How To Clean A Brass Zippo

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How to clean a brass zippo
How to clean a brass zippo
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New Zippo - High Polish Brass with Solid Brass engraved (254)
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G Money: the patina is part of the charm of a brass zippo. you really shouldnt have to polish it, especially often. go for a chrome one if you want luster. brass zippos can also get a little smell to them as they tarnish and it gets on your hands.. not major its just a weird metalic smell.

ddddddiiiiiiiieeeeee: Cool vid man, love zippos.

seasonedtoker: once the brass gets passivated by patina, you can polish it every day and it won't stay shiny for a day. I polish mine briefly on a wire wheel every once and then just to clean the pits. other than that just costs you time. I once even got it to a perfect shine with a polishing compound but again, after a day in my pocket the patina came out again

Stephen Powers: Rise against :D

anotheraccount420: i like your accent

TheForgottenWolf: @JacobRTweedy No, Keep the music on bro, Because of you I found another GODLY song to listen to while raping noobs at halo reach.

Squee00: Interesting. I'm gonna clean up mine using this method. Also your accent freaking rocks.

22869334: i think i have the same zippo

binolar: i've try both of them and i've found that silvo had a longer clear finish. the brasso was awesome the first day but then fade back to old crap.... I prefer silvo for everyday use, but if I park this brass zippo for a while, I use brasso coz it protect the brass

binolar: thanks a lot dude! I always use zippos, they look awesome, i like the style of theses lighters

iloveiphone93: kl cheers i was so pissed when i found out my brass zippo got in tha state after i onli had it for like 6 months

GoFigureSkate1: @SupermanReckz I also read somewhere that if you send in the whole lighter (or maybe just the case if the rest is ok) that they will still clean it up for you even though they're not supposed to according to their official policy. But I have no idea if that's true or not as I've never had to send one in. Although I may have to soon cause I kinda screwed up the hinge on mine somehow lol. It closes with a gap near the hinge and just doesn't quite line up flush...

GoFigureSkate1: @47guss It will just get dull and look its age... You can clean it as often as you like. Whether or not you clean the case will not affect its operation. It just depends on how you personally prefer it to look, some people like the aged, well-used look, others like to keep the brand new shine... What I do is leave the top and bottom alone and polish all the sides, so it's shiny and new looking but you can still tell its age from the top and bottom.

Cheung Shum: i have a fully brass zippo and it stopped working. i changed the flint wick and when i out fluid in it it works for a lil while then it stops. Can you help me out on how to make it back to normal? Thanks

jacob harris: i like maas metal polish cuz it works better...and protects for a longer lasting finish

79mystique79: silvo is for silver and brasso for brass. i have them both but dunno the difference except the color and smell. I polish my brass zippo with brasso, but once you touched it and lay it down it will oxidate again. i have a zippo venetian XII (1996)

Mississippi1313: thanks! i have a brass 1937 and i couldn't some stains out. until i watched this

umpus: So use Silvo and polish the hell out of it. Okay.

GoFigureSkate1: @SupermanReckz Send it in to Zippo (address is on the bottom of your lighter) and they will fix it up for free and send it back to you brand new (except for the case, they don't replace the case just fix the hinge and whatnot).

ddddddiiiiiiiieeeeee: They have history in themselves, the last zippo I bought on my birthday was 1941 brass replica, it s awesome.

Eric C: hey im gettin a brass zippo... do u HAVE to clean it? like what will happen if u dont.. and how often do i clean it.

GoFigureSkate1: A word of warning from experience: DO NOT try to clean the insert with Brasso or any other solvent if you want to keep it's brass color! As I've discovered, the insert is not actually solid brass, but is instead electroplated to have a thin brass coating. Brasso WILL remove that, leaving it silver colored. It will never regain brass color after that... If you DO clean it, use VERY LITTLE and do it very briefly and softly, then clean it with rubbing alcohol to remove any trace of Brasso.

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How to clean a brass zippo 3.1 out of 5

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How to clean a brass zippo