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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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nachoe100: me parece muy bueno que sigan la secuela..
mbh8280: I have to agree with EuphoricImpact, too many gun people on youtube are telling people the sound of a shotgun pumping is usally enough to scare an intruder, and while it might work sometimes, the times it doesn't work the intruder is probably going to shoot back. You guys know that a lot of people here are going to watch this and think all they have to do is pump the shotgun, and when that doesn't work for someone they will be in big trouble. 
bloggerD4: いえいえ^^今後共よろしくお願いいたします。
GURASANMASUKU: のひかつやにいおててぬやはやねはやはやほややに
Dave Hultenius: can you sell this online on ebay
numberthree112: トラックパックのシートはいいよなあ...
sevenHF: @geo43ok i play with ps2 pad. and with steering wheel i play better then with PAD ;) i sold my G25 wheel last year. ;(

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