Best Eliquid Flavors - The Grapest Grape Ejuice Ever!

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tiffany2571: which grape is it?

Tj Cummings: what's the name of the company

Joe Munoz: Company is just goodejuice they got four different companies crap thru me off too

Joe Munoz: Just got mine today tastes like great value grape soda. Its the crap! Super strong got Hawaiian punch to tastes like the blue one goodejuice is good gonna get the 30 ml when I start running low ha

blue girl: please tell us what company makes this grape

Greg Nash: I love the excitement you get when you figure out what it tastes like lol

sparXX2438: awesome review! have you tried vapor jam? ever i enjoy their flavors a lot only 3.99 for a 10 ml bottle :) and if u use the coupon code STV14 u get another 10% off :D just saying haha

Timothy McBride: Which grape on the site is that?

David Perrin: you gonna tell us the name? cause there 4 different grapes on that site

Dracula NoRelation: Does it taste like Hennessy Pure White Grapes?

metalmachine80: seriously, which grape is it ? theres a handful of grape e juices on that site

JPGoNavy: I have been trying to find this on good e juice but that site sells different company's liquids as we'll as their own. What company is this flavor from?

Wadester: Man, you are a great advertiser, you could sell a ketchup popsicle to a lady with white cloves.

lanamal: Did you ever find out which one I wanna pick it up too.

Loralye2: I bought this grape because of your review and it is great! I love it and have it put aside for a treat! I don't vape it all day because it's sweet, but it is sooo good! If I have a craving for sweets, I vape from it and it really curbs the sweet craving! Good stuff!

Kiss Knit: I AM really wondering if We do or don't gain calories from vaping VG. I have done some research and it does read that VG has calories. But, I have not found anything on the VG e-juices yet. A new one for a high school report I guess.

Namdor2012: Man I don't know, your lungs may end up looking like something out of the muppets..

1KingGirl: There are a couple of grapes on their site. can you tell me which one is it?

VaporCheef: The dark color is food color! The best grape juices are clearer. Don't inhale food coloring Chris!

Dax Wagner: Where do you get your hazelnut ejuice from?
Best Eliquid Flavors - The Grapest Grape Ejuice Ever! 5 out of 5

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Best Eliquid Flavors - The Grapest Grape Ejuice Ever!