SR-71 J58 Engine Tour

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Arthur1992: Same technology used in my Pontiac Fiero.

Rönin Walid: I Like Jam, the afterburner?

Fermain Jackson: my congratulations to Pilot Richard Graham.... 👏😎

Pasha Defragzor: Coolest US airplane, and X-15 maybe, but X-15 is a hardcore a bit

kannibalZZ: A beautiful and amazing piece of engineering and it was designed in the late 50's. I shudder to think what contemporary designers can come up with now.

Lane Taylor: i guess 25 people (as of today) were too stupid to understand this

terryk1233: This is amazing, I love hearing the old pilots in their own words. These guys were the cream of the crop back in their day, and honestly alot still probably are.

Jerrad Grinstead: very interesting and informative. thank you

Michael McKinley: Man Moment Machine. I love this video. The man who was actually there, explaining the bits and how it worked. Perfect awesome. thanks for sharing.

Magic mirror: 1:00 The  bypass is to do a RAMJET engine,only.


NS2589: Really enjoy this guy. Seems very comfortable in front of a camera. So interesting to listen to him

Jason TBird: It would be much better if the info came form an engines troop than a pilot.

Billyboy: There is one of these sitting at castle afb about 30 minutes from my house. I love seeing it. It's crazy how small they are in person

TheMTrider16: Nice video, I've been listening to "Skunk Works" while traveling.  After hearing the description from the book, its great to see engine in a video.

JosephHF: I could listen to this guy talk all night long.

apiece ofdirt: This guy is the crap!!

mike gray: Thanks for your service and the education about the sr-71.Wow! Thanks!

Brian Hoenig: Bummer the program was knocked out of the CIA in '63 after my grandfather was relieved of between 4-6 million in north Tahoe and conveniently killed in a plane crash.  Kelly didn't have the knowledge of what was discovered in 1951 involving a scramjet and that this was to be in place of the ram air bypass.  Would have put performance somewhere around Kingfisher and after satellites took over recon the program would have gone on into NASA, USAF would have gotten a better bird capable of Mach~5.

K4rt80y: Ben Rich, Kelly's successor, was chief thermodynamasist on the A-12/Sr-71. Rich is what made the speed possible. The nacelles are a marvel.
SR-71 J58 Engine Tour 5 out of 5

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Arthur1992: Same technology used in my Pontiac Fiero.
Crystal Richardson: I love this video! I love your honesty & truth. I can 100% relate to everything your saying & feeling. My husband & I have been TTC for a year & a half, we had a loss in September '16. It's hard. My cousin announced her pregnancy at Christmas (that's what we had planned to do) & I was jealous. All I was thinking was why mine. Why did mine get taken away & not hers. Another close friend just had a baby boy 4 days ago. I'm very happy for both of them but also jealous. The unknown is the worst part. Will that be me one day? When? How long will I suffer? The one comfort is knowing we're not alone in this. We're all in this together & were strong enough to endure it. God only gives you what you can handle. So we must be the strongest lol. I love watching your YouTube channel. Your very relatable & keep up the honest content. 💜PS Ellie is the cutest thing ever.
Steven: That man is a Giant
MrFreddy61: the section of rail you put between the front sight and hinge, did you but the cover like that or just drill a hole to screw in that railing or liquid nails?
khai ta hoang: What's the name of music at 1:25 ? It sounds so good!
Edgar 301: what did she use to light it up
Drum major 2018: Great show you guys!
I loved it

SR-71 J58 Engine Tour