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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ljungman Agforty: ...but how do you actually USE it?
TheAnimangaUniverse: STFU u loud ass motherfreaker <3
Andy Amodio: Using oil to clean carbon? Hmm sounds like a oxymoron. .
Junior Sanchez: I remember this came at the time when Take 2 Interactive defied the norm and released games at $10 msrp. This along with the Spec Ops games and a Duke Nukem title if im not mistaken. Ahhhh memories....
napalm84: not bad... not bad at all Beats most of the cruisers on the road
Slip Å Slit: If your going to do the video in that language write the freaking title in the same
Michael Oldfield: time you do all that crap....its better with a braker and a cp9 to clean them off 

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