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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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noblewolf155: NO YOU KNOW WHAT NO!!!!!!!! Lego is just screwing us over. I found out if you buy every lego set per year you spend $10,000.00! we give lego this money so they can give us entertainment and they greeted us not only with being happy but with this beautiful game I don't care their is the new LU 2014 it doesn't have that much like lego had in the real version. What we need to do is just tell them what we want and if we don't get this game then we just bribe them or we just tell them how we feel and let us be happy and I know lego but when they closed this down they practically stabbed us in the chest with a sharp piece of medal or plastic cause we all know lego especially little kids who loved Legos lego just hurt their feelings legos a toy company for little kids to enjoy not for hurting us with stopping games on us we loved we need lego to listen to us that's just messed up for them to not listen to kids who like Legos we pretty much made lego rich lego owes us all if your with me spread this on to every lego universe video and lego message board or legos channel thank you for your time (and no I'm not a attention seeker I'm just speaking my feelings ) PS lego Minifigures is the worst idea I hope it goes away and never come back! 
Tom small: Fill it with sand then water and the sand will be heavier 
War Flower: OMG YOU helped ALOT with this video. I need to take it off for my new job and I tried taking it off to no avail...I was going to be turning that ball forever LMAO!!! Thank you for this video!!!! Now that I know that's how it's done, I will try it and see what happens otherwise I'm going to a tattoo shop and have them remove it LOL Thank you again.
alwaystheretrading: I had the same issue with my refrigerator - same model and everything. After watching your video I just reached back and wiggled the piston that the solenoid activates and it started working. I'd not have known what to probe without having watched the video first. Thanks!
flipiz: dam that real bullets ?
jim zhou: It not real you lier villagers can't build at all and The floor is supposed to be gravel 
Versace gold: that bitch a thot lmao

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