Winchester SXP Disassembly And Reassembly

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SXP Bar Assembly Instruction - Main bar
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Lance Burnett: thanks for the video. I picked one up today and was concerned with how simple it was to attach the barrel, but your video showed me I had it on correctly.

Nando Hz: you helped many people including me. European greetings!

Ole-Edvart S: Great video, thanks a bunch from a new owner of the SXP Camp/Field combo.

Cameron Block: Do you know how to reinsert the extractor and the ejector spring on the SXP? I'm trying to do it without having to go to the gunsmith.

Erik Lickteig: Yo where did you get the fore grip that replaces the stock bulky one ? I want that exact grip ?

InitialXG: What's the overall length disabled? Like distance from the fromt of the magazine tube to the back of the stock?

Blank Reg: Do I need glasses or is this video really out of focus?

srspower: My SXP has a mag extension and holds 10 + 1. I just bought it and took it apart looking at your video. Surprisingly easy! For mine though to remove the barrel I have to remove the mag extension which then allows the spring to come out. Only issue I found is after shooting slugs and a hundred or so birdshot loads in a comp the tube does get a little loose. I guess some locktight might make it tighter?

shotguns machetes: good video

Jose Rivera: Great job on this video! You know your shotgun very well. I'm impressed in how you are very articulate with the way you breakdown every step, even to the very minute detail that must be given complete attention when dealing with a shotgun.

FMwrestlingrules: I'm trying to remove the stock and that bolt down in there is a pain in the ass. Help please!

germanshepherd13: thank you sir... very helpful!

keith walters: hi guys, i bought the sxp black shadow a few days back, i only gone and lost the spring from the magazine!! I need some help to track one down. could someone please let me have the dimensions of the spring. overall free length_outside diameter_inside diameter_wire thickness_number of coils. would be really grateful cheers

Jacob Martin: How the hell do I get the forend stock off? I can't get the ring nut off..
I'm trying to install an aftermarket ATI stock.

ruffal69: Thank you for this great vid !!! Question please : Is is possible to use Sabot slug ? No problem with door breacher ? Normal slug ok but I have doubt about sabot slugs as the sabot will maybe try to open during travelling the door breacher.

Pulp Free Fiction: Apparently I have a non existent shotgun, I put a winchester super x pump defender on layaway and it's a 20 gauge with an extended tube magazine, the receiver doesn't have the red writing and it's slightly different on the stock, any clue how this gun exists? I've looked for it on the internet everywhere and can't find it

Pulp Free Fiction: I got a Winchester sxp at a pawn shop and someone put an extended magazine on it.

Ghostlore: I own both. King is absolutely correct it is more solid than the 870 (can't speak to the Mossberg 500 as I've never even held one). In my opinion you can't go wrong with the SXP it is an awesome gun for the money.

EpicNubie: one of the fastest pump shotguns produced
Winchester SXP disassembly and reassembly 5 out of 5

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Winchester SXP disassembly and reassembly