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Thai Natural Beauty: Hi Jamilla! Thank you for your comments, and sorry for the delayed response! Of course, Yoko cream for freckles is designed to work, but you should only put a very small amount on the affected area. It works for me to fade the freckles! Thanks again for your comments.
Mike Cid: i will never sell my trans am..nor do i recommend anyone to sell it because the value of these cars is going to blow the hell up in a couple of years.
초늑: 발음 좋다
Phương Thoa: Máy bắn khói diệt côn trùng
Abaddon Sama: It's always fun to watch you make sounds with the toys, because i can imagine you kinda playing with them, and i can imagine myself playing with the toys. I am not sure if this is your job or you do this for fun alone, but if it is the former, you have an awesome job, and im glad to see im not the only adult that enjoys their toys. Thanks for all the reviews. 
ImJuliollNsll: Este es el audio original !
the modfather: You probably have naturally fast reaction time and good concentration. I know everything you said in the vid but I can't break MG2 for several months lol.

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