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abdulazizdavid: البوقاتي المانية والبنتلي بريطانية واللمبرغيني ايطالية :)
Lt. Dan: I love how he is securely strapped in with a 5 point harness as I don't really see the point in not, you're correct you don't know where there going to go or if they fall. I love this stroller too, as even though I shouldn't I put my 7 year old in here alongside my 4 and 2. I have even had my 11 year old niece in here when she was round. Funny story she was not expecting to be strapped in but nobody goes in my stroller without the harness on. :D
Rizad Mohamad: awesome !!
pinkpretty lovee: ist viber nur ein jahr kostenlos?
tarianne powell: Hey I how did u maintain the frizz of the hair? It's my second day with it and its kind of frizzy and a little dry. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use to make it less frizzy?
dementedp: The game looks interesting when we talk about its lore and mechanics, the only thing i dont like are the animations that look kinda static and cloncky
crfyzf: i heard you cant change the theme color, is this true?

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