Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume

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Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume
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Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired) Makeup Tutorial
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Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) INSPIRED Makeup!
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Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) Halloween Makeup Tutorial & Transformation
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Beth Maffe: next time turn down the music. hard to hear you speaking

saaaaaaagexD: That is incredibly creative and I admire the authenticity and effort you put into this! Absolutely amazing, as well as beautiful. Hard work pays off. Stay creative!(:


Molly Tarr: Sharpie..good idea.

Evanessa0196: seriously?! i thought that was ur real hair! is it ur real hair im confused... i knw i sound stupid

EverMore54: Where can I get free scraps? O.o I'm tryin to make my sally costume...

Erika Strnad: me too!! im making a dress this week. im going to post it on youtube halloween!

Evanessa0196: i love ur hair!

Valerie Javier: could i...maybe borrow that...

3liversa: Cool!!, I made a homemade prop for Christmas!, take a look it's on my page!, I love it when artistic people get to it!!!, keep up the great work!

PikachuJackskeling94: wow. that is awesome.

Mary Misery: oh that's alright. there isn't much that i really post, unless i go out with my friends and we do something fun. thank you though! <3!

Briee McGuire: i was sally last yr. :)

pink angel: sally did not have red hair it was long brown but i love that you made your on costume i make both my girls the oldest is 18 every costume for that age is to trashy looking i glad to see there are more like her out there . thank for being you

Mary Misery: oh wow!!!!! that's so awesome!!! i'm so glad that i helped to inspire someone, i hope you both have a happy halloween!!! <3!

thecutie93: "You are never to old to go trick or treating" hahah thanks!!

Mary Misery: really? that's so neat! i mean, it's almost thanksgiving, but i love doing random things like that. i hope you have a lot of fun! <3!

MissColzyChan: Hey ^^ Lovely Sally costume!! Was just wondering how did you get the shape of the dress?? Like is it literally just bits of fabric sewed together or did you make a base dress first?? I'm making my own Sally costume and am finding the dress really difficult >.< So any help is much appreciated xD

Mary Misery: I would TRY to, haha! I don't really know how to sew very well, so most of my stuff is simply clothes that I bought and distressed for that awesome aged look. Thank you though! <3!

Valerie Javier: im not kidding. i will give you my information and talk about it seriously omg this is so perfecttttt

DaPrinceOfDarkness: omg that song at the end is epic. but i cant find it, help? also I have a sweet nightmare song I wrote myself on my page. you should see it.

misscrookedlife90: wow. that costume you made was great. i loved it. i wish i could make costumes but i cant. lol great video

Mary Misery: Awh, thank you very much. =3 The song at the end is a mash-up of The Beatles "Come Together" and Nine Inch Nail's "Closer". My friend sent me the song ages ago and I love it, but I don't really know who "made" it. If you would like, feel free to private message me with your e-mail address and I will e-mail it to you. <3!

Dottie227: lol I love you: "They just want the candy for themselves" that's so true! I'm going this year - SO EXCITED!

Wendy Ojeda: my sister had the same problem with the sexy costumes and the sally costume was $50 so u totally inspiered her to do her own now she will be done with it tomorrow and she did it by hand, she started on saturday so it took her 5 days to do it. Thank U!!

Mary Misery: @liisabbyxD About two days, but only because I waited for the acrylic paints to dry overnight. <3!

liisabbyxD: how long did it take you??

damienroman: Good for you!!! Thank you for the video, and Have a safe and Fun Halloween!!!

pond amelia: gosh i am sorry i forgot to sub i'll do that now. hehe

Alex Bruno: Uhm you need to make Stitches

Wendy Ojeda: how long did it take you to make the costume?

Mary Misery: Sweeeet! Man, I wish I lived in Spain. *is jealous* And thank you for liking my costume. =3 The doll in the red sock my ex-boyfriend bought me when he was working at Disneyland, I don't really know where you can buy them apart from Disneyland. Maybe a Disney store or e-bay, sorry I'm not much help. <3!

Mary Misery: i did a little everyday but, altogether, i think i could have done it in a day if i hadn't been so busy. it took a while for the paint to dry, but i let that dry overnight so, when i woke up, i was all ready to sew some more. <3!


adriana chairez: do you by any chance know who the end song is by yet?

Mary Misery: Yay, that's great!!! I love it when people dress up, that's awesome! <3!

Mary Misery: I can't remember who made the song, but it's a mash-up of NIN's "Closer" and The Beatles "Come Together". If you message me your e-mail account, I'll see if I can e-mail you the track. <3!

Mary Misery: @sweetishfishy I made this costume about 3 years ago, but I believe it cost me about $10 to $15 dollars to make. I just went to the remnant bin at Joann's fabric store, bought colors that looked right, and painted, drew, and altered them until they fit what I wanted them to look like. I just sewed it directly onto my body, I don't have any fancy mannequins. ^^; <3!

pond amelia: hehe i am sewing a sally contume as we speak i know it's late for halloween but my class did get to do a proper halloween thing so we are haveing a late halloween party

Mary Misery: Thank you, I made it myself. =3 <3!


Ali Watson: @MissColzyChan I bought a plain dress at value village and I am just sewing patches onto it and snipping it to look ragedy... I hope this helps! :)

danishsunshine: I really like it! I wish that we celebrated halloween where I come from... I would dress myself up like sally alle the time :D and by the way. If u love tnbc please check my vids out, id love to have someone to write with :) 5 stars!!

Elyse Mitchell: It's a combo of The Beatles Come Together, And Nine Inch Nails, F@&# You Like An Animal.


Deanna Harding: i was sally one year for halloween, my grandma made the costume.

kittysanddogsrsocute: omg ur so cool i love that movie and ur costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marzia Rioni: imma be sally this year =3

3liversa: Thank you for checking out my artwork for christmas and commenting!!-3

mekeko tiasi: i can sew to save my life lol but i love what you did if i asked you to make me a cosstume would you a????
Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume 4.6 out of 5

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Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume