Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2

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Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2
Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2
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Roycraft pack frame Pt.2
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Sclatermon: Ok so the hemp rope bite at the top lashing is bothering me so much ! Please tell me why you chose not to reverse it so the weight of the pack bites the top lashing harder!?

Scott Mangels: dude if your gonna teach a knot then do it in frame.

Jack Thorne: I'm wondering if you could pack wood onto the frame as well?

shcmoly: Very reminiscent of south american style. Very common man, functional and totally cool. Pack is your shelter. You can burn the frame in an emergency. Reuse the cordage if needed. Not a quick get to pack, but that's what the haversack is for.

Christopher Metz: There is a Menards on my way out to Brown County Indiana. That's little Nashville. I think I'll make a trip out there just to see if they have those canvas tarps

Justin Cole: They are also much less combustable than polyurethane tarps are.

Spagghetii: one thing to think about is securing the axe slightly differently so if you were to trip and fall forwards the axe cannot slip out and bonk you on the back of the head. Unlikely but possible and easy to fix. Love the pack tho :D

Jenult: lol if I had a nickle for every time Dave recomended toggles Id be a rich man

42Bamboo: I like it!!

Hoz Holla: I saw Mors speak at Canoecopia, 2013, he really impressed me. Over 80 yrs young and a wealth of bushcraft knowledge. One reason for toggles is the rope sawing itself. At his age, he's allowed to fumble with the toggs once in a while.

JAMMAN1701: When will it be possible to buy the Camo Pathfinder dry bags Dave?

shawn whitney: i real enjoy you video to learn how to make a backpack now im goto try it myself thankyou

Shian Kali: From a durability aspect the triangle shape isn't as wiggly as the rectangular shape. Only answer I have :)

Patricia Hale: I really enjoy learning from your videos. Thanks again.

SwampRatProductions: Check out the "Lapp Knot" as an alternative quick release. It breaks away cleanly without having the tag end going through the loop. Good vid man!

TheLegumMagister: These are excellent videos Sir, you clearly know your business. This is a well thought out kit.

jmc90213: as for safety i would trust a blood knot over a reef knot.

jmc90213: good job dave. excellent video.

chowerton39: thanks Dave i enjoy all your vids, i find them very helpful and informant...

shizzle5150: Awesome pack and shelter! Thanks for taking the time to make all your great videos!
Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2 5 out of 5

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Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2