your still doing well. Missed seeing your videos. I also enjoyed reading responses from the tag video. Funny!

Saundra Daryab: I cannot wait for the reviews of these nails really need attention.Thanks for the video!

uppiesbeads59: @475611 thanks so much...I am so glad you are here....:))

Ingrid HvD: thank you so much for sharing :) looking forward to see the final results!

suze4: The products sound great, and I'll be interested in how they work for you. My poor nails could use some help.

475611: Fabulous! ~ I found you thru cross reference from Lisa D... (thank goodness, FINALLY!~women near my age!~ and sooo real!).... so happy I can see "real~ down to earth" people... Love your humour! Keep it up! (What's up with difficulty finding these lovely products in Canada?)--lol "Keep being real!~ you are such a breath of fresh air!"

475611: I take 'True Blue Calcium' and 'The Kitchen Sink' Multi-vitamins (have been for 3 years)...and my nails, hair, skin, and overall health have highly benefited. Can not say enough about these two products! I don't take anything else, because these 2 combined have everything I need. and I have the longest, healthiest nails you have ever seen!

TeaWithDanielle: I've been experiencing nail peeling as well and I think it is simply from removing my nail polish so often. I use non-acetone but it is still so harsh. I would absolutely love to try a more "natural" polish remover. Have you by chance used LaFresh?

amigurumigirl: Ooooooh I am excited that you're using them and I can't wait to see the end results. My nails and cuticles are sooooo bad too :(

Tiffany Adams: I just got the vitamin drops and fortifying cream. I truly hope it works for me like it did for you. Your nails are beautiful!

sek4me: Tammy I have long hard nails I have to cut them back often and I have been using the Rejuvacote Nail Growth System for over a year now and would not want to be without it I usually order it in lots of 3 I love it and I swear by it so your friend is very right on this product . So good to see you feeling better xo Susie ~

petra791000: I like ur top:-)

msmom2one1: I am looking forward to hearing your results and the results from your subscribers. My nails have always peeled, no matter what I do. They are dry, brittle, peeling, so if this helps you I will invest in the products too. Thanks Tammy.

myacus: "Only in Canada you say?" Absolutely! We can buy it at Shopper's Drugmart :) Peace, Jxx

D. Grant: I also have Meniere's and can certainly relate to you. I had problems with my nails for a long time, but I know take 5000 mg of biotin every day which is great for hair and nails. My nails are in better condition than ever! Try it.

ElianePino: Thanks for the video Tammy, it is always a pleasure to see you! Btw, I believe this brand is available in Canada, I have seen in Quebec. Bisous X

650Wendy: Thanks for sharing Tammy and thanks also to Joelle for sharing her nail secrets with you (and us through you)! My nails are horrible, always have been. I have fake nails put on and then I change the polish, etc., on the fake nails. I so begrudge the time I waste going to have this done and am definitely going to order some of this and give it a try (provided they deliver to Canada)! Thanks again Tammy, I luv ur videos!!

rmmahal: Very interested in these products. I have been having so many problems with my nails and cracking and spliting. I can't wait to see what you think of them.

ladidi5222: Good Luck!! xoxo Di

BeeMuse11: I'm interested to know how well the polish remover works! Please let us know.

LisaLisaD1: Joelle always knows about the good stuff! Good to see you--talk soon! xoxo Lisa

Kathy McCoy: @Peepjr Chin hairs?? Excuse me please for being a buttinsky but are you sure about this? I mean absolutely certain?? I cant imagine ladies having chin hairs! Personally, I have noticed on the rarest of mornings-(you know the mornings I actually look) these little onery stray eyebrow hairs that I occasionally find have MIGRATED to the chin AND the moustache area! Its the darndest thing I've EVER seen! Surely that's what youre describing..... right? =D

MALKA mijal: we all love you Joelle,, ani ohevet otag.. chuicks,, layla tov,, good night,, bonne nuit,,

danapride: OMG Peep! I'm going through the same thing! Joelle rocks! Let us know how these work for you. My hands and nails are very similar to yours. So, I'm always looking for ways to make them look better. Thanks for being so brave to share with us other anti-agers!~Dana

123cetaphil: Whohoo! As usual, I can't wait to see the end results! I hope to see gorgeous, anti-aged, youthful looking nails! The things we go through for beauty! That's why we are all here, I guess! Take care and Thank you! :-)

Peridot500: Tammy, hope the new products help. I know that having dry cuticles and hands is miserable. Do you find that when you're in Florida that your hands stay in better shape? For me, the colder, drier weather is awful for my hands. I need to live in a warm, humid climate 12 months per year!

mghns84: Hi Tammy! This probably sounds like an odd request, but I think of it almost every time I watch you. I would love to see a picture of you in say maybe your twenties or so. I just always think if you are this gorgeous at your age (I mean that in the best way), I can only imagine how breathtaking your beauty was then. I'm very curious. If you didn't want to, that would be completely understandable, but I think it would make for a fun and interesting video. Either way, thanks for the great videos!!

Gabbygrl01: I've never heard of these products, but now I need to look them up. Biotin helps me with my nails, but they're still not as string as I'd like and they do peel from time to time. Thanks to you and Joelle for another great video!

K Lee: Yay Canada, they sell this brand in Shoppers Drug Mart
NAILS to die for....eventually!!! 4.7 out of 5

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NAILS to die for....eventually!!!