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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jun Sanchez: what can you say about "Cabstone SoundBrick Bluetooth Speaker "? the design is identical to ks hive.
ProdiGy: meanwhile im just sat here playing old school 
shaylaarielle: There is no point in trying to make sense of an ignorant person like @MyssMonet. It's a losing battle and she is a waste of time. Some people live to put other people down and that is definitely what she does. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just being rude. She's like a child, any attention (good or bad) is good for her. Best thing to do is to ignore her ignorant attention whoring ass.
Jermika Jones: Did you make all of the designs with one kit?
paranoidpredator: buen diseño... disculpa, ¿El nombre del soundtack? gracias!!
Zaroon115: All this really does is help with contrast and make it easier to make tge LCD because you can evenly align 4 pixles while with RGB you can't. No material is actually PRODUCED with that 4th color in mind, so nothing really benefits in comparison to an RGBA (Alpha) signal sent through HDMI. Plus, if I were to plug in a Component cable would I benefit? NO. So, yeah. I mean the TV itself looks great, just nothing really benefits from the 4th color.
Glitteralittle: Absolutely Stunning! <3

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