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Isaiah Monteiro: 9:31 DUMBASS! xD
aawin12: Karthick Pinnita innum konja nal la surya va thedi pudikanum, U hav da karishma that rajini had style dialoge delivery ellam super some thing special enna nu identify pannamudilenalum U rocked
brokilon800901: Сделай обзор на Inquisitor, годная, но малоизвестная РПГ.
Angel Heart: I just love your personality, you are very animated. Nice vids.
Nicolas Zorzanelo: vai rezar o idiota..o cara esta fazendo um favor de ensinar a fazer a bagaça....ele não é professor de portugues não sua mula...quer aprender a falar va para outro link seu IGNORANTE
JSC82890: man this bronco is the cat's ass
MrWeclaw8: Omniverse was one of the reasons why I quit ben 10. The story was really good till Omniverse came in, not just the animation, but the story.... And how ben and Julie break up, retarted looking aliens, and no more seriousness in the show... what happened to the ben 10 I used to know? :(

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