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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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JayzTwoCents: No firsts today...
MrLentomies: your stupid rydar really studido >=)
Cody Smith: Is this in Michigan? 
ashley pachinger: LOL wtf?! where the hell did u get the costumes? LOL at the ending XD
autismpete: TI! Two things I cant stand in porn. 1. When the girl look like she don't wanna be there, and 2. WHEN THE NIGGA CAN'T GET IT UP! Needless to say, I ain't watchin this. And DO NOT watch Ron Jeremy's newer crap! He can't get it up also! Making fun of Raz getting molested is foul as freak, but I'm not surprised. People were making fun of Pinky cause there was an AIDS rumor about her. MFs were like "she deserve it." Needless to say, she DOESN'T have AIDS. Ti, you need to do a discussion on porn sometime soon! You would know how to make it funny, yet be mature about it.
Hayashi Daiken: ปลาคาร์พ ปลาแชมป์โลกของคนไทย the World championship carp fish of Thai people......good luck and good night...everybody,...:)
ipodHELPP: thx i bought it for 2 bucks today but it didnt have the instructions

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