How To Cut Vinyl With The Silhouette Cameo

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How to Cut Vinyl With the Silhouette Cameo
How to Cut Vinyl With the Silhouette Cameo
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Judy Zeigler: I can't get the cameo to cut anything at all on 1 setting I went up to 5 and it won't cut all. The way through the vinyl

Patsy Hall: Thank you for the helpful video. I followed all of your directions-but it failed! First of all, I couldn't get the right roller to move for the 12 inch vinyl. I went ahead and tried to cut my pattern, but I got an error message saying that the registration failed. I did have the Cameo on the media load setting. I am very frustrated- I have lots of ideas, but can't get started! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Dara Passavant-Murillo: You are amazing!! Thank you for this!

dschnizzy420: Do you think the cameo will cut this?

Jessica5282011: Do i have to buy the silhouette cameo cd for creating the design?

Alecia Marshall: im hoing you can help me. i am trying to cut an imange on vinyl for a coffee mug for a dayhome fathers day project with all my kids. this is the first time i have used my cameo. is there a step by step that you have that i could follow.

Spartan Kahalewai: what if you don't have access to internet? can I still use it? can't find any answers on you tube.

jody colman: I just received my silhouette . I was very excited to get started ! So To trying to cut out vinyl . It's telling me to set my cutting tool on 1 . But it's cutting through my paper and almost threw my cutting board . Then I decided to practice on card stock . set my Cutting tool on 3 same issue . It also sounds like my machine is straining to cut can you tell me what I'm doing wrong .? HELP PLEASE

Stacey Yarbrough: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this tutorial!!! It was veryyyy helpful.

Light Brothers Woodworks: Where did you get the straight rotary edge cutter?

Deborah Hart-Curtis: Love how this site uses the pop-up menu screen to aid the viewer with the steps used for parts of the demonstration. I only yesterday learned about the Silhouette while reading a blog I received. I'm not artistic, but interested in creating stencils to use in Subway Art using Chalk Paint. I want to create my own stencils and possibly sell them, if the product is of the quality needed. I'm wondering whether the Silhouette is capable of working with .007 mil mylar which is the thickness of stencils I've purchased from vendors on eBay. Thanks for any assistance.

Valerie Richardson: this ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY DID NOT work at all, as my rollers pulled in the vinyl and then pushed it back, it got all bunched up under the rollers and created a horrible jam. I did exactly these steps, so why didn't it work for me? :(

Donna Talipsky: I just love your video. . . It is lively and non-intimidating! I like that you, too, believe in saving money where you can. Blue painters tape, huh? Who would have thought. . .what a great idea! The one thing I would like to see is how you made your "enjoy" vinyl motto.

RosebudliasCabochons: It looks as though she doesn't reply to questions which is sad, I would love to know the answers :/

Mrscreative47: I am having trouble moving the roller on the left to cut my vinyl.

Janie Becker: What font did you use for the "enjoy" text?

Créapassions Loisircréatif: Hy, to inform everyone there is a chance to win a Silhouette Cameo 2 here
Good luck

OGGamer Guy: Can u do a video on how to load vinyl from a silhouette cameo 2 the touchscreen version I. Having a hard time.

Julie Johansson: Hi, I have a question!  I just got a Cameo for Christmas and am learning how to use it. I understand how to load and cut the vinyl, but every time I've cut it, my blade is catching on letters and picking them up at making it get all caught in my machine. I  made sure the blade is on 1, but I'm still not sure what else I can do so that it cuts in nicely without ruining any of it.  Please help!

fuat ferri: I need little help,,,I resinstall my pogram with the originall disc,,and I have problems with the objects,,when I move them,,with the mouse and the arrrows they give big steps gigantic steps not like before small milimetrics,,,have the program some kind og ajusts ??. thanks,,,by the way nice  studio.
How to Cut Vinyl With the Silhouette Cameo 5 out of 5

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How to Cut Vinyl With the Silhouette Cameo