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Sail broat: Lithium is an anti-psychotic. You can't get "high" on it. 
Joyce Kelly-Brown: +SPARKWISDOM, I'm curious to know your son's perspective and thoughts about the movie? Also, I watched the video regarding the conversation you had with your daughter about Teens & Sex when she was 13 and you mentioned that when your son turned 13, you'd do the same with him. Did you ever do that and post? I'd be interested in seeing and hearing from your son, as well, but I couldn't locate the video. Hats off to you for being so brave and having much needed conversations with your children, thus our children, as this video is public and I'm sure is serving to be quite helpful to people, all over the world. I just watched "Kids"... hadn't heard of it, til watching this vid of yours, but am still leery about whether it's time to share it with my son, given its rawness, but thanks for sharing and discussing it. I'm going to have my husband to watch and see what he thinks. All the best and hope to hear back from you.
MrBikerrobert: A 200 tyre on the back. Chrome radiator cover, polished regulator cover, chrome break cover, chrome horn cover, chrome skullhead hand grips and chrome skullhead levers. Chrome belt cover (steel), chrome side arm covers, chrome neck cover, chrome headlight visor, Arlen Ness Big Sucker Kit. Cobra Fuel Regulator under the seat. Exhaust wrap and two aftermarket chrome slip ons (140 AUS$ on ebay from Sydney). Single seat from the U.S.(ebay). fender from ebay.
MissJulie15: I love your collection so much and all your videos ! Xoxo
Erin Hart: [Soul Calibur 4] Hazuki (Tsukuyomi Mon) vs Umezaki Maki (Jioburidazu) Hagi evening Princess (Jioburidazu) vs Erufuride (Mon Wing) Tri Ella (GUNSLINGER GIRL) vs Excel (Excel Saga) Bosuborotto vs Hyatt (Excel Saga) 奈久 residue Akizuki (Card Captor Sakura) vs Oono Kanako (Genshiken)
Kinguto: @musick21205 most likely a auxiliary cable
Rolling the wheels: play this when i am primary student.. nice memories.

Mini Mate Camper - Customer Interview