How To Adjust The Beaters On A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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How to Adjust the Beaters on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer
How to Adjust the Beaters on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer
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How To Adjust The Beater Blade Height On A Kitchenaid Stand Mixer
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Jacquie Bitsmom: awesome tip! would this be the same for the new flex edge beater?

Albert Yin: Thansk, it is great.

Sherri Benson: Purchased a new flexhead beater and your adjustment worked perfectly.

Tiffany Jones: Thank you. Your advice worked perfectly!!!

Timothy Orion: Thanks! Very helpful!

tradersato: We had issues with a brand new mixer not locking (the more obvious issue). When we did our first batch of bread dough, the head unlocked as the dough incorporated into a ball putting upwards pressure on the head. We did notice that the ingredients at the very bottom of the bowl were not being incorporated as well but did not see this as an alignment issue until this research. Thanks for the video but maybe you could title it for both issues or make an alternate for the non locking or unlocking issue.

BridgetoSomewhere: I got a notification about a comment from Robert Knight, don't see it. I have talked to KitchenAid, and am considering a new whisk. But I got a suggestion from someone to put a towel over the whisk and press it firmly on a counter or flat surface, little to lose at this point so I tried it just a little. But I'm not ready to start meddling with the screw again to get both working on the same setting. When I get to it, I know from the vid how to do it with a dime for the paddle and how it should work.

To avoid this happening again, I beat a lot of egg whites and sometimes frosting because the whisk aerates better. But when I took my whisk off, I was whacking it against the side of the bowl, not very hard, but probably enough to mess it up some of the wires. It's almost impossible to scrape off the whisk like you can the paddle. Plus I should be very careful how I handle it, wash it, and store it. Just an FYI for others.

Dana Williams: On an electric hand-held mixer why do the beaters hit the side of the bowl when making something like whipped cream?

Karen Parker: thank you. that helped. The locking lever doesn't always completely engage. With heavier loads it moves out of the lock position, like kneading bread dough. Any suggestions?

Jay Stevens: It worked, Thanks! . Just needed a half turn.

Kathleen Anderson: Hi I have a Giles and Posner tilt mixer can't seem to find the adjustment to lower the beaters any ideas welcolm

Crien Roxas: This helps me a lot. Thank you so much! 😊

Judith Neeley: I put a dime in and tried this, and while the beater didn't move the dime, it still hit the bottom center of the bowl where it starts to rise to a point. It does this for about a 1 inch long area. I've got the stand Pro 6 mixer. I tried adjusting the screw, but it's so tight, it won't budge. How to loosen the screw?

CdHMainz: At my Kitchenaid it seems, that the adjustment screw doesn't work anymore. No matter in which direction I turn it, the beater touches the bowl. Any suggestions?
Can you explain how the mechanism works?

BridgetoSomewhere: It's my whisk that suddenly started hitting the convex part in the bottom on the slope nearest the center loud enough and bad enough it has left scuff marks. I tested the paddle and dough hook, and they are fine. I've tried bending the whisk, it's the lowest piece that is making contact, and don't recommend bending because it might mess up the other wires. I'll try the screw just a couple half turns but I am fighting the slope and not rock bottom (I think although I tried to look pretty carefully and kept testing). I thought I could buy a new one, but there's no guarantee the same thing won't happen. If worse comes to worse, I could get somebody to cut off the bottom part of that whisk but I really don't want to do that if I don't have to. I really need the whisk. Thank you and I'll read some more tips before I mess with it any more. Mine is KSM 150PSMC Artisan (bowl remains stationary like the one you demonstrated with).

Samyra Bell: How do you fix this if you don't have the tilt head mixer

naile demirel: Naile
it is help me a lot.. thanks a is definitely worth video...

C Smith: When I get the adjustment right, the head lock wont engage, several people have asked about this without getting an answer.
The only way I can see to fix it, is to file some metal off the latch or the hole it goes in.
Is there a way to make an adjustment inside the mixer housing?

tanguerochas: At the closest setting, my mixer (Professional 600 6 quart KF26M2CCA) will not touch the dime. The beaters are about 1/4-1/2 inch from the bottom of the bowl. The person doing the chats on the Kitchenaid site said that this is the way the mixer is designed but did not give any reasons.

Jackie Kelly: We got a new glass bowl for our 10 year old mixer. This video was very helpful. Thank you! We now know how to adjust our beater height!
How to Adjust the Beaters on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer 5 out of 5

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How to Adjust the Beaters on a KitchenAid Stand Mixer