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Paladino Spaziale: Pound la mossa di grovyle non è azione, tackle è azione pound è botta. Pound~azione pound=botta Tackle=azione
Colin Brannon: Asf = as freak. That's why you had trouble reading my comment Lmao 
Camile Ferrari: Is there anyone who can rip off the music from this game and upload it online? I love the soundtrack from this game :)
pcpll: exactly!
Avic Valentine: I expected "king of the hill" for the second round of 'super power fight club'. Then, the man says "king of the hill". 
reedmayproductions: I honestly have no clue how to do that either. If you know how to do it, post a response on this video helping people out. I think that will be great! Thank you for the tip.
Jason He: Lol i replayed that part about mo a million times

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