Level 5 Drywall Finish

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Level 5 Drywall Finish
Level 5 Drywall Finish
How to Create a Level 5 Drywall Finish
How to Create a Level 5 Drywall Finish
Final Coat Level 5 Application demo
Final Coat Level 5 Application demo
Level 5 Automatic tools
Level 5 Automatic tools
Level 5 Drywall Tools - Flat Boxes
Level 5 Drywall Tools - Flat Boxes

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Quality Drywall Finishing: That's quite a system.

Drywall Brothers: I love this video, very professional and proper understanding of a level 5 finish. me personnaly love a level 5 smooth finish, on the first coat do you use a red dot all purpose mud to stick to the new drywall?. thank you for sharing

Tom Tomlin: On a uk site you wont make any money.For your own home maybe it is a nice finish.But good upload thank you.

Kien H: Bai hát thanh pho buồn

Lionel Felix: I dont do drywall and I loved this video. lol.

Edgar Osorio: USG needs to get better paper for the drywall, point and simple.

Josue Martinez: --- My house has Level 5 Finished Walls with stained Crown Molding and base boards. It looks very elegant 👍 Totally worth it 😃

BORG 4380: What pressue setting?
How much water added to myd?

jane vallely: h


Freddy Sanchez: What kind of gun is that ?

jaycbee98: 18 to 20 mm thick 😜 May as well dry wall it again😂😂 then tape an sand 🙄

Josue Martinez: Did he say USG Products??

Gary Harper: Why in the world do you need leather gloves to spray primer????

Steven Reeves: waste of time n money....

Vejar Construction, Inc.: Great Video that helps define what a Level-5 Finish should be.

san happy: seriously? 20mm??? our standard thickness in NZ is 5mm. 20mm is a waste of product wouldnt you think so?

tigahshark: What tip was used?

artrainger: How do you feel about wet sanding for a smooth surface and how it affects primer/paint adhesion?

Andy McNeil: They do say "Millimeters". However they show the use of a "mil gauge". It's an oversight by whoever signed off on the final edit, but it's obviously "mils". Further, it's not like too many novices are going to be trying to apply their own L5 finish.
Level 5 Drywall Finish 5 out of 5

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Level 5 Drywall Finish