SR-71 J58 Engine Tour

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Andreas Wettainen: #aviation  

KEEPROLLINROLLINROLLINYO: yo i can fly faster yo

Spit Lubed Cucumber: 1:06 was the sound my balls made when they slapped up against your mom's chin

George Buller: Nice one. Many thanks. :-)

Bastille Croquere: Thank you Erik. As an aviation enthusiast this was a great find. I think someone should make a working version of this engine an attraction and charge $$$ to let folks see/hear this beauty run.

MrSmithaustin: The SR-71's top speed is still classified.

Ano Nymous: well explained

Aerohk: Southwest jet back there lol?

T38 Talon: I found this vid to be very enlightening on the engine's operation.  Although, nothing like meeting a pilot/mechanic and hearing their stories.  I do that each year at the Air Races in Reno.

Check Out These Videos: I believe that the bypass tubes transfer the increased pressure created by the spikes and the inlet at high mach number to the after burner creating a ram jet. They are key to the power at high mach.number, they also divert the air that is so hot from compression that it would melt the turbine if allowed to proceed through the engine at mach 3.2. If this is wrong then how does the air get from the inlet to the afterburner at high mach?

SR-71 TITANIUM: Erik, your videos are excellent !
If you ever want an SR-71 Titanium ring made from Blackbird Turkey Feathers send me an email.

Victor Emanuel: I've read Col.(USAF ret.) Richard H. Graham's Book "Flying the SR-71 Blackbird" and found it to be an informative and excellent read. If you love aviation, If you LOVE the Blackbird and want a sense on operating its systems and how it was like to really fly, then I Highly recommend his book. Excellent video, Thanks for Sharing!!!

#aviation   #sr71blackbird  #mach3plus

Rodrigo Perez: Great video, thank you.

David Ewing: I understood the bypass tubes were to improve the fuel efficiency of the afterburner. 

anthony rossi: the turkey feathers.... really

BlueStarsWildAnimeStudio's: fly all the way;) miss malmstrom  aim high rockon;)
SR-71 J58 Engine Tour 5 out of 5

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SR-71 J58 Engine Tour