How To Build A Hearth For A Wood Burning Stove

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How to Build a Hearth for a Wood Burning Stove
How to Build a Hearth for a Wood Burning Stove
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pat binnell: Well need i say any more mrenergy511??? Now do you see how completely unsafe and ridiculous your video is? Listen man, no ones having a go, just trying to put you right. You should have taken the carpet up and laid 12mm cement board over the floor boards. Then you could build a good non combustible hearth. Hey, its your house. Good luck when you come to sell it. All the best yank. :-)

meceo207: I'm sorry... but you lost all credibility when you put it over the carpet.... wow!! So... in a few years when the home owner wants to rip out the carpet and put in hardwood or a new rug? ... Oh... and fyi... you need heat protection on the walls too... or is there a video already where you super glue tiles to the walls ? You should probably watch a few videos on how to do it right before making your own.... just saying.

pat binnell: Laying slabs over a carpet!!! Only the yanks could be so stupid!

guthy ranker: I wonder if the house is still there.

Rick Deardeuff: No matter if he made a mistake ....... There is no need for insults and name calling !!!!

Fred Fox River: I like how the trapped moisture in the carpet will help preserve the sub-flooring.

mrEnergy511: Let me share my experience with you about my Wood Burning Stove I installed in my Home! I live in this home and I use the Wood Stove every day I can when its cold. I wanted to show a DIY person how easy it can be to install Hearth Stones for their own Wood Stove Project. I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY!!!!! That's why I Did it. This is YouTube so I can do what ever I want! Think about HOW I did it for just a moment. With a solid wood sub floor under the carpet I was able to nail the first layer of metal lath nice and tight. Next I nailed another layer of metal lath over that creating a very tight metal lath to BOND cement to. So when you have the combination of METAL and CEMENT nailed to a SOLID surface you will get a very nice HARD platform to set something HEAVY such as a Wood Burning Stove. The thickness of the Non-Combustible surface is over 3"!!! This is far better than any requirement for any building code! However you should Check with your local building codes before doing any Fireplace installation. After 3 full seasons of Warming my home I'm still here ;) Thank You for your comments and sound advice.....

Sawyer Smith: He can do it any way he wants 

Doug Stanley: Hi great video! I plan to do the same type of harth only I will be laying my harthstone on top of old tee shirts soaked with gasoline. Thanks for the insperation. 

Danny soto: I'm no contractor,but what the freak! 

Martin Skyrman: I do not see that installing over carpet is a good idea.  The carpet will compress when weight ( a person's step for example) is applied and crack the mortar as well as grout between the tiles.

Mission Dan: carpet.... fail! 

milesff7: You lost all credibility when you didn't properly cut out the carpet and wall trim. Lazy, lazy.......

Kane Atwood: fuc ku

Devnt Met: Pretty sure the carpet has to come up.  Kinda is a "big deal".

Daniel Rundle: I hope your plastic blinds don't melt....

William Mcleister: Only half a job... 2 minutes would have cut the carpet


John Doer: @polaris6147... Idiot. If he decides to use a double wall pie it's down to 6"... Stop trolling
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How to Build a Hearth for a Wood Burning Stove