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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ginny Hawes: I think they are musical notes. (check out the Goldberg Variations if you have not had the opportunity to hear them) Each dancer is a note. The music is held up by the notes as is expressed by the dancers lifting the suspended dancer who represented the song. Some notes are triads, some major/ happy some minor/ sad. There are tortured notes and so on. Some segments are sensual. Some are robotic. The crutches and bandage costuming, to me, speaks to me on several levels. the vulnerability we all share, the crutches we use. Both needed and self inflicted.I could watch this a thousand times and come away with fresh insights each time. The Goldberg Variations continue to resonate :) Best piece I've seen in a long time.
CalenderJuiceSheena: Seems like a pretty useful piece of equipment!
alecom56: Micuaiers
trisha mae borillo espino: hahah
amourmeanslovetoo: I felt so bad my friend anna got a HUGE bite on her ear and it swelled up sooo much she was in so much pain!
Jennifer Phelps: Thank you it worked with my needle nose pliers too on both my tents we are living in
Marcus Vinicius: quanto sera que vai ser o preso dele?

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