Increase Video Game Performance With Game Booster!! (M11x L4d2 Performance)

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Increase Video Game Performance with Game Booster!! (M11x L4d2 Performance)
Increase Video Game Performance with Game Booster!! (M11x L4d2 Performance)
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Bloodrocutioner: Wait, probably a stupid question, I am at a 1.3ghz performance, how did you upgrade your CPU, is it the program? I know Alienware M11xs are not eligible to upgrade CPU wise (at least that was what I was told) I have the Intel Core Duo 2 Alienware M11x btw running 4gbs of ram (gunna upgrade to 8gb soon)

gaveroid418: HE has an Alienware... he doesn't need it either. Same here, I have an Alienware, I don't need it. And, Game Booster may be malicious or turn off processes it's not supposed to... so that's why I do the optimizing myself.

mechrocktech: @ReaperStalfo I did not overclock the gpu on this game. There could be so many reasons for your problem. They looking at task manager and see what is using the most of your cpu. Try and quit those applications. That might help.

mechrocktech: @gishol If you would watch the video, I show them.

Yuno Gasai: hey does this work for minecraft @mechrocktech

BrockB360: so what exactly does it do???

ItsZ3DD: aoe 2 <3

SpiderCarnage911: Does anyone know if the m11x Intel Pentium U5400 is good???

GOBLUEBOY777: what you mean by "a fast cpu"? what range are we talking here? i have a 1.73 ghz processor (not that great i think but its better than some others)

Ozette9: dude, get Fraps. Seriously.

karlking1995: I see no significant difference and do you even know what that program does to you PC when you boost it

Cooper Keegan: i used the old game booster but the old game booster works,when i defrag l4d2 it lags a bit,but this razor game booster works!

karlking1995: @mechrocktech I still uphold that you cannot see in this video a significant difference but if ther was a small increase of frame rate that is due to the program slightly overclocking you gx card, I also might add that im running a quad core Q8300 2.50GHz with Steam, MSN, Teamspeak, microsoft security esentials and a few other processes and I have not noticed any difference when turning all these off also by doing this you leave a hole in your computers security.

josegur100: Hey thnx for the vid since you helped me I'll help you do you want it premium??

Tim Davison: @mechrocktech it does help by closing programs in the back ground thats all and help clean up defrac your games

mechrocktech: This is only 1 of my 3 computers. lol Actually not anymore, I sold it and now have a much faster laptop.

Yuniko Yato: how is it compared to tuneup tubro boost ?

mechrocktech: @karlking1995 There is a noticeable difference. The minimum frame rates are higher with game booster on. All Gamebooster does it disable programs and services not necessary to save ram and cpu cycles, thus speed up your game.

dragobloxs9: =)

kaimaxmunte1: Tour computer is crap i have fx 8150 bulldozer and us 7970

kkm67: A real y awesome program i use it when i play online it de-rate lag significant even on a core I7 CPU.

mahalic007: so thanx you

Twilight Sepulcher: Who care about tf2.say WHAT ABOUT SKYRIM BABY

mechrocktech: @ReaperStalfo GPU= Graphics Processing Unite. That is what renders the game. You would find very little gain form overclocking the gpu. Now make sure your cpu is overclocked in the bios as that will help a lot.

mechrocktech: @karlking1995 Yes, you might not be able to see clear, but you can see well enough to see what i'm doing in the game, but the thing that really matters is the fraps meter. Also like I said this program is for "Slow cpus" Any quad core today will not notice a difference with this program unless you have a lot of crap running in the back ground and I mean a lot. I would say this program is best for dual core cpus below 2.4ghz.

ReaperStalfo: @mechrocktech I know, thanks for the tip tho, and hey, i ordered the 250 gig hard drive and i got a 218 gig, wtf.

Wegiix Muzik: this is bullcrap, advenced settings - everything is on high, come on..

ItsZ3DD: 200 fps?

Neffwears: game booster makes my computer freeze

Trey Gardypie: if this dont work im gunna come find you and murder you c:

jolteon258: does it work on a laptop

mechrocktech: @BCB228 It stops unnecessary services and processes. This reduces cpu load from other items running on your system and gives it to the game,thus improving performance.

MagicNinja365: What about Team Fortress 2.


SFVideosAB: i got 3.1 gh :)

MCraftVideoz: He is using Fraps to show the FPS on the games, but if he uses Fraps recording he obviously will get even lower frames rates, geez dude >.>

techdudz: @SFVideosAB i have 4.2 ghz :D


Twilight Sepulcher: 10.6 WHO LAUGH NOW :D

mechrocktech: @Coolguy10890 It should help some, but i'm not sure how much.

ReaperStalfo: ok, im not the pc geek, so you might have to help me out. I have regular M11x pc, core2duo, overclocked it, did the same L4D2 settings as you, installed game booster, and deleted all background programs. But i still experience the same amount of lag as before. Did you mess around with the Nvidia control panel, if so, tell me the setting, cause i switch between performance, balanced, and i sometimes fiddle with the options manually.

gishol: what are your settings in l4d2?

mahalic007: yea it help me some what i gained probably 8 to 10 fraps max but it does work

Coolguy10890: Does this work with Sims 3? Because I had to Turn off Advanced Rendering (which makes objects and sims more shiny on Sims 3) because of Lag when moving the camera or Speeding up Sim Time. Now when I have Advanced Rendering OFF the Graphics are so-so crappy cuz it takes away shiny objects and clearness =(

mechrocktech: @onearmednun Fraps will decrease performance while recorded thus defeating the purpose of showing actual performance.

a1rh3add: I have an i7 920 @ 3.2GHz with only 4GB RAM. I use game booster all the time. It won't help me on most older games because they only utilize 2GB memory and only 1-2 cores so it is basically shutting down processes that don't even effect my gameplay but if you have an older PC this program will even help in older games. I have also found that it is good for testing memory within the OS when combined with memtest as it opens up more memory to be tested.

Sam Wise: Love this crap

mechrocktech: Seems legit...

Galindo49: if he uses will lower his frame rate....

SylentCommando: nice man what laptop are you using?
Increase Video Game Performance with Game Booster!! (M11x L4d2 Performance) 4.7 out of 5

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Increase Video Game Performance with Game Booster!! (M11x L4d2 Performance)