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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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gunmanfilms1 .: Great video, I wanted to see what it looked like before I spent money on it, it looks to be well worth it! 
Darendaugh Rilimech: @bubblesishot46853 eat itself X33
Noah Horner: When I took it off it fell apart in some places but I made some adjustments to it and it really cute. One ear wasn't attached so I left that like that and the black band for the nose fell out so I adjusted it so some of the tongue is the nose (he has a pink nose)
bobyboss23: Mes fils ne sont pas trop gros. Mais je te verrais peut être passer, je reconaitrais le bruit :p Mais du coup tu ne dois plus avoir de place. Mais moi jessaye de rouler avec les fenetre aarrière ouverte le plus souvent possible pour ventiler. Mais on arrivera bien à se voir
aarond1king: how do you own the game because i have the games both on my ipod touch and comp but it always crashes it doesnt even show the n64 sign when ai try to play the ocaraina of time the zelda game
Cascadejackal: Surprised you didn't mention the kick from the plunger system. The Stampede's the only Nerf blaster I've used that has any appreciable feedback while firing.
LJG781: you split the coils with the volume Knob (also push pull) not the tone......

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