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etoilez100: si esta chida la clase solo que el audio y vas muy rapido
Robin Gläser: Das sind mehr als 7,5 Joule XD hab sie ja selber ^^
Kaos033: Goodness (this coming from a 5 handicap)...what good player should care what the loft is if the performance is there?! I hit the ball high to begin with. If I can have a 7 iron that lands like my older 6 or 7 [standard lofted clubs] with the longer distance, I am a happy camper. I just don't get why people complain about the strong lofts! So what if TM loft is stronger than Mizuno and others. If you want the distance, then buy the strong loft. If you want old technology distances, then more power to you. I, for one, welcome the stronger lofts because I hit old technology too high, (my 7 iron goes as high as most people's 8-9 irons), to begin with. The net effect of my high ball flights is to shorten my game and it causes me to struggle in windy conditions or on courses 6500 yards or more. The stronger lofts extend my game length wise without negative impact...who would not like that result?! This video strengthening the Mizuno loft and extending the length seems bogus to me because that is not how the Mizuno comes. I am not defending TM clubs per se, (as most stronger lofted clubs with low centers of gravity will get the ball up), but am pointing out that people attacking strong lofts is kind of nutty when you look at results of people that it helps. Look, if you have trouble getting the ball up to begin with, then, by all means stay with standard lofted clubs. But, please people, stop the knocking of stronger lofts due to ego. If you can hit a stronger loft [be it TM or other Manufacturer] with a higher flight: that is a GOOD thing! I get longer distances with no negative ball flights or ability to hold greens.
B1G8EN0: Cool but some don't work 
Sole Love: es necesario poner el ORGIN?
GiovanniNaniTV: Va bene, ne tengo conto. Grazie del commento Anna, ciao
Angela Wertman: who would give this video a do thumbs now down 

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