DesignShine DS-500 - The Brightest LED Taillight On The Planet - Extreme Daytime Visibility!

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Custom 10W LED Tailight (DesignShine DS-500) vs SuperFlash
Custom 10W LED Tailight (DesignShine DS-500) vs SuperFlash
DesignShine DS-500 - the Brightest LED Taillight on the Planet - Extreme Daytime Visibility!
DesignShine DS-500 - the Brightest LED Taillight on the Planet - Extreme Daytime Visibility!
DESIGNSHINE DS-500 TAIL LIGHT PREVIEW- VS MJ 818 - hellste LED Rückleuchte der Welt im Radsport.mp4
DESIGNSHINE DS-500 TAIL LIGHT PREVIEW- VS MJ 818 - hellste LED Rückleuchte der Welt im Radsport.mp4

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recumbentracer: Funny you should mention the modded Philips light... I actually built that one. Check out the full review on the MTBR DIY forum entitled "Mission Impossible." And yes, it was fantastic, but the level of effort to pull that off was pretty sick. Custom reflectors like that are pretty much out of reach of the little guy. Make no mistake though, the DS-1300 can hold it's own against any of them and has a lot of nice usability functions that are very appealing to roadies.

recumbentracer: @joeybaby1999 You know, that's actually a really good idea. I had thought about trying to market some for that purpose. Contact me if you have any special ideas on the subject or want to talk about mounting concepts.

tripleps07: I love it, gotta have one!!!

mac man: Where can i buy one ?

klasop: I really like your lights. I would order from you if you would still have a few... :(

cess916: wow, sweet Tail Light!

recumbentracer: @tripleps07 SOLD OUT the first batch of 30, but now taking reserve orders for the next round. Email me if you're interested. Check out the web site as well... Just GOOGLE "DesignShine Lighting" Thanks

Joseph Delaguila: OK I want one too for my wheelchair!

recumbentracer: @KKhhoorrnniittee Sorry for late reply... it's the receiver for the kid's trailer. There's a short tube on the trailer that fits in and is held in place with the pin.

atyl1972: wow that is bright

Сергей Луцкий: BTW, what is that black thing below your bike's rear wheel quick-release lever (when it was stood against the wall at the beginning of the video) ?

James Dawson: Awesome, however, the battery pack is turning me off. :( On the other hand, just loving your Centurion Ironman Maser or Expert. I have an 88 Expert, and an 89 Master, and they both are sporting the PBSF Turbo rear light. When I saw this vid, I went downstair to see if my babies were there!! :) (just kidding)

recumbentracer: Thanks! Wish I had some stock right now... Impossible to keep ahead of demand with limited build time.

Lydell: I'm definitely purchasing one of your taillights from you. Great work!

g1981c: as for headlights check out the modded philips saferide light - if you can do something like that you will have buyers for sure. otherwise your headlight doesn't really stand out against other headlights. the tail light is certainly unique of course - even compared to dinotte. i would say you're doing great on the tail light, but headlight - you should either do a philps / busch & muller type beam pattern or just forget it and concentrate on tail lights.

recumbentracer: Yes, one half of the light uses an elliptical lens, creating a very wide (45 degree) and flat beam for off-angle coverage. The other half uses a narrow spot for super long range visibility in the daytime. Lowest power level right at 1 watt and custom nighttime flash modes.

g1981c: love what you're doing with the tail light. i had a dinotte 300R but it wasn't wide enough of a beam or adjustable enough for me. i wanted more side spill and lower minimum level for when i am on a MUP. i called dinotte and unbelievably they told me that having the option of a low setting would somehow be bad for me and that they will never do it - what a joke. i suggest as far as tail lights you work on making the beam more horizontally spread out / oval like niterider solas.

69bigtina: how can i buy this for my bike i would really love one, a complete one with charger and cables. plus what kind of batteries does it take..??i would so grateful if you can tell me. it will be nice to have a really great tail light with batteries that i can recharge

AWDfreak .: I read that build #3 is done... Is there going to be a build #4 or build #5? I'm hoping for a build #5 because I may be unavailable for a long period of time, and I REALLY WANT one of these taillights!

recumbentracer: Email for any questions or to request a tech brochure.
DesignShine DS-500 - the Brightest LED Taillight on the Planet - Extreme Daytime Visibility! 4.8 out of 5

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JohnFMUTube: The magnetic force is proportional to the amount of current so the amperage is more important than voltage. I used the solar cells available from Radio Shack with 0.3A and 0.55VDC. To determine proper wire length, use Ohm's law V=IR. Use the known voltage and current of the cell to determine the amount of resistance needed. Find the resistance per foot value of the magnet wire you are using to determine the length of wire needed for each coil. Be consistent on the wiring and have fun :)

DesignShine DS-500 - the Brightest LED Taillight on the Planet - Extreme Daytime Visibility!