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John Ree: sick drew! loving these! you should put more talking in it though, like the old ones. it gives it a really good vibe
That Book Girl: According to actual legit grown-ups in my life, they don't feel any different either. When I was in high school I kind if expected to be hit with this magical knowledge when I garduated or turned 20 or whatever, but it still hasn't happened. Everyone feels more and more grown up, but so far I haven't met anyone who feels done. But there's also the "I stop, I die" mentality that for me at least is a huge motivator to keep growing. Plus it's fun to have a sugary roostertail and paint your nails sparkly blue at 4am after work. Pre-adulthood limbo comes with some perks
KickDownDoors: An independent review? It goes beyond an infomercial. Don't get me wrong, I own a BCS 853. But this review is not independent. Berta rotary plow implement itself will cost you $1200-$1400. It's designed to bust untouched new solid ground. He ran it through previously tilled soil. His review does have some information which most people are not aware about; soil compaction when over-tilled to fine powder. One rainfall and your garden becomes a solid rock.
mitchell saremba: "Kari Let-em-in"
Rahul Gajjar: Check out this video on YouTube:
davester922: Could I get the mike Wallace and next review I think should be the Andre Johnson new York card
rangerdanger222: I also wanted to add that the product quality and the customer service of cross breed are both top notch.

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