How To Install Mods To RFactor

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How to install car mods on rFactor
How to install car mods on rFactor
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rFactor 2 Mod Pack - how to install Cars. Maps (ALL MODS in ONE Package) (2013 2014) modifcations.
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rFactor a few great mods
How to Download Rfactor for Free and How to Install Mods Updated w/o Torrents
How to Download Rfactor for Free and How to Install Mods Updated w/o Torrents
how to install car and track mods in rfactor [tutorail]
how to install car and track mods in rfactor [tutorail]
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*NEW* SP Mod Overview rFactor Mod Release! LooNiE
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Tutorial Como instalar mods en rFactor 2 Mod Manager
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DTM 2013 Mod für rFactor! rFactor Mod Review [HD]
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rFactor 2 G27 mod (Online Race. +30 players) gameplay
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rfactor toyota supra single turbo mod 1.3
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[rFactor] Illegal Street Mod Supra at Wangan
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rFactor Mod Compilation
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rFactor Corvette C6 mod 4.0 preview: ZR1 at the Ring
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RFactor Dirt Mods
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My Top 5 rFactor Mods

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Martti Merilaid: terrible video, you scared me with obnoxiously loud music since you couldn't normalize your voice, I mean how hard is that?

croga r: i downloaded the mod, put it onto my rfactor but now i get black screen D: help plllzzz and now all the files are mix ed up in my rfactor so if nobody can help me its €24 down the drain.. and i dont got much money..

riseofthefallen301: GOD freakIN' DAMMIT YOUR MOVING SOOOOOOOO SLOWLY!!!!

Georg Lorenz: I have the problem that when I start a race weekend and choose the ferrari (or another car) there are only ferraris on the track driven by the computer. how can I fix this?

Guitarherofan0001: Hei! Hvordan kan jeg takke deg? Jeg slet lenge med dette, men du reddet meg. Tusen takk! (Regner med at du er norsk) ;)

GamerBoyzProduction: I downloaded a few mods fron rFactor central and whenever it downloads it gives me the option to either save, open and save, or open. Also it only downloads as a picture and says that it cannot be displayed or something like that when i try to open it. Please Help

Jackyflatter: Give this man an Oscar please! Wonderful tutorial! Thanks a lot! Tobi | JackyflatterLP

Edward Williams YouTube: Will this method work with mods in .zip file? I'm trying to install the CTDP F1 2006 mod, but get crashes when I actually run the game. The cars show up in the vehicle selection page, but breaks when you select them.

xCamiee: I have, I registered about 2 weeks ago and still havent got an activation email:(

carolinewowzniacki: Can you upload the link of the mod you used in this video? :)

MrThorsen95 .: @vettelfan2011 Yes, you only need to run it as administrator to make it work properly.

owentq128: all my mods come up as one big file and no sub folders help.

carolinewowzniacki: Thank you and awesome vid!

ITzZoAsHxx: Hi I have downloaded a mod and extracted and placed into there correct places in the rfactor folders (I think) and when running normally I can choose them and upgrade but when I go to race I have the original car that was selected and track, when run as administrator the cars don't load up in menu thanks for any help in advance :) ps the mod is honda challenge

MrThorsen95 .: Sorry, but I think that the only way to get the mod is to register at their forum...

Eoin Carpenter: is this the same for tracks

carolinewowzniacki: No problem!

nicksuprabravesfan: My mods all download as notepad files

PashalisGergis: @MrThorsen95 YT Doesn't need that kind of profiles if we go that way haha

Hovofull: bitch how about links...............!!!!!!!

Calum643: PLEASE HELP!! it keeps saying 'please insert w writable disk' every time i try to put the files on!!!!

toodsf1: haha it works! Thanks. I'm pretty bad at this sort of thing :)

xCamiee: could we have a download link to the mod because it wont let me download it on the mak-corp forums, thanks:)

MrThorsen95 .: @philipus167 Maybe something is wrong with the mod, or maybe you have forgot to put the BF3.mas file in the vehicles-->BritishF3 folder. You can try to reinstall the mod. Hope that'll solve your problem :) Have a nice day!

ClubbySuperCharged: Oh, the music shocked me >.>

Jaime91: He mean all his mods is in only one folder

MrThorsen95 .: @ClubbySuperCharged Sry^^

Aussie HoldenFan: 1:47 Thanks for scaring the crap out of me :)

MrThorsen95 .: Download WinRar (search on google). When you download a file, it will be downloaded as a .rar file. Just "right click" and click "extract here". Then you'll have a sub folder :) I hope this helped you :)

tone4388: Ok, I found out, with some mods, the rfm file calls for the uidata folder that came with the mod, thus, if there is no uidata folder from the mod, there is a black screen, but thank you for your help, and great tutorial.

MrThorsen95 .: @TheBigHase Thx! You can insert all your mods at the same time, you chose whinh mod you want to use, when you are in-game :)

tone4388: The mod, or the game?

FifaIdeasHD: Very good job mate,happy to do this now,i'll make a few on board vid with my gp4 2011 mod.

MrThorsen95 .: @Calum643 What do you mean ^^

MrThorsen95 .: I'm sorry but I dont know how to solve this problem ...

MrThorsen95 .: @PashalisGergis This is my profile so I do what I want, if you read the comments, some guys actually need help with this! So stop freaking around on YT and post useless comments ;)

Calum643: @MrThorsen95 ok i installed it but now when i choose my car it says it has an error opening the 'teams' file???

MrThorsen95 .: @Hovofull To what?

Aussie HoldenFan: haha all good bro

MrThorsen95 .: Haha ^^ Bare hyggelig! :)

philipus167: I have installed the mods and cars. They can see I have already see the mods but I cannot see and the car in the playing mode They also have a error message: error opening BritishF3\BF3.mas is that I miss some software and utility to load .mas file I am a windows 7 home premium user

T.WilhoitRacing: MegaUpload was shut down due to piracy......

MrThorsen95 .: @Calum643 Maybe something wrong with the mod ?

Calum643: ?!HELP PLEASE ANY1!? i downloaded a Ferrari f2002, it just came i extracted and i just got one file saying ferrari_f2002 so i placed it in vehitcles folder but it's not in rfactor when i load it up!!?

MrThorsen95 .: The mod :)

MrThorsen95 .: @DuRiTo09 Yes :D If not, just tell me ^^ .... but i should be :D

MrThorsen95 .: @PashalisGergis It does :)

MrThorsen95 .: Here you go: ht tp : // forum.mak-corp . net / downloads . php?s=e4765321b7119e778b125473426f6d93&do=cat&id=1

MrThorsen95 .: Np ;) I'm glad it worked for you! :)

MrThorsen95 .: @rFactorF1Team WinRAR
How to install mods to rFactor 4.8 out of 5

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How to install mods to rFactor