How To Install Mods To RFactor

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rFactor 2 Mod Pack - how to install Cars. Maps (ALL MODS in ONE Package) (2013 2014) modifcations.
How to install mods to rFactor
How to install mods to rFactor
How to install car mods on rFactor
How to install car mods on rFactor
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rFactor (Tutorial): Installing Drifting Mods
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rFactor 2 Packaging Tutorial
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croga r: i downloaded the mod, put it onto my rfactor but now i get black screen D: help plllzzz and now all the files are mix ed up in my rfactor so if nobody can help me its €24 down the drain.. and i dont got much money..

Jackyflatter: Give this man an Oscar please! Wonderful tutorial! Thanks a lot! Tobi | JackyflatterLP

GamerBoyzProduction: I downloaded a few mods fron rFactor central and whenever it downloads it gives me the option to either save, open and save, or open. Also it only downloads as a picture and says that it cannot be displayed or something like that when i try to open it. Please Help

Edward Williams: Will this method work with mods in .zip file? I'm trying to install the CTDP F1 2006 mod, but get crashes when I actually run the game. The cars show up in the vehicle selection page, but breaks when you select them.

xCamiee: I have, I registered about 2 weeks ago and still havent got an activation email:(

carolinewowzniacki: Can you upload the link of the mod you used in this video? :)

MrThorsen95 .: @vettelfan2011 Yes, you only need to run it as administrator to make it work properly.

owentq128: all my mods come up as one big file and no sub folders help.

carolinewowzniacki: Thank you and awesome vid!

ITzZoAsHxx: Hi I have downloaded a mod and extracted and placed into there correct places in the rfactor folders (I think) and when running normally I can choose them and upgrade but when I go to race I have the original car that was selected and track, when run as administrator the cars don't load up in menu thanks for any help in advance :) ps the mod is honda challenge

MrThorsen95 .: Sorry, but I think that the only way to get the mod is to register at their forum...

Eoin Carpenter: is this the same for tracks

carolinewowzniacki: No problem!

nicksuprabravesfan: My mods all download as notepad files

PashalisGergis: @MrThorsen95 YT Doesn't need that kind of profiles if we go that way haha

Hovofull: bitch how about links...............!!!!!!!

Calum643: PLEASE HELP!! it keeps saying 'please insert w writable disk' every time i try to put the files on!!!!

toodsf1: haha it works! Thanks. I'm pretty bad at this sort of thing :)

xCamiee: could we have a download link to the mod because it wont let me download it on the mak-corp forums, thanks:)

MrThorsen95 .: @philipus167 Maybe something is wrong with the mod, or maybe you have forgot to put the BF3.mas file in the vehicles-->BritishF3 folder. You can try to reinstall the mod. Hope that'll solve your problem :) Have a nice day!

ClubbySuperCharged: Oh, the music shocked me >.>

Jaime91: He mean all his mods is in only one folder

MrThorsen95 .: @ClubbySuperCharged Sry^^

Aussie HoldenFan: 1:47 Thanks for scaring the crap out of me :)

MrThorsen95 .: Download WinRar (search on google). When you download a file, it will be downloaded as a .rar file. Just "right click" and click "extract here". Then you'll have a sub folder :) I hope this helped you :)

tone4388: Ok, I found out, with some mods, the rfm file calls for the uidata folder that came with the mod, thus, if there is no uidata folder from the mod, there is a black screen, but thank you for your help, and great tutorial.

MrThorsen95 .: @TheBigHase Thx! You can insert all your mods at the same time, you chose whinh mod you want to use, when you are in-game :)

tone4388: The mod, or the game?

FifaIdeasHD: Very good job mate,happy to do this now,i'll make a few on board vid with my gp4 2011 mod.

MrThorsen95 .: @Calum643 What do you mean ^^

MrThorsen95 .: I'm sorry but I dont know how to solve this problem ...

MrThorsen95 .: @PashalisGergis This is my profile so I do what I want, if you read the comments, some guys actually need help with this! So stop freaking around on YT and post useless comments ;)

Calum643: @MrThorsen95 ok i installed it but now when i choose my car it says it has an error opening the 'teams' file???

MrThorsen95 .: @Hovofull To what?

Aussie HoldenFan: haha all good bro

MrThorsen95 .: Haha ^^ Bare hyggelig! :)

philipus167: I have installed the mods and cars. They can see I have already see the mods but I cannot see and the car in the playing mode They also have a error message: error opening BritishF3\BF3.mas is that I miss some software and utility to load .mas file I am a windows 7 home premium user

T.WilhoitRacing: MegaUpload was shut down due to piracy......

MrThorsen95 .: @Calum643 Maybe something wrong with the mod ?

Calum643: ?!HELP PLEASE ANY1!? i downloaded a Ferrari f2002, it just came i extracted and i just got one file saying ferrari_f2002 so i placed it in vehitcles folder but it's not in rfactor when i load it up!!?

MrThorsen95 .: The mod :)

MrThorsen95 .: @DuRiTo09 Yes :D If not, just tell me ^^ .... but i should be :D

MrThorsen95 .: @PashalisGergis It does :)

MrThorsen95 .: Here you go: ht tp : // forum.mak-corp . net / downloads . php?s=e4765321b7119e778b125473426f6d93&do=cat&id=1

MrThorsen95 .: Np ;) I'm glad it worked for you! :)

MrThorsen95 .: @rFactorF1Team WinRAR

MrThorsen95 .: @PashalisGergis This tutorial is only for noobs... stop wasting your time by comments like this ;)

MrThorsen95 .: Yes I know, what was you point? ^^ Would you like to have the mod?

George Neale: where to I copy/extract the oversteer 2.3 mod? I dont know where to put the file? someone help me please :D

MrThorsen95 .: I'm so glad I could help you! :) Have fun!
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How to install mods to rFactor