Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2

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Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2
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Papa Bravo: What happens if you get stranded in an emergency situation and lose your "more useful" backpack, but just so happen to find a tarp and some rope? Along the way, as you scavenge more useful items, such as containers, you now have a pack to carry all that stuff in too. This looks to me like great knowledge to have when it comes to lugging that stuff around. When you know how to do things without needing to purchase it pre-made from a store, its considered self reliance. Semper Fi

Waldhandwerk: Very cool. ...good pack and system.

Optionsaregood: Thanks Dave.

M. Everett Munson: Dave needs a haircut. Friggin' hippie....LOL

vampire847: Building isn't ideal its for emergency situations my friend.

goriverman: great job on the video you explained it very well, I have to brush up on my notts getting rusty.

Kevin Overton: You keep things varied and interesting. Please do not be dismayed at the negatives. Some people just have to bicker. You are an instructor of the highest regard and there are plenty more people that enjoy and learn rather than try to find negatives. Keep up the good work brother.

beardyinoz: Hey Dave, Good job! May I ask you, how many litres are the dry bags you are carrying in the pack? Many thanks, - Mick

panserkiller98: ok

eggmansizzle: I cant wait to give this a try! Great stuff man.

edwood1263: got to love bank line great vid, looking forward to the next one

ghostface153: Dave, your lessons that I've learned from you has taught me more about survival than id ever imagined. A friend and me set out for a bushwack in the white mountains a while back and your skills saved our ass lol. We had to do a deep river crossing, build fire in pouring rain, build shelter, deal with bugs, all while in the dark. Id love to tell you more about it sometime! Thank you for everything!!

CO Woodsman: Great video, Dave! Thanks!

The Papa Smurf: Was thinking to add the the tarp rap a wool blanket and a bright colored tarp for flooring or signaling would also save space on the inside to include more items. Or tie a standard bedroll to the top of the closed back if you have room. Great vid Dave you are not so bad for a Buckeye.... (and on a side note no longer watching dual survival cody was a fool and the new guy is a joke.)

Christopher Metz: There is a Menards on my way out to Brown County Indiana. That's little Nashville. I think I'll make a trip out there just to see if they have those canvas tarps

MOUNTAINOUS: interesting. i have never seen this done. nice way to create a backpack out of all the gear you would use at camp. paracord. rope sticks. canvas tarp. bam a backpack. cool. hello from mt hood national forest. mt hood oregon .

Ben Ttius: Awesone Video Dave, please ignore the negative comments and keep up your great work!!!

wildernessoutfitters: It's called an Alice Pack brother-

Eat Carbs: Great video Dave.. So.. Do you find the pack comfortable? Do the ropes dig into your shoulders at all? Great stuff. Thanks a bunch for the great vids. =D

Scott Nathan: Clean your lens.

Dalen Johnson: please do not pull anything...

Wo1fLarsen: Nice. What's the weight on the tarp? Do you prefer canvas over sil-ny?

Eat Carbs: 30 Ltrs and 10 Ltrs

Spagghetii: one thing to think about is securing the axe slightly differently so if you were to trip and fall forwards the axe cannot slip out and bonk you on the back of the head. Unlikely but possible and easy to fix. Love the pack tho :D

C Wolden: passing on more knowledge is a great thing keep it up brother is all i can say and when the rest go out and get the dirt time in they will learn how to appreicate all your hard work and many hours of reading and all the dirt time it takes to get to so you are following learning and teaching

Anthony Mckinney: hay brother ive never had an account on the computer before and this is the first time ive said anything or have commented on anything.I do get on this thing and try to look up some usefull info from time to time.Ihave watched every video you have ever put on here,and i have never seen a bad one or one that wasnt usefull .I was raised in the hills of West Virginia(thankfull to the Lord my saviour for it to)and people need to know the skills you are showing them.God blessand keep em comin.

panserkiller98: hey Dave when do you think that they get the survival bow in stock on the pathfinder store???

themoodybobby1: another great video and also it WAS great timing. all this free info is appreciated. You know at the end of your videos you thank us for what we do NO we thank you for what you do you take time to share your knowledge with us and thank us for it NO thank you for taking time to share your knowledge with us you sir are top notch and always giving take a bow sir while we applaud you.

RebLin51: Awesome video! I learned a lot very well done. i had to make a mock up wooden pack frame years ago hiking when my pack frame got bent up and broke due to a fall. While I was healing I made a new pack frame but mine was rectangular and mortise and tenon joints then I lashed it. Yours is a lot simpler and easier to build. Wish I had seen these videos back in the 90's. Thank you for making it.

asheradensein: Love the vids, brother. Keep up the great work; we all appreciate it.

Patrick K.: Sure, but should you really be walking on the ice in the first place?

Larry Belluscio: DC for president!

ghostface153: You are the Man

wildernessoutfitters: We are not they are sold through Primal Gear buddy

disinpho: Brilliantly simple

EmpathyWorks: I wouldnt choose to use this pack method, but ill be damned if this method wouldnt be useful if you had some tarp and cord. Making a DIY backpack like this with cord and tarp is genius. Good Video, Thumbs Up.

Kayakwinds: Such setups aren't for everyone. I love pack frame because they allow a person to tie on a wide range of heavy or odd shaped loads. I feel that vagarious cargo nets make this approach extremely viable. The nets make it easy to locate items quickly.

garfish502: Shoot a deer or elk a few miles from camp...have fun stuffing it in your day pack.

ArtisanTony: Nice!

OneTheDemented: Thanks for sharing!!! 1st view lolz

Carlos Porto: Nice video. Great tutorial. I gonna try this skills next time.

woodsranger2007: Good vid. Pros and cons to every means of carry. Wouldn't use this unless I had to pack out meat and didn't have a pack. I'm 5'9". Day pack summer, Lg ALICE otherwise. Treckking I use a tump line/burden strap and blanket roll. I do not like a haversack. Used one plenty in the 7th Virginia Continental Line. I use a large fanny pack instead of a haversack with modern gear. Its not comfortable going down the trail decked out like the Clampets. The less on my neck/shoulders the better.

supersquirrel4755: IS there a way to attach something to make the pack, OR you and the pack float should you fall in the water or through ice? During jungle training in Panama for the US Army, we would puff up the waterproof bags with air..... Just in case we fell through the ice. (that's for the trolls) :-)

MOUNTAINOUS: yep. i got a alice pack in o.d. and the molle pack with sleep carrier systyem in woodland camp. hello from mt hood oregon. i got some real fun adventure videos in some wild locations on mt hood. archery. rafting. camping. snowshoe. survival etc. if you are ever bored. see my vids and the cool volcano i live on. peace.

dacs67: I like it, I have always thought that a Yukon pack was a great way to go. no need for the backpack.

Chris Kiser: What size dry bags did you use for your pack set up? I imagine you could construct a " modern" version with some pvc pipe and web strapping. Nice video Dave, Thanks. :)

jmc90213: good job dave. excellent video.

orthzar: I had heard of the idea of making as much of one's gear multi-purpose as possible. However, I had forgotten about the pack. Making one's pack out of the same material as one's shelter is indeed ingenious. I wonder if this could in some way be combined with the concept of an ultralight setup. Unfortunately, that would be way more expensive.

ATLionBK: strange thing about the knots again is that actual blood knots are for fishing but the knot you tied is for necklaces and being able to be adjusted.

northof50now: Dave- any idea when the haversacks will be back in stock? Also, in your interview with Tom Sega [Duluth], were you wearing the Scout Pack? Thanks
Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2 5 out of 5

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Roycraft Pack Frame Part 2