SR-71 J58 Engine Tour

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Byt3Games: I wonder if this engine would be good for a long range interceptor or maybe a long range interceptor/strike fighter?

Iain Little: Excellent work Erik. I've watched a few of your videos. A genuine pleasure to hear from such knowledgeable and interesting gentleman. Thanks for sharing.

Les Brown: 78,000 hp at 352 Knots.

swhockey_98: I wish this video was 40 minutes longer.

Anwar Saeed: thank you sir for delivering such a great knowledge i pray for your health and for your happy life Allah Bless you alot for this kindness

dodoslovensko: I need to put it in my car to make it to work in time .

jens-erik langstrand: for once - the commentator knows what he is talking about -and can convey it in an understandable way!

hoplite46: This pilot knows his stuff

hoplite46: I want one for my jet car

rav ravensdale: i love informative videos like this, and i love learning about the sr71 blackbird, boy what an awesome aircraft (even more so when you remember when it was designed!!!) Thanks!!!

Paul Bearer: Love stuff like this, cheers!

A cat with black glasses: Pratt and Whitney..masters of turbofan tech.

Logan Dyer: The Engine is Known as a Turboramjet.

Squirell E1: By far my most favorite plane is the SR-71 Blackbird. Awesome engine

HeyItsChris: Yeah those variable geometry inlets where probably the first of their kind and most utilized than any other aircraft. They are like a car's secondary intake butterflies, which under low air speed and low engine speed we close 4 of the 8 runners. Which increases air inlet velocity increasing propulsion rate in a normally low propulsion scenario. Once we start moving and the high speed air around the vehicle and engine increases and the engine speed increases with it. We would then open all 8 runners to reduce and alleviate excessive velocity and increase volume. Volume of air at speed is high so we can achieve now far better performance. Those SR-71 J58 inlets though can, do, will, and have laughed at Mach 3.2 air with proper tuning. As any SR-71 Pilot knows they weren't able to see what it was truly capable of except 2 or 4 pilots being pilot and rso. They surpassed Russian's rocket powered super high speed high altitude missiles of their typical speed of 3,420 Miles Per Hour and the SR-71 left them in the dust so consider that one everyone!

KEEPROLLINROLLINROLLINYO: yo i can fly faster yo
SR-71 J58 Engine Tour 5 out of 5

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SR-71 J58 Engine Tour