How To Clean A Brass Zippo

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justmeeagainn: You can also use Mothers Mag.  Available at auto parts stores.

Antiantihero: the patina is part of the charm of a brass zippo. you really shouldnt have to polish it, especially often. go for a chrome one if you want luster. brass zippos can also get a little smell to them as they tarnish and it gets on your hands.. not major its just a weird metalic smell.

umpus: So use Silvo and polish the hell out of it. Okay.

Stephen Powers: Rise against :D

seasonedtoker: once the brass gets passivated by patina, you can polish it every day and it won't stay shiny for a day. I polish mine briefly on a wire wheel every once and then just to clean the pits. other than that just costs you time. I once even got it to a perfect shine with a polishing compound but again, after a day in my pocket the patina came out again

jacob harris: i like maas metal polish cuz it works better...and protects for a longer lasting finish

jeff jefferson: i think i have the same zippo

anotheraccount420: i like your accent

Eric C: hey im gettin a brass zippo... do u HAVE to clean it? like what will happen if u dont.. and how often do i clean it.

TheForgottenWolf: @JacobRTweedy No, Keep the music on bro, Because of you I found another GODLY song to listen to while raping noobs at halo reach.

Boots Chris: Interesting. I'm gonna clean up mine using this method. Also your accent freaking rocks.

Cheung Shum: i have a fully brass zippo and it stopped working. i changed the flint wick and when i out fluid in it it works for a lil while then it stops. Can you help me out on how to make it back to normal? Thanks

binolar: i've try both of them and i've found that silvo had a longer clear finish. the brasso was awesome the first day but then fade back to old crap.... I prefer silvo for everyday use, but if I park this brass zippo for a while, I use brasso coz it protect the brass

79mystique79: silvo is for silver and brasso for brass. i have them both but dunno the difference except the color and smell. I polish my brass zippo with brasso, but once you touched it and lay it down it will oxidate again. i have a zippo venetian XII (1996)

Mississippi1313: thanks! i have a brass 1937 and i couldn't some stains out. until i watched this

binolar: thanks a lot dude! I always use zippos, they look awesome, i like the style of theses lighters
How to clean a brass zippo 5 out of 5

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How to clean a brass zippo