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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Joel Teodoro: d nakaya vergin mgayan pati pwet maluwag na pati bibig mabaho na hahahah pti madre dapat ksale dapat nandyan c pacquiao para malakas para kcng d marunung e hahah
Ádám Fehér: normal the 100 celsius degree ?
Steve Smith: This is so metal. "Bleed for your games!" Brvtal
Paris Morrain: yeah, um this was gr8 but I would really suggest adding the colour while you have melted the marshmellows in the process of making fondant, this makes it easier to mix and all! Wont take you 10 minutes. This is if you are making the fondant!! If ur using ready made fondant, you can always use this! But I always make my own fondant so, A Tip!
mrmuffin: I'd be too scared to do something like that
Dalva Oliveira: no meu receptor os videos do youtube dão erro de dados
Grecia Rojas: Cute but scary 

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