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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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DesoKPB: Tegra 3 is a Quad GPU not CPU
Sup Gurrl: @ilovenewyork95 omg i went there when i was six 12 years ago or sumtin
kiriyama83: Como me he reido con los comentario EL SILENCIO DE LA PURA RABIA jajajajaajajaja
Emma V: bravo papa ! ;)
Albanor Albo: i pay 200 euro for nothing skype and flash player its not working in this phone and you cant download nothing form market nothing fitt in this kina phone
LTCirabisi: I see no tachometer on that bike.
Sam Holman: Why must it be so costly!!!!!????

Hyundai Santa Fé 2006 Turbo Diesel (2.2)