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CarmenMCS: Dynasty Warriors made many people get to know about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and history of China, among other things. In this game, all of the characters are seem as very great heroes, with high moral standart, and in this last game in particular, the historical side is played very nicely. I fail to see how they are lowering your chinese culture... or are you just annoyed by these optional costumes?
guille maza: tienes algun problema...no puede ser que cojas tan poca velocidad.. primero: como puede ser que solo tengas 60 grados subiendola a 12000 rpm tendría que ir más caliente la llevas muy fría,no llevas bien el motor carburado o no haces los suficientes chequeos, no tienes los 34 cv del motor rotax 122 , no estará limitada?
snebby: First?
dominick retes: how can i buy this..?how can i order this i hav'nt saw 1of this in the philippines..
Efren Miron: 14:46 American Boy but is anyone knows that remix is that? PLEASE
MetroToyotaKalamazoo: leather would be an aftermarket add-on. it is easily installed and heated seats can also be added.
Nikanor SeaDragon. V. ST. P.: Lol dan had je de 3930k en de Asus ROG Extreme moeten nemen. Als je zoveel wilde betalen voor een bord, met veel minder features.

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