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SUsmit61: is it available in english ????????
Zoran Milovanovic: Who can not listen to this song without thinking of Reservoir Dogs?
Sosuke Aizen: Why was orochimaru wearing a mask when transformation jutsu is there for use
Andrew M: I too highly recommend this helmet. It comes in size up to 4XL which is rare in itself. It's face shield is so large and crystal-clear and distortion-free that combined with the plentiful airflow coming around your chin you'll hardly know the shield is there. The shield has only three indents, open/half-open/closed, but for $116, not bad. I've had no trouble with it popping open even a little. It is without the inner tinted secondary face shield that higher end helmets may have, but replacement shields tinted or mirrored are sold. Overall shape is "Normal" per Webbikeworld categories. The moveable/removable visor is nice, enough to allow some shade when needed but not too bad about catching the wind at higher speed. The clasp is both strong and secure and super easy to attach and release, even one-handed. Liner is removable and washable. The helmet is somewhat noisy, unfortunately. It is chilly from all the air flow it gets, and comes without a chin curtain, so you'll want a balaclava or scarf along if the temp may drop. It has maddeningly few surface points broad enough to fit GoPro mounts without alterations, but as eveRide shows, solutions can be devised. I love this helmet.
AncientCrane7: @Misty306 Nope :)
Normus S: the health ranger, keep up the great work...Love it
Edward Nunez: Worst DIY ever, they spent more time on removing screws then explaining how he setup the portable power. Also they should have shown how to do a setup with a old portable DVD player rather then a hard to find and most likely very expensive piece of gaming hard ware... :/ fail

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